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Evo September 2019

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Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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2 min.
ed speak

DID WE GET IT RIGHT SIX YEARS AGO when we declared performance cars ranging from the Mk1 Focus RS to the Diablo SV as prime candidates for future icon status? I think we did pretty well on the whole, with models such as BMW’s 1M, TVR’s Sagaris, Aston’s Vanquish and Porsche’s 996 GT3 RS and first Boxster Spyder as sought-after today by those of us who seek out the thrill of driving as they were when box fresh. That said, a few of our GT nominations from 2013 – Maserati’s GranSport and Bentley’s Continental GT, for example – have either failed to break away from their niche following (the Maser) or been a victim of their own success and struggled for credibility (the Conti GT). Both of those are still…

9 min.
porsche finds its six pack

IF YOU WERE TO SIT DOWN AND ROUGH out your idea of a pure yet everyday useable road-going sports car, it’s hard to think of a more finely resolved proposition than Porsche’s new 718 Spyder or Cayman GT4. Lithe, and blessed with an all-new, high-revving naturally aspirated flat-six, a manual transmission, and chassis tunes that favour on-road enjoyment over chasing lap times, each is a thoughtfully crafted car that prioritises pleasure over the blinkered pursuit of pace. It’s an ethos Porsche embraced with the first Cayman GT4, and to a degree the previous two Boxster Spyders, though only now have the two models come under the control of Andreas Preuninger and his talented team in Porsche’s Motorsport department – a consolidation of effort that significantly elevates the credibility and desirability of the…

4 min.
ultima joins the ultimates

BRITISH SPORTS AND RACE CAR manufacturer Ultima has revealed its next-generation road-going supercar. Called the RS, according to its maker it represents the single biggest step change in the company’s road car history. However, it still follows the firm’s familiar cross-colonial recipe of lightweight, track-honed British engineering combined with hearty American engines. The RS’s underlying chassis is not dissimilar to those seen on previous Ultimas, being constructed of tubular steel with an inbuilt welded roll-cage and rear chassis braces. The Group C-inspired bodywork is of glassfibre and the car’s total weight comes in at around 930kg, depending on specification. If the lack of structural carbonfibre is conspicuous, the RS’s exterior detailing and aerodynamic devices make up for it. The aero has been completely redesigned compared to what can be found on its…

5 min.
the light stuff

NO DETAIL HAS BEEN OVERLOOKED ON the new Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R, and nothing illustrates this better than the badges you’ll find at each end of the car. At the front is a smooth, simple iteration of Renault’s diamond logo, usually packed with active cruise control sensors but here shorn of its electronics to make it lighter and more aerodynamic than a standard Renault badge. At the back, nestled in the other diamond, is a reversing camera. An oversight on a car where every gram has been considered? Perhaps not, because also residing at the rear, on some examples, is an incredibly intricate and expensive carbonfibre diffuser element. Renault figures you probably won’t want to damage this on high kerbs and other obstacles, so the camera remains, adding a few extra grams…

4 min.
amg brings its a game

CONSIDER THE BAR RAISED. THE NEW Mercedes-AMG A45 S has been revealed and it has a peak power figure of 415bhp. This is 1bhp more than the 996-generation Porsche 911 Turbo of 20 years ago could muster, a car that at the time challenged our perceptions of on-road performance. Yet here’s a small, premium hatchback, with five seats, a useable boot and a manufacturer warranty, that aims to bring that level of performance to the masses, or at least the masses who can afford a car with an expected circa-£50,000 price tag. The A45 S will top the A-class range, with some markets (but not the UK) also getting a 381bhp non-S version. That 415bhp headline figure, which is 39bhp more than the old AMG A45 managed and is backed up…

2 min.
power point

‘AMG HAS GONE TO GREAT LENGTHS TO KEEP BOTH THE ENGINE AND TURBO COOL’ AMG’S NEW M139 FOUR-CYLINDER ENGINE has been designed from scratch, and shares nothing with the previous M133 installed in the original A45 and its derivatives, or the modified M260 found in the A35. As before, the unit is hand-built in the same Affalterbach facility that produces AMG’s V8 engines, but it now incorporates a suite of new technology designed not only to generate the mad 208bhp-per-litre specific output in peak ‘S’ form, but do it reliably. The clean-sheet design starts with a more rigid aluminium block, with comparable toughness to that of a diesel engine. This is needed as the M139 has an immensely high load rating due to the physicality of producing so much power within so…