FineScale Modeler October 2018

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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ahhhh, that great feel of paper

By the time you read this … oh, baby, that sounds old-fashioned. We’re all used to reading whatever we want, exactly when we want. That goes for weather forecasts, books, magazines, newspapers, and Facebook posts about people feeding their furry kittens gourmet gluten-free low-cal wafers. Truth is, we all read at our own pace when we want. It’s great that we can now see websites 24/7 on our laptops, iPads, and cellphones. We’re part of all that, naturally. You’re used to seeing new-product videos on our website twice monthly, and taking part in our forums to get questions answered or just commiserate with fellow modelers as you work through a vexing project. But it’s my contention that as the world’s electrons spin faster and flash all that information past our eyes like Times Square’s neon…

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off the sprue: who’s your favorite author?

Editor Mark Savage Don’t read many novels anymore. Loved Twain as a kid, and Dave Barry’s humor later (I’m not making this up!). Really enjoyed the ironically named Sarah Vowell’s irreverent travelogue of sorts, Assassination Vacation. Senior Editor Aaron Skinner If I had to pick one — guess I do — it’s Douglas Adams, mostly for his imaginative use of language. I re-read the five books in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy every couple of years and always laugh out loud. Associate Editor Mark Hembree Hard enough to name these few: Brautigan, Thurber, and Twain (short stories), Hiaasen (action/mayhem), Foote (history), C. Moore (goofy), Kosiński (not goofy), Mencken and D. Parker (cruel but fair). Assistant Editor Elizabeth Nash Isabel Allende’s got a way with words. Her work pulls you in right away with storylines that don’t beat around the…

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show us your workbench!

The great outdoor workbench Here are my two “workbench” photos. I’ve worked on an old drafting board since I was a kid and still like it. I construct all of the subassemblies first, then put everything together, all on the same board. It’s also portable, so I can go out on the porch in summer and get a nice view, or watch a movie while working in the winter. In one of the photos (right) you can see my view this last summer. – Ron Poniatowski Baraboo, Wis. Modeling while recovering As I prepared for open heart surgery a few months ago, I was heartened to receive my copy of the July issue. I realized that I do not have either the messiest or smallest workstation — what a relief! I read Ulf Lundberg’s fascinating rendition of…

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scale talk

Newer not always better What I like about FSM is that you put the spotlight on older kits, showing what fine models someone made from them. I love the latest kit from Tamiya as much as the next modeler, but there are a lot of molds out there from the last century that are still quite good. I made an Otaki P-40E last year (from way back in my stash) and enjoyed it immensely. Too often one sees petty online carping from Keyboard Commandos armed with dubious and doubtful “expertise,” spouting off and trashing the latest kits, or worse, a kit from yesteryear with raised panel lines. OMG! I finished a Monogram B-25J and I left the raised panel lines intact. It’s sitting 4 feet from me as I type, and I can’t tell. Happy…

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now at

Canadian Military Pattern vehicles Go online to see a gallery of Steve Guthrie’s CMPs and flip top. 25 to read about how more than half a million of these vehicles were built during World War II. Desktop wallpapers Peruse dozens of computer backgrounds of favorite scale military and sci-fi subjects that you can download for free. Go ahead, treat your monitor to a makeover. New Product Rundown Want to know about a new kit on the market? Aaron Skinner and Elizabeth Nash host a twice-monthly video review of the newest models and show what’s inside the boxes.…

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reader tips

Homemade rotating model jig Here’s a tool I initially thought would make scribing vacuum-formed fuselages and wings easier. But I have found it useful for all kinds of model work, including scribing, gluing, and scratchbuilding. It’s quite simple: a wood block (the one pictured is 50mm x 50mm x 200mm); two bolts screwed into the center of each end; and a washer and wing nut on each bolt. The lateral supports each have a vertical cleft to accept a bolt. So, you can rotate the block to where you want it to be, then tighten the wing nuts to firmly fix it in place. I traced different grids on each face of the block. The size of the tool works well for 1/144 and 1/72 scale. I usually fix the work to the…