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Firearms News Volume 74, Issue 8

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22 min
hi, my name is thumper. get ready for the hammer!

The Marlin 1895 Dark Series is a new take on an old idea. The old idea is still valid, and the new things Marlin has done, to my mind, just make the original even better. The lever-action rifle is a distinctly American tool. Invented and perfected here, it has not received the love overseas that it has had here for generations. As the gun that won the West (and yes, there are arguments about exactly which one was most responsible, but we’ll not go there now) the lever action rifle was a mainstay of hunters for generations. The main push to change came from the returning Doughboys, who had had exposure to the bolt-action rifle during their sojourn into The Great War. The bolt-action rifle market grew after that, but leverguns held…

3 min
whisper me soft

Bill Wilson and I have had an acquaintance since 1982. We met at the U.S. IPSC Nationals. I spent a lot of time installing his various 1911 parts into pistols back in my competition days, and upgrading various customers who were either competing, or prowling the streets of Detroit. When he decided to expand the line, he went for the items that we all lusted after: high-end 1911s, built complete, AR-15s, pump shotguns, and suppressors. One of those he made for the .458 Socom, and later his own cartridge, the .458 Ham’R. The Socom fires a 300-grain bullet at 1,750 fps, and the Ham’R fires the same 300 at 2,100 fps. When I asked if the .458 Whisper suppressor was up to the task of handling the .45-70, what I got was…

2 min
ammo for the masses

OK, the good old ammo for the .45-70 does pretty much anything you’d want. That is, a 405 or 500 grain lead round-nosed bullet traveling somewhere in the low to upper mach range. A hard-cast 405 flat-point, going the max velocity the case (and your shoulder) can stand, will punch a .458" hole through pretty much anything walking the face of the planet. Even at “sedate” cowboy load velocities, the .45-70 has plenty of punch. I mean, really, do you think there’s a whitetail out there that will shrug off a 405 grain, .458" lead bullet, at just over 1,000 fps, and walk off unconcerned? But if you want expansion, then you can use the Hornady FTX, the FlexTip bullet. This is an all-copper hollowpoint with a flexible tip that solves…

1 min
water to the rescue

Recoil hurts. Recoil decreases fun, accuracy and the service life of your arms and shoulders. But sighting-in is essential. How to do the one without suffering the other? Hydrosled. The next evolution of the lead Sled, the Hydrosled uses water instead of bags of shot or sand. You can fill it at the range, and drain it when you’re done. (My club has water on site, so that works for me.) The front rest is adjustable, so you can dial the rifle around to get the sights on-target. The rear rest is also a buttstock cup, and the sled takes the hit of recoil. All of a sudden, shooting even the big bores is fun again. The empty weight of the Hydrosled is enough that for regular cartridges you don’t have to…

1 min
aimpoint acro (aimpoint.com)

You want a red-dot sight that is small and light. You want something bright. And if you are mounting it on a hard-kicking rifle like a .45-70, you want something durable. Hey, I’ve got an idea: the Aimpoint Acro. The Acro Aimpoint sent is meant to be on a pistol, and pistol slides snap back and forth with more vigor than a rifle recoils. (And be glad of it, too.) They sent an adapter along as well, a quick-mount base that clamps right onto the rail slots of the XS Sight rail the 1895 Dark Series came equipped with. Once on, it was easy to adjust the dot to the groups, with the included adjustment tool. (A torx-head tool that came with the sight.) After that, it was simply a matter of…

12 min
cz’s single shadow single action 2

Being a fan of big semi-autos, of high-capacity 9mms, and single-action-only pistols, I was immediately drawn to the new CZ Shadow 2 SA (Single Action) debuted at the 2020 SHOT Show, which is all of those and more. I obtained a sample for testing as soon as they were available. If the CZ 75 design is something new for you, check out the sidebar on how this workhorse of the Cold War has been tweaked and massaged into a performance thoroughbred, much like the rattle-trap GI .45s of your grandfather’s time have morphed into the custom 1911s of today. The original Shadow 2, introduced a few years ago, just like the original CZ 75, has a DA/SA operating system. This pistol is the single-action-only version of that gun, which means the hammer…