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Evo Car Of The Year 2017

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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2 min.
ed speak

WELCOME TO OUR CAR OF THE YEAR EDITION. You’ll notice it’s a different kind of eCoty to those we have conducted in the past, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First and foremost, we’ve taken on board your feedback asking for eCoty to be more inclusive and to recognise a wider spread of performance cars. Therefore, while previously we have gathered only the best cars launched in that calendar year, this time we’ve opted to select the very best from every sector represented in The Knowledge, and for the first time we’ve also included cars that have been on sale for longer than 12 months. It’s always struck us as peculiar that we would select a car for eCoty because it was new rather than it being the…

4 min.
still want that valkyrie?

WE KNEW IT AS PROJECT 15. We knew it would be the next model to sit under McLaren’s ‘Ultimate Series’ banner, and we knew it had the potential to be the ultimate road-legal, track-focused hypercar. Well, now it has broken cover. What you’re looking at is the lightest, quickest and most outlandish road-going machine McLaren has ever created, and it’s called Senna. This is not a P1 successor. It’s not the forthcoming ‘BP23’, with its F1-echoing central driving position. The Senna is McLaren’s special. It is also the most extreme machine yet to emerge from Woking. With a shape dictated primarily by function, it looks more like an LMP endurance racer than it does a road car. But it will wear number plates (the front plate is mounted beneath the nose…

5 min.
resistance is futile

YOU WANT TO BE OUTRAGED BY the new Lamborghini Urus, don’t you? I know I do. But I’m not sure what we can justifiably get riled up about. For a start, this isn’t even Lamborghini’s first SUV, that accolade going to the Countach-engined LM002 of 1986. It can’t be the slightly difficult-topronounce name, either, because compared with Gallardo and Murciélago it’s easy to get an Anglo Saxon tongue around Urus (it’s ‘oo-rus’ rather than ‘you-rus’, by the way). What about the fact that it uses hardware found elsewhere in the Volkswagen group? Underneath, the Urus is very similar to the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo: it has the same threechamber air suspension that allows varying spring rates and a 90mm difference in ride height, the same electromechanical anti-roll bars, adaptive dampers, rear-wheel steering…

3 min.
dallara stradale revealed

WE LAST MET GIAN PAOLO Dallara 15 years ago. We’d travelled to Dallara’s Varano de’ Melegari factory just outside Parma to talk with him about his part in the development of the Lamborghini Miura (evo 047): a fascinating tale, told by one of the nicest and most charming people I’ve met in the car world. His two heroes of engineering, he told us, were Alec Issigonis and Colin Chapman. ‘One day,’ he said, ‘I would like to make a modernday version of the Lotus Seven.’ That day has come. On his 81st birthday, Dallara was presented with the first production Dallara Stradale, the eponymous racing car manufacturer’s first ever road car. It’s a project the company has been working on for decades, though development has often stalled while it concentrated on…

4 min.
xavier foj: the greatest dakar driver you’ve never heard of

WHAT DOES A MAN WHO IS officially a legend look like? You might expect some sort of leviathan, a character striding straight out of the pages of a DC Comic. But Xavier Foj is a relatively diminutive 58-year-old. He’s clearly physically fit (he doesn’t smoke or drink) but, weighing around 63kg, standing 170cm tall in his Sparco racing boots and with grey hair cut short, he looks more like an architect. Which he is. Foj is one of just six inductees into the Dakar Legends club. Names such as Peterhansel, Roma and Despres are relatively well-known to anyone with even a passing interest in the most famous of rally raids, but Foj is hardly recognised outside his native Spain. Yet he has competed in 27 Dakar rallies, winning his class twice,…

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vant-ageing point

letters@evo.co.uk @evomagazine @evomagazine ASTON MARTIN ACHIEVED ITS GOAL OF making the DB10 look like a shark for Spectre, but I think it may have missed the mark with the new Vantage. It looks more koi carp than tiger shark. It certainly has the ‘fish lips’ thing going on; you know, when celebrities or WAGs go that step too far with the fillers… Maybe the design team spent most of their time on the rear of the car, which is spot on: the lights, the ducktail spoiler and the defuser all look great. But it’s definitely not the beauty it once was. I know Aston wanted more aggression to appeal to a new market, but a bit too much of the elegance that set its cars apart has been lost. One thing that’s for sure is that…