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FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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One hundred years ago World War I, known as the Great War at the time, was ending. Like all wars it was a horrible and bloody conflict, one made all the worse by the use of chlorine, phosgene, and mustard gas. The trenches were dark, dirty, and disgusting — a living hell on their own. But the weapons of war were undergoing a huge transformation. Tanks were just being developed and this newfangled thing called the aeroplane was taking shape. This month we feature a beautiful German Fokker D.VII biplane, a British Whippet, and a WWI diorama to set the mood for modeling the Great War. We wanted to whet your appetites as the cooler fall weather starts to set in across the northern tier of states, Canada, and northern Europe. That’s because two…

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off the sprue: what living person is a hero to you?

Editor Mark Savage Hank Aaron has always been my hero for how he conducts himself, the dignity he shows, and the help he offers others — saw him at an airport listening to a young man drone on about sports. He just smiled and nodded, a gentleman. Senior Editor Aaron Skinner Caretakers. Anyone who gives up a part of themselves to make life better for those in need deserves a pat on the back … and probably a vacation. Assistant Editor Elizabeth Nash I don’t know her name, but I once saw a petite older woman chastise three grown men for picking on a disabled person. We should all be more like her by setting a good example and standing up to those who are not. Editorial Associate Monica Freitag Can’t give one person that title. The people I think are…

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Free desktop wallpaper Download a computer background of Wingnut Wings’ 1/32 scale Junkers D.1 built by Caleb Horn for Workbench Reviews and featured on p. 61 in this issue. Find out how If you’ve ever had questions about construction or finishing, find answers online with FSM’s collection of free videos and articles detailing the build process from start to finish. New Product Rundown Want to know about a kit before you buy? Aaron Skinner and Elizabeth Nash host a twice-monthly review of the newest models where they open the boxes and show you what’s inside.…

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individual-link tracks debate

For • Having read the remarks against individual-link tracks, I felt I should jump to their defense. I won’t build an AFV model without them. If the kit comes with them, great — doesn’t matter to me if they are workable or the glue-together type. But if the kit only has those rubber band thingies, then it’s time to shop the aftermarket. I find the extra time spent is very much worth it. They are easy to fit and maneuver to get the right look. I also use them to show thrown track or repairs being made in dioramas. Having spent 12 years in an armored infantry battalion in the British Army, individual-link tracks are certainly less back-breaking. Note: Those rubber band tracks aren’t completely useless; they are great for making track impressions in a diorama base. –…

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scale talk

Like the new column Thanks for the article on painting the Warhammer figure in your new column, Paint & Play. I am an aircraft modeler, so although the subject matter was not my thing, my 27-year-old nephew enjoys the genre. He is a talented artist but I always tell him his gifts are wasted on such a small scale! Still, I think anything that brings in young people and fresh blood to the hobby is sorely needed. When you attend a modeling show, it feels like the early-bird special night at your local diner! – Steve Berktold Covina, Calif. Ed.: If you want more tabletop figures, turn to p. 16 and see how you can easily paint Luke from the new game, Star Wars: Legion. A new way to look at weathering I am a retired soldier with…

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reader tips

Sculpting epoxy putty Because putty is sticky right out of the tube, you shouldn’t rush forming it into the desired shape right away. Wait several minutes until it starts to cure and it will be easier to handle. Soaking your sculpting tools or spraying warm water onto the part also aids sculpting. – Michal Swiniarski Brentwood, Essex, England Cheap paint filters Go to a hardware store and pick up a stainless steel inline filter used in plumbing. For about $1 you’ll have the perfect paint filter. Because of the conical design, they’ll fit around any paint manufacturer’s bottle or jar. If you use water-based paints, clean up is a breeze. Just run them under the faucet or soak them in a jar of water then scrub with a toothbrush. Because they are stainless they won’t rust. Using these…