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Evo May 2017

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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2 min.
ed speak

THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER MONTH LIKE IT. SO said a magazine coverline 30 years ago. Of course, there have been plenty of months just like it, with a new Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin often launched within a few weeks of each other. This month, however, there was a single day when these brands, plus Alpine, McLaren, Pagani, Ruf, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Audi (you get the picture) all launched cars so rich in evoness that walking through the halls of the Geneva motor show without being drawn to another headline-grabbing performance car was an impossible task. Geneva never fails to deliver. The exotica rubs shoulders with the luxurious, which sidles up to the hottest mainstream goods, and all want their five minutes of fame. In 2017 they somehow managed…

7 min.
vanda leads the charge

‘IN SOME WAYS I T IS A L I T T L E easier to make a new supercar today with electric technology. What is challenging from an engineering perspective is putting the average user in mind – who’ll get in, start up and drive at whatever speed for as long as they want to drive. That’s the challenge: range versus weight. Developing an electric vehicle is more straightforward, though, without spending tens of millions developing an engine.’ Ian Cluett is head of programmes at Williams Advanced Engineering, the team behind one of this year’s Geneva motor show stars, the Vanda Dendrobium. The new Singaporean supercar was one of several at Geneva that used electricity rather than combustion for propulsion, but surprisingly Cluett had never before considered our question: is developing…

2 min.
finding heaven in palexpo’s hall 7

CHRIST: THE SON OF GOD and a manufacturer of car washing equipment. This and other treasures await in Hall 7 of the Geneva motor show. Most visitors to the show head for the upstairs hall to dream. That’s where you’ll find much of the weird and wacky stuff from eccentric carrossiers like Rinspeed. Lamborghini is there, too, virtually opposite Bugatti, where sticky finger marks are being dusted off the new Chiron. You’ll find me among them, probably headed for the Porsche stand, but every year you’ll also find me on a personal pilgrimage around the Aladdin’s Cave that is Hall 7 This is where the accessory manufacturers ply their wares. Need to buy a new four-post ramp (and all my life I’ve wanted one)? You’ll find a good selection on display in…

5 min.
stefano domenicali

STEFANO DOMENICALI FIZZES WITH energy when he speaks. Like many Italians he talks fast. Frantically so, which means you need to work hard mentally just to keep up. He wears a pair of trademark glasses by Ray- Ban, and when he talks he also smiles for much of the time, and he looks you straight in the eye. He loves his cars but also his motorbikes, too, having been the race director at the Mugello Moto GP circuit for two years before assuming his more famed roles at Ferrari. Those roles culminated with him becoming principal of the F1 team in 2008. And it’s been almost exactly one year now since he took charge at Lamborghini. But is he, I wonder, just a good old-fashioned petrolhead at heart who happens to have one…

1 min.
news in brief

evo trackdays The days are getting longer, the evenings lighter, which means it’s time to book yourself a place on a 2017 evo track evening in association with GT Radial. This season we have four dates at two locations for you to pick from. The action starts on Thursday 11 May at Rockingham Motor Speedway, with two further dates at the Corby venue on Thursday 15 June and Friday 18 August. On Friday 1 September we’ll be back at Bedford Autodrome. To book your space, visit evo.co.uk. 2017 Driver Power survey If you’re reading evo it’s a given that you like your car, treasure it and treat it like an extension of the family. But like all family members we understand they don’t always behave as well as they should. The annual Driver Power…

2 min.
roger becker

1945-2017 FOR ALMOST 44 YEARS ROGER BECKER was the constant at Lotus, its North Star, the champion and keeper of the company’s precious dynamic DNA. There were times when aspects of the cars were a bit sketchy, times when the very company was teetering on a financial precipice, but the one thing you could always rely on was that the road cars would drive superbly, and that was down to Becker. When he retired in 2010 he had been Lotus’s engineering director for two decades. Not bad for someone who started out on the shop floor aged 20, with an ONC in engineering. The boss, Colin Chapman, soon recognised his potential and moved him across to development to work on the Europa Twin Cam. From then, Becker was instrumental in every road…