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Evo August 2020

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Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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United Kingdom
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2 min.
ed speak

THIS ‘JOB’ AFFORDS YOU SOME VERY SPECIAL opportunities. Being in the fortunate position to ease out of lockdown with a fleet of old and new evo icons at your disposal has undoubtedly proved to be one of them. Every pre-dawn alarm call this month has been worth it, and they will continue to be, more so than before lockdown. The freedom to be able to take a fresh new performance car, be it Suzuki’s latest Swift Sport or Ferrari’s F8 Spider, to a destination of your choosing is a privilege that will never be taken for granted. The 500 miles completed in a single day in the 930 Turbo we were generously loaned for this issue will stay with me long after the penalty points expire on my licence. That late evening…

12 min.
ferrari f8 spider

AS YOU APPROACH THE LOW SLITHER OF Giallo Modena your eye is drawn to the sharp edges, deep creases and gaping aerodynamic apertures. The more discreet S-duct opening in the leading edge of the front bonnet creates a darker shadow across the nose of Ferrari’s latest offering, too. Then the deeply scalloped sides, with their elephant hoof-sized openings atop the rear arches, draw in your eye as you check for any small mammals that may have taken up residence the previous evening. You glance at the door handle, question why it looks like an afterthought, but give it no further consideration. The door swings open. Light, no resistance, providing the gateway to the most important seat in any new Ferrari: the driver’s. There’s still some idiosyncratic Italian ergonomics going on once…

6 min.
jannarelly design-1

THE SMALL-VOLUME, HIGH-PERFORMANCE SPORTS CAR battlefield is divided along two fronts in 2020. On the one side you have the track specials such as the Radical Rapture and Revolution A-One, as driven by Adam Towler in evo 274. Awesomely capable on track, obsessively engineered, and occasionally offered with just enough on-road ability for a weekend drive, provided you don’t mind wearing an Arai everywhere you go. On the other front is the burgeoning market for ultra-exclusive hypercars. Exotic carbonfibre bodywork, possibly electric power, most likely a four-figure output. They’re hyper-rare, hyper-expensive and you’re hyper-unlikely to see one being driven on the roads they’re purportedly designed for. In the middle of all this you’ll find the Jannarelly Design-1. Lightweight, compact and driver-focused, it shares plenty with those trackday specials, but it’s also resolutely…

11 min.
lamborghini huracán evo rwd

WRAPPING UP OUR DRIVE OF THE MUCH-REVISED HURACÁN Evo last September (issue 264), dep ed Adam Towler said that the clever, four-wheel-drive chassis tech made it foolproof but unengaging. ‘What I really want,’ he concluded, ‘is a Huracán that looks like this, but with superior driving modes and, if we’re really going to celebrate the analogue nature of the V10, perhaps two-wheel drive and a manual transmission… A sort of “Huracán Balboni”…’ Well, this isn’t the full Balboni, but the new Huracán Evo RWD sets out to slap some fat ticks in a few of the boxes left blank by the 4WD version. It looks even better, with a simpler front end for an overall purity that evokes Lamborghinis past and is a world away from the overworked Aventador SVJ. And,…

7 min.
it’s all in the detail

DO YOU PEER BEHIND PEOPLE’S HEADS AS THEY’RE talking in Zoom or Teams meetings to see what’s on their bookshelves or hanging on their walls? While trying not to look obvious while doing so, I’m having a good snoop behind Gordon Murray’s head. I can see a Brabham in Parmalat colours; an old photo of the T1, the first car he ever designed; and of course there’s a picture of a McLaren F1. It’s that car and its spiritual successor that we’re talking about today. The T.50 is going to be our sort of car. In the words of Murray himself, ‘it will be the last of the world’s great analogue supercars’. Murray is building this car because he can, and reckons very few, if any, others could. ‘A very small…

2 min.
rear gunner

BMW’S NEW M3 IS NEARING completion, with the company confirming that dynamic track testing is now taking place ahead of the car’s world premiere in mid-September. As before, the new M3 is part of a two-pronged assault that splits the high-performance saloon from an equivalent coupe, once more badged M4. The latter has so far made headlines more for a toothy interpretation of BMW’s kidney grille than its performance credentials, but as we’ve come to expect, the latest cars will once again raise the bar for vehicles of their type. Power will come from BMW’s latest ‘S58’ 3-litre turbocharged straight-six, already seen in the recent X3 M, and will arrive in two outputs – a 473bhp model with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, and a 503bhp Competition version, using an eight-speed…