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Evo COTY 2020

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Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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2 min.
ed speak

HOW WILL WE LOOK BACK AT 2019 THROUGH the eyes of evo? It’s been another strong year thanks to some standout new performance cars, from both traditional players and returnees (welcome back, Toyota). Along with subtle updates to some old and not so old favourites, the last 12 months have shown the driver’s car is still fighting fit. Despite others suggesting otherwise. This year also saw the electric hypercar try to stake its claim as the only option for those looking for the ultimate in road car performance. However, for the many who presented their 2000bhp creations, a number faced a shrug of the shoulders and a ‘not for me’ response from many a target buyer. And after hearing Aston Martin’s V12 Valkyrie howl around Silverstone recently, electric hypercars still have…

8 min.
audi rs6 avant

TWINKLING LED HEADLAMPS ARE GAINING fast in the door mirror. Out of the golden glow that bathes California’s Pacific Coast Highway early on a Sunday morning, a trio of fast Audis have clearly just spotted the lodestar of their chosen doctrine. The first, a Nardo Grey S4 saloon, urgently pulls alongside, the side window drops, grins and thumbs up are exchanged, and then its driver clogs it off to the horizon. The same happens again with the next S4, and then with the TTS bringing up the rear. As fellow car enthusiasts I don’t blame them for being so excited – not only does the new RS6 in Tango Red look positively outrageous on the road, this will also be the first time that Ingolstadt’s high-performance ‘station wagon’ is to…

8 min.
hyundai rm19

SO THERE’S THIS CORNER AT THE Nürburgring, about which the engineers at Hyundai are kind of obsessed. If you’ve ever been to the Ring you’ll know it all too well. It’s reasonably terrifying and it’s called Schwedenkreuz. If you haven’t, it’s not so much a corner as an event you get beyond early in the lap and then think, ‘Excellent. Survived that somehow. Now let’s move on.’ Except, of course, it comes round again approximately 12.9 miles later. And the thing about Schwedenkreuz is that every time you go through it, you think you could have gone a fair bit quicker. Until eventually you discover how good the airbags are, I suppose. It’s a gentle downhill left-hander that’s almost but not quite flat in a horrendously high gear in pretty much any…

5 min.
bbr mx-5 super 220

‘The Super 220 improves upon the standard car in virtually every way’ IT TAKES, OOH, A GOOD HALF MILE OR SO in BBR’s latest evolution of the Mazda MX-5 before a wide grin spreads across my face, and less than a day later I’m mentally scheming as to how I might put a Super 220 of my own in the garage. BBR is best known for endowing Mazda’s diminutive roadster with muscular forced-induction motors, the appeal of which recently spread overseas as Colorado-based specialist Flyin’ Miata began to offer BBR kits alongside its V8 conversions. But naturally aspirated tuning is even more intriguing, because it matches how Mazda chose to power the MX-5 out of the box. In a car all about simplicity, high revs and light weight, the idea of enhancing…

8 min.
polestar 1

‘The car just hooks up and slingshots down the next straight, torque vectoring keeping the nose tight’ THERE WERE SOME IN SWEDEN HIGHLY sceptical of Geely’s ownership of Volvo, so Polestar CEO and ex-Volkswagen Group design director Thomas Ingenlath tells me over dinner. Their anxiety was understandable. China’s industrial juggernaut is a very different beast from those in the west. It wouldn’t have been outside the realms of possibility to have stripped Volvo to the bone, consuming decades of talent, experience and innovation like a kind of automotive Dementor before moving on to other victims. Clearly, this hasn’t happened. The relationship has been mutually beneficial. Geely does indeed draw from Volvo’s greatest minds and talents, but in turn it has granted Volvo more creative freedom than it’s enjoyed for decades, and a…

5 min.
arch enemy

IT’S FAIR TO SAY THAT EVO’S RELATIONSHIP with the current, F56-generation Mini has been strained at best. Too much BMW, not enough Mini is the common complaint, with carryover parts from and proportions set by BMW’s rapidly expanding front-wheel-drive range on which it’s based. The result may be a more comfortable and spacious Mini, but it’s also one that’s failed to capture hearts and fully entertain as a driver’s car on account of its bloated proportions and softened responses. The new, third-generation Mini John Cooper Works GP, then, has the unenviable task of not only living up to its exceptional predecessors, but also doing so from a less-than-ideal starting point. To this end, the latest GP has received the biggest set of upgrades over the standard Mini yet, with a completely…