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FHM Australia May_ 2019

FHM is a monthly publication that give guys what they want. Everything from the most beautiful woman in the world, cars, fitness, food, sport, fashion to tech, gadgets, travel and gaming. If you're a guy, we will have something of interest for you.

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for a laugh

In college I was so broke I couldn’t afford the electricity bill. Those were the darkest days of my life. My wife complained that I don’t buy her flowers. To be honest, I didn’t know she sold flowers. I was going to give archery a try… But there are too many drawbacks. My wife asked me to put tomato ketchup on the shopping list that I was writing out. I can’t read a word now. I met a guy from Australia who works in IT. I asked him, “Do you come from a LAN down under?” The interviewer said to me, “Your resume says you take things too literally.” I said, “When the hell did my resume learn to talk?” Have you heard of the blind cyclops brothers? Neither have eye. Where do naughty rainbows go? Prism. laffgaff.com…

4 min.
should i watch porn with my girlfriend?

Girls know that their boyfriends watch porn, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed aboutSummer, 23, Johannesburg I personally watch lesbian porn. That’s a good place to startJo, 22, Cape Town I like seeing real girls with real boobs in porn – it makes it feel more, well, realLana, 24, Knysna “Watching porn together expands your sexual repertoire, which is the key to a long-lasting, enjoyable sex life”, says doctor of human sexuality Emily Morse, the host of hit podcast Sex With Emily. Add this to the fact that a staggering 96% of women surveyed by sex shop Ann Summers admitted they have watched porn with a partner and liked it, and you start to wonder just why us guys are so bloody terrified of asking our better halves if they want…

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from geek to sleek

It was almost certainly a first in the history of celebrity underwear endorsements. As Calvin Harris stripped to his skivvies for Emporio Armani last month, barely a bit of public attention was directed at his bulge. Instead, the world’s collective eye fixed itself about five inches higher – somewhere around those thick bands of muscle that bisect his belly button – as we whispered, “ When did Calvin Harris get so ripped?” Muscle-bound men in pop are by no means a new phenomenon. We’ve had them for decades now – be they tough-guy gangsta rappers (50 Cent), smooth R&B sex machines (Usher) or Chippendales who can just about hold a tune (Peter Andre). But, up until recently, no-one really knew, or cared, what DJ-producer types looked like. They would put their name…

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badass tikka bream machine

We want you to meditate not on the idea of a delicious grilled fish that tastes of curry. Stop meditating. This fish can be more than an idea. It can be a real thing. Think about that: the only thing stopping your from eating said fish is your inactive hands and arms. Let’s get moving! BBQ YOUR LIFE BRILLIANT Ingredients: Two whole sea breamFinely grated fresh root gingerGarlic cloves, finely grated or crushedPlain yoghurtOlive oilTurmericMild chilli powderCumin seedsFresh parsleyBeer (for drinking) Step one: Slash open the skin of the whole fish on each side with a sharp knife. Mix the ginger and garlic, season with salt, then rub it all over the fish. Step two: Mix the yogurt with the oil, spices and seasoning. Coat the fish with it inside and out, then chill the…

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totally unbelievable pig wings

DJ BBQ SAYS… “If you like your meat freakin’ fast and so delicious you start to wonder if you’ve died and woken up on Planet DamnThat’sTasty, I’m about to blow your mind. You’re gonna want to throw down my unbelievable pig wings at your next cook out, then witness them smashing your summer with a slam of awesomeness. “The beauty in these bodacious bad boys, beyond them being a double hit of pork, is that you can still put them together after a skinful of icy cool beers. Four ingredients, three minutes of prep time and goof-proof indirect cooking means that even if you’re slurring your words and falling over your own feet, you’re gonna nail these and maintain your reign at the grill.” THE RECIPE Takes: 45 minutes Ingredients: A stack of inch-thick pork chops DJ BBQ’s…

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master your brew

01 IMPRESS MUM Keep these posh chocs in the cupboard, ready for a surprise visit from the in-laws. Prestat green tea chocolate thins. 02 REACH PEAK TEA Brew one of these bags for 3 minutes in 100-degree boiling water for the perfect cup of tea. Brew Tea Co tea. 03 DROP IT IN These look like they fell off a Christmas tree, but brew your loose tea leaves to perfection. Kinto tea strainer. Tom Dixon tea strainer. 04 POUR IN STYLE This teapot reeks of Scandinavian coolness. Ferm living teapot. 05 EAT THIS Still the king of tea-time treats. Tunnock’s tea cakes. 06 RELAX IN STYLE For just under a tenner, this posh Dutch designer kitchenware is a real steal. Jansen & Co mug. 07 PUT IT ON ICE If you like your tea ice cold, then whack in four teaspoons of loose…