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Family CircleFamily Circle

Family Circle

November 2019

Every issue is filled with quick-fixing, delicious recipes ... do-it-yourself decorating ideas ... fashion and beauty secrets ... plus advice for raising a healthy, happy family - and more!

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family circle

“The One Thing I’d Tell My Younger Self Is ______.” Cheryl E. Brown EDITOR IN CHIEF CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jaclyn Steinberg EXECUTIVE CONTENT EDITOR Rory Evans MANAGING EDITOR Sue Kakstys EDITORIAL SPECIAL PROJECTS DIRECTOR Miranda Van Gelder ASSOCIATE HEALTH EDITOR Kendall Wenaas EXECUTIVE FOOD DIRECTOR Julie Miltenberger ASSOCIATE FOOD EDITOR Sarah Wharton BEAUTY DIRECTOR Gina Way MARKET EDITOR Zoë Roscoe ASSISTANT EDITOR Caroline Mullen EDITORIAL INTERN Kathleen Mest DESIGN DESIGN DIRECTOR Alyce Jones SENIOR DESIGNER Jaclyn Loney ART ASSISTANT Ji Soo An PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO DIRECTOR Tina Anderson COPY, RESEARCH & OPERATIONS COPY CHIEF/ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR Louise Collazo CONTRIBUTING RESEARCH EDITOR Ian Hodder EDITORIAL BUSINESS COORDINATOR Christiana Brebnor DIGITAL SENIOR DIGITAL EDITOR Ginger Cowles SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Sugey Palomares HEALTH ADVISORY BOARD Ellen Barrett, MA, fitness; Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, preventive nutrition; Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, FACP, weight management; Alyssa Dweck, MD, FACOG, obstetrics and gynecology; Debra Jaliman, MD, dermatology; David L. Katz, MD, lifestyle medicine; Susan Mitchell, PhD, RD, nutrition;…

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family album

Daughter: Olivia Dad: Scott Mom: Andrea Daughter: Ava Dog: Leo “Andrea and I are divided on the topic of boys. She’ll be like, ‘Were there any cute boys at the party?’ And I’m like, ‘No! Why do we need to know that? There will be no boys!’”—SCOTT Ava: Stranger Things is the one time we’re all getting along and talking about the same thing. Until Olivia skipped ahead. Olivia: I was in the zone! I watched the last one! Scott: Steve, I love. Andrea: If I were in high school, I’d have a crush on him. He’s the goofy hero. Ava: My mom is hardworking and has good taste—she takes us to the cool places. When we went to Paris last Thanksgiving, she knew exactly where to go. Olivia: Most Thanksgivings, we go to my mom’s family. My mom’s vegetarian now,…

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on duty

THE ART OF SHOPPING If Black Friday isn’t your thing, Sunday, December 1st is a decidedly more sophisticated retail experience. Museum Store Sunday rounds up special deals and events from shops at more than 1,100 museums (like The Met and LACMA), where you’re bound to find something for the artsy person on your list. Museumstoresunday.org Hip Hues When Urban Outfitters teams up with Backdrop, the cool kids of the paint industry, you know the result will be good—and that your kids will want some. UO is now carrying six on-trend colors (Surf Camp = a blue as cool and moody as your son) plus starter kits of paint supplies. Urbanoutfitters.com, $49 per gallon Swipe Right to De-Germ The amount of bacteria on your phone and tablet is shudder-inducing (you take them into the bathroom, don’t you?).…

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how to look party-ready in a hot minute

Someone always shows up at your house way ahead of time when you haven’t had a chance to transform from stressed-out chef to hostess with the mostest. This year, try this strategy: Do a little advance work for your hair and makeup, then just add a few speedy refreshes at the last minute. MAKEUP PLAN AHEAD The key is to have your makeup done before setting foot in the kitchen. And go with long-lasting formulas, says NYC-based makeup artist Joy Fennell. Use a mattifying primer underneath your foundation to prevent shine no matter how hot it gets at the stove. (A good one is Covergirl TruBlend Base Business Mattifying Skin Primer, $10.) Wear a waterproof mascara like Diorshow ($30) that won’t smudge or smear, and put on a long-wear lipcolor like Sephora…

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the money double whammy

Every two weeks, it feels like you’re being challenged to perform a magic trick: Take this paycheck (after taxes, natch) and then pay for your home, and groceries, and utilities (because heaven forbid your family white-knuckles through even a minute without Wi-Fi!), and new soccer cleats, and cat food, and repairing the dryer vent. And then—with the riches (ha!) that remain—be sure to stockpile money for your kids’ college tuition. Oh, but be sure to plow some money into your retirement account too! Of course this feels impossible, but it can be done—and every little bit helps. (The Mob’s not above chasing after nickels and dimes, and look how rich they are!) Also, the earlier you start to do this, the better. Whenever you’re saving, “time is the greatest asset. The…

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sit. stay. fly.

YOUR DOGS AND CATS are part of the family, so of course you want to bring them along when you celebrate the holidays. Just remember that peaceful, pleasant travel with pets requires some other “P” words, like preparation, planning and sometimes even paperwork. “Make sure you meet the requirements of wherever you’re headed,” says Elizabeth Stelow, DVM, veterinary behaviorist at the University of California at Davis. Even neighboring states have different rules for vaccinations. Although major airlines (as well as Amtrak) allow small pets to accompany their people in carriers that fit under the seat, the number of animals per cabin or train is limited. The holiday season is especially busy, so reserve your pet’s spot well in advance. But if Bella’s first exposure to the required carrier is on a six-hour…