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Evo March 2017

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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time to flex some yankee muscle

I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THIS OBSESSION HAS sprung from. Up until three, possibly four months ago my interest in American muscle cars was passing at best. Corvettes were an interesting aside to Europe’s honed sports cars but I never felt the urge to concoct a tenuous feature idea just so I could drive one. An original Plymouth Road Runner appealed because of the lunacy of the damn thing. But that’s where my interest started and ended. Then something clicked. My vision focused and muscle cars started filling my social media timelines. I began to lose hours to Chargers and Challengers and Camaros and even something called a Chevelle. That’s the beauty of this new fascination: every click is an education. This newfound interest resulted in me spending far too much time…

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amg brings f1 to the road

New arrival TESLA RIVAL New arrival 210BHP YARIS Motorsport REAL DRIVERS Watches MICRO BRANDS Tech SUSPENSION GEOMETRY MERCEDES WILL CELEBRATE THE 50 th anniversary of its amG performance division throughout 2017. the company is planning an event at the Nürburgring 24 hours in may, and at the Detroit motor show in January it unveiled a new version of the AMG GT, called the GT C, which slots in neatly between the GT S and the rangetopping GT R (see page 56). much more exciting than a birthday party and a derivative model, though, is AMG’S forthcoming 1000bhp, Formula 1-engined road-legal hypercar. I met up with AMG CEO tobias moers in Detroit to quiz him on the division’s plans for the year and, of course, the car likely to be the highlight of 2017. what you need to know about moers is…

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new arrivals

McLAREN MONOCAGE II It might look like a 650S that someone left in an insalubrious area of town, but this is actually the central structure of the car that’s set to replace the 650S. Heralding the next generation of McLaren’s Super Series cars – and the first of 15 new models promised by 2022 – the new carbonfibre MonoCage will result in a dry weight of just 1283kg for the 650S’s replacement. That’s 18kg less than the outgoing car, and a new active rear wing will help generate downforce equivalent to half the car’s weight. There’ll also be more power, and a corresponding new name, when the car makes its full debut at the Geneva motor show (and on evo.co.uk) in March. FARADAY FUTURE FF 91 The electric-powered FF 91 has been on the drawing…

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brian laban 1948-2016

DURING THE SUMMER OF 1985, a freelance subeditor and writer with a riot of curly hair and a twinkle in his eye walked into the editorial office of Performance Car magazine and made himself at home. That man was Brian Laban and although neither of us knew it then, we would work closely together for the next four years, mixing the hard work of magazine publishing with a lot of laughs along the way. Brian was already an established automotive historian with an encyclopaedic knowledge of cars. He was also a true petrolhead and before he was old enough to drive helped start a car club at school, deafened mates with model aeroplane engines in his parents’ cellar and acquired a Morris 1000 project car. He attended Wexborough Grammar School in his…

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london classic car show evo ticket offer

This year’s London Classic Car Show takes place on 23-26 February and you can save money on tickets with evo. Enter the code ‘evo’ at thelondonclassiccarshow.co.uk to book two tickets for £42 (normally £48 if booked in advance or £54 on the door). The show, held at the ExCel exhibition centre in east London, will gather cars from the likes of Aston Martin Works, Alfaholics (who could forget the sensational GTA-R 270 we drove last year?) and Maserati. There will also be an interview with six-time Le Mans winner Jacky Ickx, a 20-car strong celebration of 70 years of Ferrari and a ‘live’ runway, the theme for which is ‘The Perfect 10’ body styles. Last year’s show saw 60 classic cars fired up for the catwalk and this year they will…

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the racing insider

LAST MONTH I WROTE about autonomous racing. It has since been pointed out to me that in recent years human drivers have been likened to robots, such is their polished PR demeanour and the guarded nature of their professional and personal lives. The traditionalists miss James ‘sex for breakfast’ hunt, Gilles ‘drive it like you stole it’ Villeneuve, ayrton ‘God is my co-pilot’ senna, and tales of derring-do by ’50s playboys hawthorn and collins captured in brilliant books such as Mon Ami Mate. another list could be made of outrageous team bosses, from chapman to Jordan. and that’s not taking into account characters outside Formula 1 such as salooncar racer Gerry marshall (pictured, with hunt), who wins best title for a motorsport autobiography with Then prefabricated drivers took over. honed from a…