FineScale Modeler December 2018

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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let us help you figure out resin, etc.

Some consider working with resin as easy as styrene, while others find resin somewhat more difficult. We want modelers to feel comfortable working with any material, so this issue we go with a big resin figure as the focus of our cover story. FSM’s Aaron Skinner shows just how gorgeous a figure you can create from resin with Moebius’ Wonder Woman. This is the Gal Gadot-based figure, the most recent movie version of the comics character, and Aaron takes you through the painting techniques that lead to a spectacular fantasy figure, or any other resin figure you may desire. We also include a Form & Figure column on painting the Hulk (spoiler alert, you’ll need a lot of green paint). Plus there’s a quick look at Bandai’s snappy Gundam warriors and how…

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off the sprue: what’s your favorite family tradition?

Editor Mark Savage In fall it’s visiting a local apple orchard for cider, apples, and pears. At Christmas it’s the tasty stollen my wife bakes and our Christmas Eve party for the “orphan” families at church. And in summer, it’s visiting the Wisconsin State Fair. Senior Editor Aaron Skinner I love Halloween! Our neighborhood has designated trick-or-treat hours, so my wife and I like to sit outside with something to drink — hot chocolate if it’s cold, something stronger if it’s warm — and hand out candy. It’s fun to see which costumes are the most popular from one year to the next. Digital Editor Elizabeth Nash January 1st. High Noon. Lakeside. It’s time for the annual Polar Bear Plunge! We use sledgehammers to bust through the ice and jump in. There are only two rules: no wetsuits…

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reader tips

1. Finding cheap nose weights I recently read an article where the author used self-adhesive weights to overcome the dreaded tail-sitting syndrome of most airplanes. A source was given but I didn’t write it down and don’t remember the issue where I saw the article. This morning I stopped by the shop I use for routine maintenance on my car and asked if I could buy some self-adhesive wheel weights. Being a regular customer, the manager gave them to me at no cost. Lesson: If you use a particular shop for car maintenance, ask for weights. You might save a few bucks on weights for your aircraft models. – Nick Mertes, Grove City, Ohio 2. Carpet tape to the rescue I was having difficulty figuring out how to make my 1/48 aircraft missiles and bombs…

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scale talk

Ideas for setting up a workshop In September’s Scale Talk, Dan Varner asked for suggestions of how to best set up his blank canvas of a workshop. Here are some reader thoughts: Where you have clear access to the walls, choose a spot for the exhaust hose from your paint booth. A moisture trap and pressure regulator will help with humidity, even with the HVAC. Use a bathroom exhaust fan for that booth as they have a nonsparking motor. If you keep a lot of books and reference material in bookcases, you might want to put doors or curtains on them to protect them from dust and flying paint. – Gordon Smith Eastport, Maine It’s a lucky modeler indeed that confronts the opportunity Dan has. I was faced with a similar question when we built our…

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check out

A gorgeous Russian aircraft Go online to download a wallpaper of Matthew Walker’s build of GWH’s new 1/48 scale Su-35S, and flip to p. 58 to read his review of the kit in our Workbench Reviews section. Desktop wallpapers We have dozens of other computer backgrounds of your favorite military and sci-fi subjects. Download them for free. Go ahead, treat your monitor to a makeover. New Product Rundown Want to know about a new kit? Aaron Skinner and Elizabeth Nash host a twicemonthly video review of the newest models and show you what’s inside the boxes.…

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waterlining a full-hull ship

Q I have a couple of 1/350 ship models and would like to make them waterline types to put in a diorama, but do not know how, or what tools to use to do so. Can anyone help out with this. Second, I am also using IPP lacquer paints, which are hard to find, except on Freetime Models’ website. But, if I want to use this type of paint in an airbrush would that work and how hard would the cleanup be? I have a Testors airbrush “startup” kit, but have been afraid of using it. The airbrush is the type that uses bottles for the paints and an aerosol can for propellant. – Michael Megee, Surprise, Arizona A Waterlining a full-hull model takes a little work, but it’s not that hard with…