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May 2021
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Learn how to trace your family tree! Every issue is packed with: family history research advice hands-on learning experiences to help you become an ancestor super-sleuth & step-by-step guides to show you the path to tracing the past. From vintage documents to the latest in DNA, we’re here to help you discover more! Get the latest in genealogy news, software, books, archives and expert answers. Plus enjoy those reader stories that remind what it means to trace your family story. Research & remember your roots with Family Tree!

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it’s all about the context…

So often in family history we talk about ‘piecing together the puzzle’. It’s a great analogy isn’t it, and this issue there are two things that really struck me, when thinking about piecing things together. The first is Chris Paton’s masterclass in how to look at the records with the eye of a professional genealogist. He urges us to take a step back and, rather than hurtling on with our research, to take time to find out about the records we use. He advises us to find out how complete they are, how to assess how accurate they may be, and how to weigh up the validity of the details that we’re finding. This background, contextual information is so important in order that we have a fuller understanding of our own…

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1 million+ records from the collections of national records of scotland available online for the first time

Rachel Bellerby reports on the latest genealogy news. Got a story to share? Email editorial@family-tree.co.uk Images of more than a million pages from the kirk session and other court records of the Church of Scotland, containing details of key events in communities across the country, have been added to ScotlandsPeople, NRS’s online research service. These records offer insights into the everyday lives of ordinary Scots, recording important moments such as births, marriages and deaths. The church also adjudicated on the paternity of children and provided basic education, as well as disciplining parishioners for what could be called anti-social behaviour – drunkenness, cursing and breaking the Sabbath. The newly-added records also include accounts of how people dealt with exceptional historical events such as wars, witchcraft trials, epidemics, crop failures and extreme weather. Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary…

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london fire brigade reports 1915-1918 released

Many of us have read about the impact of air raids on London and other cities and towns around the UK during World War II, but a new release from FindMyPast sheds light on the air raids of World War I. London Fire Brigade (LFB) reports 1915-1918 is a collection of reports that cover the effect of air raids on the capital in World War I in vivid detail. The transcriptions have been painstakingly taken from original LFB reports and show levels of damage from minor through to tragic. For example, one report reads: ‘Some shrubs damaged by fire in yard at the rear of the premises’ whilst another states: ‘H. T. Good, aged 49 years, and Carolina Good, aged 47 years, burned to death’. The records include information such as name, business…

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neanderthals disappeared from north west europe much earlier than originally thought

The research, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, relates to the re-dating of the Neadnerthal remains from Spy Cave by a team based in Oxford’s Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit. Most of the dates obtained in this new study have been found to be much older than those obtained previously on the same bone samples – up to 5,000 years older in certain cases. According to the paper, Re-evaluating the timing of Neanderthal disappearance in Northwest Europe, this suggests Neanderthals disappeared from the region 44,200-40,600 years ago, much earlier than previously estimated. The team used an advanced method for radiocarbon dating fossil bones. Using liquid chromatography separation, they were able to extract a single amino acid from the Neanderthal remains for dating. This so-called ‘compound-specific’…

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3.4 million entries added to the national burial index for england and wales

Published online for the first time in partnership with the Family History Federation, the update sees Findmypast provide users with access to the most comprehensive edition of this major transcription project to date. The project of creating the National Burial Index (NBI) began in 1994 with the aim of providing genealogists with improved access to pre-civil registration burials. Until then, researchers had been overdependent on baptisms and marriages, so the NBI sought to redress this by giving burial records the attention they deserve. The latest version of the NBI, containing over 16 million records from all corners of England and Wales, mainly covers the period from 1813 and 1850, however FindMyPast add that it ‘does extend significantly in both directions from these dates’. Each transcript includes a combination of the deceased’s name, birth…

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coming soon – the house history show

31,911 pages of the Illustrated Police News now available at British Newspaper Archive with their latest release, adding in the years 1875 and 1891 Covering more than two centuries of British history, Ancestry have released 2.2 million new records into their criminal and prison collections People from a total of 242 countries attended RootsTech Connect online from 24-27 February The House History Show is aimed at all those interested in tracing the history of buildings and the people who once lived in them. The combined expertise of the #HouseHistoryHour team of experts – Prof. Deborah Sugg Ryan, Dr. Nick Barratt, Karen Averby, Melanie Backe-Hansen, Gill Blanchard, Ellen Leslie, Keith Searle and Cathy Soughton – bring together a wealth of experience and will provide inspiring presentations on the records and research skills needed to help…