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Firearms News Volume 74, Issue 14

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18 min
the smith & wesson performance center m&p9 shield ez

When it was announced, the Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ was one of those guns that I couldn’t wait to hate. First off, I hated the name — too long. Seriously, say it out loud, it’s thirteen syllables, that’s more than antidisestablishmentarianism. Then, I hated the very idea of it: S&W took one of their most popular and smart guns ever, sized it up to make it less concealable, and then chambered it in a smaller, weaker cartridge. The original Shield was offered in 9mm and .40 S&W, and this new pistol was “only” a .380 ACP. But…then I laid hands on it, and I experienced everything S&W did to make this gun easier to load, clean, shoot, etc. I fell in love with the gun. The only downside to…

17 min
gemtech suppressors

Gemtech started back in 1993, which in the universe of silencers or suppressors, is practically the 19th century. Almost contemporary with Maxim himself. Although Gemtech was founded in 1993, the originators had been working on silencers since the middle 1970s. And that is practically prehistoric as far as technology goes. What do I mean by that? From Maxim’s invention before The Great War, until the 1970s, silencer designs were whatever their inventors thought was good, clever or effective. Some weren’t very effective at all, at least not by modern standards. The old designs, the “classics” if we can call designs almost as archaic as bronze swords, were not good enough for the founders of Gemtech. And so Gem-tech improved, updated, tested, and added modern manufacturing methods to the process of manufacturing…

1 min
dr. phil dater

Phil Dater, Jim Ryan and Greg Latka collaborated and formed Gemtech, with the idea of combining knowledge of suppressor technology, sound design, and manufacturing experience, to make the best silencers possible. Phil, or “Doctor Phil” as some call him, (he is a retired M.D. in Radiology) has for some time taught seminars for those wishing to learn more about suppressors. The seminars were limited to law enforcement and those with a need to know. You know; local and State LE, Federal agents, government bureaus for design or regulation that wished to know more, and the various spy and investigative agencies here in the states. I managed to wangle an invitation to his seminar a few years back, and you can imagine the looks I got, a gun writer, showing up for…

2 min
silencer cleaning

OK, the first rule of shooting silencers; nothing goes through a silencer but a proper bullet. If I see someone trying to run a rod with a brush, or a cleaning patch, down the bore of one of my silencers, they are going to get thumped. First, anything that isn’t permanently attached to a rod can come lose, and lose objects rattling around in your silencer are bad. Real bad. Second, rifle-caliber silencers are self-cleaning. As long as you use jacketed bullets, and you get them smoking hot now and then, they will stay clean. As a demonstration, Phil Dater passed around a 5.56 silencer that had been split down the middle, he then asked us to estimate how many rounds it had seen. I figured it was a trick question…

1 min

Each suppressor from Gemtech comes with a data sheet specific to that model suppressor. It lists important information such as calibers it is rated for, and barrel length limitations. It also has a column for recording maintenance. They used to come with a printed booklet that looked much like a military TM publication. But that was more than most shooters needed, and it was also printed on paper. The new one-sheet info holder is printed on what appears to be Tyvek, a plastic sheet meant for printing that is nearly indestructible. When I worked in the printing trades, Tyvek had an advertising campaign that was a photo of a terrier, with a Tyvek envelope clamped in its jaws, hanging full-weight, with no tearing. That sounds like the kind of performance a Gemtech…

18 min
counter terrorist weapons and their tactical use, part ii

Although the submachine gun retains its uses in counter terrorist operations, the mission has evolved during the War on Terror such that counter terrorism (CT) units are now deployed to carry out rescues or “Kill or Capture” missions in a combat zone where they would be outgunned when armed just with an SMG. Also, the nature of hostage incidents has changed from the use of hostages to negotiate for concessions from a government to active shooter scenarios where the object is to kill as many as possible. A rifle carbine will instantly stop the shooter more effectively. As a result, the rifle caliber carbine, such as the US M4A1 (or specialized versions such as the Mk 18 CQB), German HK G36K, Austrian Steyr AUG, or Russian SR-3 Vikhr have replaced…