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Evo July 2021

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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buyacar buying guide: mercedes-amg a45 s

MERCEDES-AMG IS BETTER KNOWN FOR its V8-powered supersaloons than its hot hatchbacks, but after a shaky start with the original AMG A45 of 2015-2018, the latest version is something really quite special – so much so in fact that it secured a third-place finish in 2019’s evo Car of the Year. Given the previous model never even received an invite, that’s an indication of the strides AMG has taken this time around. On paper there are few indications as to why the latest A45 hits the mark where its predecessor didn’t. It’s still just a Golf-sized hatchback with a four-cylinder engine sending power to all four wheels through a dual-clutch transmission; hardly novel stuff. Instead, the improvements are more subtle: a chassis that’s better able to deal with poor surfaces, a…

2 min
audi s3

LIVERPOOL, NOTTINGHAM, CAMBRIDGE, Norfolk… It’s safe to say we’ve been making up for lost time in the Blue Meanie. Thankfully, as hoped and predicted last month, I’m warming to its charms with every varied mile crunched. Despite Audi’s claims on mpg (39.2) I can’t say that this is a car for saving money on long journeys. I’ve played with the eco settings to try to make it more frugal, but obviously that never lasts long and I’m soon back in my Individual setup (essentially pretty much everything dialled up to 11). The combination of the 306bhp engine at its punchiest and the passive S sports suspension provides a perfect balance for the UK’s B-roads and dual carriageways, making for a smooth and fast ride. There’s a sense of all the components…

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lamborghini aventador svj

WORKING FOR A PERFORMANCE car magazine, you certainly have the perk of getting to drive lots of interesting cars, but when you’re the magazine’s photographer you’re normally at the bottom of the list when it comes to sampling the extra special stuff. Fortunately for me, we’ve had our SVJ for months not days, meaning it eventually worked its way down to the bottom of that list, providing me with the opportunity to get behind the wheel of my very first Lamborghini. I won’t try to play it cool – I was extremely excited to have the SVJ for a long weekend. Getting into the driver’s seat, I realised it was a car designed for people shorter than my 5ft 11in, as my head was brushing the Alcantara roof lining. So for…

2 min
volkswagen t-roc r

IT’S ALL ABOUT METAL THIS MONTH: iron, gold and titanium. The iron was in the form of a Pinto engine. Some of you may recall that, upon investigation by ACH Classic, my Escort Mk2 rally car’s engine was deemed kaput (see issue 278 for the full details). So after some searching I found a nice, recommissioned motor on eBay – a later, ‘205’ block this time – to form the basis of a new engine build and went over to Bicester in the T-Roc to pick it up. The chap’s workshop at the bottom of his garden was the sort of oily Aladdin’s Cave that can only evolve through decades of building engines. It was wonderful. The Pinto wasn’t actually the sternest test of the T-Roc’s load carrying abilities because the little…

8 min
ram 1500 trx

THERE’S NOTHING MORE EXCITING THAN waking up early to drive to a trackday. Even better if it’s a ‘proper’ track. Think Spa, Silverstone or the Ring. You’ve checked levels and tyres and planned your breakfast stop en route to the circuit. The pain of paying out several hundred pounds recedes as your adrenaline levels start to gently percolate; the fear of mechanical issues is neatly packaged away in a box deep within the recesses of your brain, and very soon you’ll get to feel the freedom of driving as fast as you dare, surrounded by like-minded friends and strangers who nevertheless feel like brothers and sisters in arms. To understand the Ram 1500 TRX requires you to capture that feeling and transplant it into a different environment. One very alien to…

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the knowledge

RATINGS =Thrill-free zone =Tepid =Interesting =Seriously good =A truly great car +=new entry this month. Cars in italics are no longer on sale. Issue no. is for our most recent major test of the car (D = Driven, T = Driven Too, I = Ignition, F = feature). Call 0330 333 9491 for back issues. Engine shows details of the car’s combustion engine, or for BEVs the total output in kW of the car’s elecric motors. Weight is as quoted by the manufacturer for the car in basic spec, e.g. with a manual gearbox. In most cases this is to DIN standards (i.e. with fluids but without a driver), but where the manufacturer only quotes a ‘dry’ weight (i.e. without fluids) this is indicated by *. Note that a dry weight will make the car’s power-to-weight…