FineScale Modeler February 2018

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modeling the vietnam war 50 years on

Hard to believe, but the beginning of this year marks 50 years since the Tet Offensive, a major milestone of the Vietnam War that filled the front pages of our newspapers and the airwaves on every network newscast. Tet saw thousands of casualties and involved every aspect of the U.S. forces stationed in Vietnam or just offshore. Naturally, Vietnam stirs many memories among those of us who lived through it, either participating in it or watching from the safety of our living rooms. So we thought this issue an appropriate time to focus on the weaponry that played a vital role in the conflict. Since World War II and Korea, the equipment had evolved. Some call Vietnam the helicopter war because copters played such a huge role, transporting troops into remote regions,…

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off the sprue: tell us of a veteran you’d like to honor

Editor Mark Savage My dad, my uncle Mac and son have all served, but we’re talking Vietnam so I’ll call out our dear friend Ken Whitsell who was in the Green Berets. Ken survived many firefights and sleepless nights before returning home. Senior Editor Aaron Skinner My dad served in the U.S. Army in the early 1960s, including 18 months monitoring the DMZ in Korea. His stories always focus on the camaraderie and humor involved in military life. Associate Editor Mark Hembree I’ll call him “That Guy” — That Guy did his duty, marched through hell to reach the beach, froze in Chosin, endured Vietnam, and went time and again to the Mideast. That Guy we should never forget, because That Guy paid it forward — in spades. I will always tip my cap and cut a break…

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scale talk

What happens to our models when we pass away? Every model has a destination When my time comes, I already know where my favorite creations are headed. The B-25 Mitchell bomber goes to my sister — the one person who thinks I was a bomber pilot in a past life. The USS Enterprise goes to my cousin because we both like Star Trek, to the point that we fight over how the warp field works. The F-4 Phantom goes to my brother who, like me, thinks that the Phantom is the best plane ever built. The 1970 Ford Torino GT goes to my nephew. He’s become one hell of an auto mechanic, and he likes the old street machines over the ones of today. The model I am working on now is the LVTP-7A1. That one will…

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new products

Spotlight Hispano-Suiza powered SE.5a from Eduard Following its well-received initial 1/48 scale SE.5a kit, Eduard released a second kit featuring Hispano-Suiza powered fighters (No. 82132, $39.95). The parts are the same between the kits with both engines present on the sprues. The dark gray plastic pieces show fine raised rivets and lap joints, recessed panel lines, and petite stitching on the fabric rear fuselage. Raised rib tape and stitching detail the onepiece upper wing and all of the control surfaces are separate. Inside, the cockpit comprises side frames, seat, instruments, dials, and controls. Photoetch details the panel, seat belts, control horns, and frames for the inspection windows. Clear parts provide the last along with optional windshields, a telescopic sight, and inspection ports on the wings and tail. Eduard precut masks make painting the clear…

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going green on a marine

One thing is a given when you build figures of U.S. troops in Vietnam — you will be painting green. But it’s rarely the same shade from one piece of clothing to another. Differing dyes, sun, and dirt change the basic green so the colors change slightly on one figure. So, when I built a figure from Bravo 6’s 1/35 scale USMC Fire in the Hole! set (No. B6-35039), I subtly altered shades, especially in the highlights, to reflect those differences. Before painting, I added hair sculpted from Squadron green putty and replaced the hands with resin from Hornet. I filled some spots using Squadron putty thinned with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. I finished the head, then base-coated the uniform with several thin layers of Andrea khaki base A 1. There are…

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groom a mutt for vietnam service

Essentially an updated jeep, the M151 ¼-ton 4 x 4 Military Utility Tactical Truck served the U.S military through the Vietnam War as a transport, escort, and patrol vehicle. Richard Guetig, of Louisville, Ky., built Tamiya’s 1/35 scale MUTT for Vietnam service and loaded it with stowage and extra equipment. Before starting a project, he looks for images of the vehicle. “Photos provide ideas for stowage, placement of the vehicle in a scene, field modifications, decals, etc.,” he says. Richard painted the small model — it’s less than 4 inches long — with spray cans, starting with a layer of Tamiya gray primer. “I spray after I have completely built the vehicle,” he says. “I have had trouble in the past painting the parts on the sprue and then building. The glue sometimes…