FineScale Modeler February 2019

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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something for everyone, even plane lovers

Sometimes we hear from a few of you about the lack of subject diversity in a particular issue, usually a themed issue such as Vietnam, sci-fi, or Battle of Kursk to name a few from this past year. I took a call recently where I was told we waste too many pages on armor, “too many tanks,” and way too many figures, sci-fi, and fantasy (comics) models. I’ve said this before, but we are well aware that many modelers love aircraft the most. We get it. But those of you who are aircraft only modelers might be surprised at the responses we get on our focused themed issues. Sales don’t lie. Still, aircraft modeling is the hobby’s leader and so with this issue we dish up, well, a little of everything again. But there’s…

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off the sprue: name your favorite ‘stones’ song?

Editor Mark Savage You Can’t Always Get What You Want - just love the ethereal big choir intro. I always crank up the radio when those first few notes come on. Listening to this one gives me a lot of Satisfaction! Senior Editor Aaron Skinner Paint it Black (or pretty much anything from Aftermath — great record!) P.S. Top of the World is the best Carpenters song! Digital Editor Elizabeth Nash I’d say Beast of Burden. Although, it’s hard to say if I like the Stones’ or Bette Midler’s version better. Editorial Associate Monica Freitag Gimmie Shelter — love the eerie opening vocals and twangy guitar. 1969, Vietnam war, pretty violent time, and I was just beginning my hippie stage. I saw them do the song on the Ed Sullivan Show and my mom said she didn’t “care for” Mick Jagger, she…

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Assembling individual tracks Q What is the best method for assembling numerous individual armor track links that are so prevalent in today’s armor models? I have tried a number of ways, but with some extreme difficulty. – Frederick Lopez, Goleta, Calif. A Nothing looks quite as much like real tracks as individual links, but assembling those links can be un-fun. Here’s what I do: First, I make a jig by gluing a long piece of square or L-shaped styrene to thick sheet styrene to keep the tracks aligned. Then I run a strip of double-sided tape alongside the styrene bar. Now I can assemble the tracks on the tape which holds them together as I complete each run. I usually build two runs for each side of a vehicle — one for the upper run,…

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now at

Hasegawa’s new F-35B is now a free desktop wallpaper image Paul Boyer reviewed this handsome F-35B (see p. 56), but you can have the image for free! Desktop wallpapers Peruse dozens of computer backgrounds of favorite scale military (like the F-35B above) and sci-fi subjects that you can download for free. Treat your monitor to a makeover. New Product Rundown Want to know about a new kit on the market? Aaron Skinner and Elizabeth Nash host a twice-monthly video review of the newest models and show what’s inside the boxes.…

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scale talk

Another dream workshop Can’t get enough of your magazine - every month for the past eight years I get new ideas, sharpen my skills, and am building with greater confidence. After a short time in the U.S. Army, including time in Vietnam, I put my modeling hobby up on blocks to get after what became a successful career in technology. But about six years ago, we finally built our dream home in Colorado - and all I asked my wife (the designer) for was a hobby room. With some computer testing tables from a lab gone bust, and a lot of sweat, I finally got my room! With some “extra” unfinished storage in the basement, we even had spacec for a 5-foot by 5-foot paint and spray room. I’ve gotta say, my sweetheart has…

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reader tips

Brass shavings create realism Here is a tip for armor modelers. I like to depict my tank models in action so one simple way to add action is to use brass filings as spent shell casings. For large cannon shells, 37mm and up, there are plenty of spent shell casings available, but what about for machine guns on tanks? My dad worked as a machinist, which allowed me access to all sorts of cool things including brass shavings. Simply sprinkle them on top of a turret, or by the gun, and let them fall where they may as would the real spent casing. Simple, effective and realistic! – Richard Zolla, Monson, Mass. Add magnets to your workbench I reorganized my workbench, and a new addition is the strategic placement of neo rare earth magnets (silver plated)…