FineScale Modeler January 2020

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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new year, new mix, much more modeling!

We are launching into another year of scale modeling, our 38th as a magazine. For that, maybe I should be asking for a hearty “amen” from you, my brothers and sisters in styrene. It seems to us that modeling has never been better. We’re seeing an expanding universe of fine plastic model kits, from new aircraft and armor to sci-fi and comic book action figures. When I was growing up, the models were all World War II planes, tanks, and 1950s and 1960s jets. Sure, there were the old Aurora monsters, the Mummy and Frankenstein, but now there are models from the latest Star Wars movie, along with so many superheroes that I can’t remember if Ant-Man is real or a joke I just don’t get. That has us thumbing through files and…

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off the sprue: most beautiful place you’ve been?

Editor Mark Savage Yosemite National Park gets my vote because of the breaktaking beauty and sheer scope and starkness of its mountains. The view from atop granite Sentinel Rock is stunning, yet the view from the park’s main canyon floor is magical as you look up at those monolithtic peaks. A close second is Lake Tahoe. Senior Editor Aaron Skinner Fraser Island off the Queensland coast has it all: long sandy beaches, crystal clear lakes and streams, rain forests, and shifting sand dunes. Sitting on the beach with good friends and watching thunderstorms roil over the Pacific is a treasured memory. A movie theater and a Star Wars movie is close behind. Digital Editor Elizabeth Nash You want sunsets? Zadar, Croatia has sunsets. Just park yourself down on the rocky beaches, enjoy the fact that there isn’t another…

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scale talk

Favorite war movies Ed: In the November issue we asked about your favorite war movies. Here are a few responses. Bet you have a favorite too. There are too many good WWII movies to count, but I’ll give you two that I love, one old school and one recent. First is Cross of Iron by Sam Peckinpah. As a young history buff, it was the first movie I saw where the German soldiers were dirty/unshaven and had mismatched gear and uniforms. In other words, they looked like grunts! Prior to that, I thought all German soldiers fought in their dress uniforms. And of course it’s Peckinpah, so the violence is in slow mo! Second, is Hacksaw Ridge because it showed that a man could hold onto his convictions and still serve his country, and…

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reader tips

Mayo tray helps organize bench Being married to a surgical scrub has its advantages and learning an advanced level of organization has been one of them. In lieu of tools scattered all over the bench, my bride suggested I use a Mayo tray to organize the tools I’m using for a project. It keeps everything at hand and eliminates the old hobby knife on the floor, (or in the leg) problem. A Mayo tray is part of the system developed at the Mayo Clinic for keeping track of, and having instruments at the ready, during a surgical procedure. By breaking down your steps you have the least number of instruments on your bench at one time. In surgery this is important for tracking the tools. You know the old stories about sponges and instruments…

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Should ships be glossy, flat? Q Assembling the Lindberg/Round 2 HMS King George V battleship model has posed an unusual question not covered in the instructions of most naval vessel models. Namely, are battleships, cruisers, landing craft, etc. painted in a flat, semigloss or glossy gray? What’s your advice? – William Mezzano,Addison, Ill. A William, we’re sure opinions vary on this hull issue. But here are our thoughts. We know that ships generally are painted a glossy gray when commissioned, making them easier to clean. Yet they are immediately thrust into the sea, so salt water. It doesn’t take long for the ocean to do its dulling magic on a ship’s hull. Our advice is to go with the flat, or dull finish to create a more realistic representation of a ship at sea.…

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the marmo method modelbuilding guide series

Richard Marmo, a founding member of IPMS/USA, produces a series of modeling guides in a variety of digital formats, including as a printable PDF. Titles include: · Building the Revell 1/32 Scale Bell AH-1G Cobra in a Vietnam Vignette (No. MMMG-8), $3.99. This installment adds aftermarket components along with a scratchbuilt revetment, honoring those who sacrificed so much in Vietnam. · Curtiss C-46A Commando Photo Reference Gallery (No. #MMMG-7), $3.99. This is your detailed guide for the Williams Brothers 1/72 C-46A kit. · Building the Williams Bros. Curtiss C-46A Commando in 1/72, $3.99 Provides step-by-step instructions and clear photographs will enable you to produce a finished model you can be proud of. · How To Make Your Own Decals (No. MMMG-4), $4.99, answers the big question of how to make your own decals. You can…