FineScale Modeler November 2021

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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always striving to be better

When I start a model, my goal is always to make it better than the last one. It may be as simple as making the paint even smoother or nailing a complex camouflage scheme that has always eluded me. Or maybe scratchbuilding something that makes it unique. Whatever it may be, I want to keep improving. It’s something we strive for at FineScale Modeler. Our mission is to bring you the best of scale modeling each issue with tips and techniques you can use on your next project. The magazine’s aim has always been to make you better modelers. This issue brims with stories from new and old authors showcasing some of the best the hobby has to offer. Check out FSM newcomer Don Suratos’ stunningly weathered “Gunther” mech. Big ’bots may…

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important announcement!

FOR 40 YEARS, FINESCALE MODELER has been — and will continue to be—the essential resource for scale modelers. But over the course of those years, the publishing business has undergone massive changes. Paper, printing, and postage costs have all risen exponentially. Readers of every age and interest level are increasingly looking for content online. The scale modeling hobby has changed, too, and we must continue to change with it. Beginning with this issue, FineScale Modeler will be published six times per year. All current subscribers will receive the number of issues published in a year term. The amount of time remaining on your subscription will not be altered. The publishing schedule going forward will be January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, and November/December. Despite the reduction in print issues, we will still produce…

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scale talk

On canopies and paint I’ve read that you can paint canopy edges with flat black to minimize reflections that make clear parts seem less realistic. After painting the edges of the clear parts and the cockpit sills or cowls they attach to, what glue should I use? Also, since Testors Model Master Acryl is no longer made, which acrylic is better: Mission Models, AK Interactive, or Vallejo? I’m getting ready to plunk down money for a new paint system. – Lloyd Hackett Huntsville, Ala. Ed.: To attach clear parts painted or unpainted, use a clear part cement such as Microscale Micro Kristal Klear. These kinds of adhesives are not solvent-based like traditional model glues, so paint won’t interfere with them as they work. Avoid using superglue around clear parts because the fumes can cloud…

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new products

AIRCRAFT 1/48 SCALE Eagle’s Call from Eduard, No. 11149, $99.95. Dual Combo Spitfire Mk.V in US, RAF service. Fw 190D-9 from Eduard, No. 84102, $29.95. Tempest Mk.II early version from Eduard, No. 82124, $59.95. Spitfire Mk.IX from Eduard, No. 84175, $29.95. MiG-21MF from Eduard, No. 8231, $59.95. 1/72 SCALE Dornier Do 27 German, Spanish and Belgian Service from Special Hobby, No. 72327, $22.70. A.W. Meteor NF Mk.14 The Last of Night Fighters from Special Hobby, No. 72364, $25.90. Breguet Atlantic 1 Italian Eagle from Revell, No. 03845, $43. ARMOR 1/35 SCALE Austin Armoured Car 1918 pattern, British Service, Western Front interior kit from MiniArtl, No. 39009, $TBA. T-55A Mod. 1970 interior kit from MiniArt, No. 37094, $TBA. 1/72 SCALE Marder III Ausf. M from Revell, No. 03316, $24. 7.5cm PaK 40 (German Anti-tank gun) from Special Hobby, No. SA72025, $12.75. AUTOS 1/25 SCALE International Harvester Scout from AMT, No. AMT1248M,…

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halftrack to the rescue

Produced in large numbers and widely available, the SdKfz 251 halftrack served German armed forces throughout World War II. Designed as an armored troop transport, or schützenpanzerwagen, the vehicle’s versatility saw it repurposed for a variety of roles. They included pionierpanzerwagen (engineer vehicle), self-propelled antiaircraft and artillery vehicles, and, in the case of the SdKfz 251/8, an ambulance (krankenpanzerwagen). The last could carry two stretcher cases and four seated wounded. Looking to do something different with an AFV Club 1/35 scale SdKfz 251/22, I discovered a photo of an ambulance version serving with the 1st Fallschirm-Panzer Division Hermann Göring in Italy, 1944. I left the 7.5cm PaK 40 out and built the detailed kit pretty much out of the box. The only thing I replaced were the kit’s vinyl tracks with a…

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award-worthy acrylics

Let’s face it, using acrylic paints and finishing products — like weathering powders and washes — is different from using enamels, oil paints, or lacquers. You can produce similar effects, but the processes and methods vary slightly. However, once you have them down, you can use water-based acrylics on anything, from armor to sci-fi models and everything between. In 2008, I won the Gunpla World Championships using only acrylics and went on to win multiple other awards afterward. During that time, I continued to develop my process and came to fall in love with Acrylicos Vallejo paints — to the point that I use them almost exclusively. That isn’t to say you can’t apply my techniques with other acrylic paints, but you’ll have to modify your approach to suit the brand.…