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Evo COTY 2020

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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8 min.
hyundai rm19

SO THERE’S THIS CORNER AT THE Nürburgring, about which the engineers at Hyundai are kind of obsessed. If you’ve ever been to the Ring you’ll know it all too well. It’s reasonably terrifying and it’s called Schwedenkreuz. If you haven’t, it’s not so much a corner as an event you get beyond early in the lap and then think, ‘Excellent. Survived that somehow. Now let’s move on.’ Except, of course, it comes round again approximately 12.9 miles later. And the thing about Schwedenkreuz is that every time you go through it, you think you could have gone a fair bit quicker. Until eventually you discover how good the airbags are, I suppose. It’s a gentle downhill left-hander that’s almost but not quite flat in a horrendously high gear in pretty much any…

5 min.
bbr mx-5 super 220

‘The Super 220 improves upon the standard car in virtually every way’ IT TAKES, OOH, A GOOD HALF MILE OR SO in BBR’s latest evolution of the Mazda MX-5 before a wide grin spreads across my face, and less than a day later I’m mentally scheming as to how I might put a Super 220 of my own in the garage. BBR is best known for endowing Mazda’s diminutive roadster with muscular forced-induction motors, the appeal of which recently spread overseas as Colorado-based specialist Flyin’ Miata began to offer BBR kits alongside its V8 conversions. But naturally aspirated tuning is even more intriguing, because it matches how Mazda chose to power the MX-5 out of the box. In a car all about simplicity, high revs and light weight, the idea of enhancing…

8 min.
polestar 1

‘The car just hooks up and slingshots down the next straight, torque vectoring keeping the nose tight’ THERE WERE SOME IN SWEDEN HIGHLY sceptical of Geely’s ownership of Volvo, so Polestar CEO and ex-Volkswagen Group design director Thomas Ingenlath tells me over dinner. Their anxiety was understandable. China’s industrial juggernaut is a very different beast from those in the west. It wouldn’t have been outside the realms of possibility to have stripped Volvo to the bone, consuming decades of talent, experience and innovation like a kind of automotive Dementor before moving on to other victims. Clearly, this hasn’t happened. The relationship has been mutually beneficial. Geely does indeed draw from Volvo’s greatest minds and talents, but in turn it has granted Volvo more creative freedom than it’s enjoyed for decades, and a…

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the rivals

HONDA CIVIC TYPE R (£31,550) Cheaper and the class benchmark, the Honda’s talent is that it doesn’t feel like a hot hatch, rather an involving and sophisticated sports car that just so happens to be front-wheel drive and have five doors. Beating the 316bhp Type R will be a big ask, but the GP will have size on its side. RENAULT MÉGANE RS TROPHY-R (£51,140) It’s pricey, but the Trophy-R’s limited-run status and Nürburgring record hold plenty of cachet, although so far it hasn’t impressed us as much as earlier ‘R’ Méganes. Closest in spirit to the GP, the 296bhp Renault’s extra cost is down to its multiple externally sourced components. FORD FIESTA ST PERFORMANCE (£26,495) The Mini GP’s closest rival in size, the Fiesta ST Performance Edition may be over 100bhp down, but it’s…

4 min.
the x factor

‘THE DBX WILL COMPETE IN A NEW SECTOR FOR ASTON, AND A FEARSOMELY COMPETITIVE ONE AT THAT’ IS THE DBX THE MOST IMPORTANT CAR IN Aston Martin’s history? The analysts who pore over the company’s share price will say it is, so too those from within the company who are acutely aware of how and where the DBX fits within Gaydon’s second-century plan. When it arrives in 2020 Aston’s first SUV will undoubtedly be the most important model in the firm’s line-up, but more so than when the DB7 arrived 25 years ago or the V8 Vantage in 2005? At those moments in time those models were key to the company staying solvent and viable. The DBX’s significance is nothing new to Aston Martin. But the DBX will compete in a new sector…

5 min.
btcc, brands hatch, 1988

JUST OCCASIONALLY, MOTOR RACING THROWS UP A one-on-one contest so raw, so brazenly gladiatorial, it’s as though just two cars are on track. Villeneuve versus Arnoux at Dijon in 1979. Mansell hounding Senna at Monaco in ’92. And Brands Hatch, July 1988, when two giants of touring car racing clashed in their Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworths. Britain’s Andy Rouse and Steve Soper were arguably the pre-eminent touring car drivers of their era. Rouse, a talented engineer, began in grasstrack racing, and worked at the famous Broadspeed team before going it alone. By 1984 he was BTCC champion in a Rover V8 engineered and run under his name, at which point his and fellow Rover driver Soper’s paths first crossed. For Soper, 31, this was his first year as a works driver…