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FAULT collaborates with the world’s leading artists in film, fashion, art and music. FAULT never underestimates the effects fashion and artists have to provoke social change and the ability to shape our future. With this knowledge and understanding, we celebrate and present diversity of brilliant minds, embracing all aspects of the art World to create something truly phenomenal.

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this magazine was created by immigrants.

Dear FAULT reader,Above is the first photograph of myself I have ever published in FAULT and it might come as a surprise that I am in fact a black man. While this has never been something that I allowed to deter me from achieving my goals, nor has anyone I’ve worked with in the industry treated me differently for this – in truth, I’m not posting this photo for either myself or the industry – I’m posting it for you. Increasingly I am reading about my likeliness as a black man to commit a whole host of misdeeds and while this is nothing new, it appears there are still many who believe this to be true; Worst of all, there are many who have believed it to be true of…

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editor's letter

Now that's over, I'm proud to present issue 25! Unashamedly, I watched the season of X-Factor which saw Camila Cabello sore to stardom as part of the band Fifth Harmony. It's a great honour that Camila would pick FAULT as her first European cover.John Legend makes his second appearance as our cover star - first appearing back in issue 13. Despite only four years separating the two appearances, the progression shown in not only his music but throughout his entire creative empire has been astounding. Before the issue even had a theme, I knew that I wanted Kehlani on a cover. The road to success has not been an easy one but today she stands tall as one of RnB's most exciting artists. It was truly humbling to see her…

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life & times in la la land with john legend

Casting my mind back to 2005 and the reemergence of outlandishly dressed musicians & over-the-top performances that had to be done for a fleeting spot in the top 20; it’s humbling that one shy man and his piano have stood the test of time.Fast-forward to 2017 and John Legend is now a household name with six albums under his belt, a family and most recently starred in and executively produced the Oscar-tipped blockbuster movie ‘La La Land’. I caught up with John to discuss music, family life and fears to discover if “Legend” is more than just a name. Jacket: Laer Brand Shirt: Ports 1961 Trousers: DieselHow do you think you've changed as a person since your debut all those years ago?I’ve grown up a lot in the last twelve…

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Going back to FAULT issue 23, you surely remember Jamie Campbell Bower as our Menswear Cover star. Fast-forward and it’s about time we caught up again and had a little chat about his new punk rock band–Counterfeit. Call it a family affair if you will – you do have two Bowers in the mix now – but the band is nothing short of mind-blowing. We won’t be giving away too much; this is definitely a band that you need to go and see live in order to truly see what we’re talking about. Throwback to our last interview, Counterfeit was only just taking shape; one year later and with nearly 30 shows under their belts plus a nomination for a Kerrang! Award, it’s safe to say that they’re here to…

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Endlessly talented and wickedly catchy, JoJo is no stranger to the spotlight, having had her first number-one single at the age of 13. Now, after a 10-year studio album hiatus caused by label issues, she's back on the scene with "Mad Love," a critical and commercial success that showcases her voice and songwriting - both of which are stronger than ever. FAULT had a chance to speak with her while in the midst of her four-month worldwide tour, and we uncovered just what makes that brilliant mind and talent tick.You have the tour coming up, what are you most looking forward to?I’m personally really excited to perform songs from my new album and connect with fans in places that I haven’t been to in a long time or some places…

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becky hill

Tunic: Faustine Steinmetz from Young British Designers (YBD) Jeans: I And Me Bracelet: Minsai Velvet Flats: Bionda CastanaColourful Shirt: 2NDDAY Dress: Simeon Farrar from Young British Designers (YBD)T-Shirt: Bund’s Jacket: Bund’s Ankle Boots: Havva Jeans: Longshaw Ward from Young British Designers (YBD)Collar: Florence Bridge at Young British Designers (YBD) Dress: Florence Bridge at Young British Designers (YBD) Jeans: 2nd Day Jacket: Folk at Young British Designers (YBD) Black Sliders: Ganor Dominic LondonIf you are a fan of house and electro music, you will no doubt have sang along with Becky Hill’s raspy vocals on a catchy, bass-heavy track. Since breaking on to the scene in 2012, the 22-year-old has collaborated with talented artists and producers such as Matoma, Oliver Heldens, MK and Rudimental, You just released Rude Love - how…