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Firearms News Volume 74, Issue 15

If you're serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms then Firearms News is for you. Whether you collect, hunt, target shoot, have personal defense needs or other firearms interest you'll find the largest variety and best prices on all the firearms, accessories and services that you could want or need!

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product showcase

NEW FIREARMS GUIDE 11TH EDITION COMES WITH 15,198 PRINTABLE GUN SCHEMATICS & ANTIQUE AND MODERN GUN MANUALS! Firearms Guide, the largest gun guide, gun values guide, and gun schematics library just published its 11th Edition that offers complete original antique and modern printable gun manuals. “The New Firearms Guide 11th Edition provides over 15,000 printable antique and modern gun manuals, schematics and blueprints. It is the place to go if you are a gunsmith." says Chris Mijic, publisher of Firearms Guide. “If you need original Russian Tula Arms blueprints for complete AK-47, blueprints for 1911 or AR-15, or you need armorer’s manuals for your SIG, Glock, S&W, or just antique manuals for your antique guns then FirearmsGuide.com is your best source. Checking values of modern and antique guns with Firearms Guide is…

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walther ccp m2 .380

There are times and places when you just don’t need a big gun. Well, when you need a gun, you always need a big gun, but sometimes the price of daily packing it is just too much. Here in Michigan, the summers always include several stretches, sometimes a few weeks each, of “90–90” weather. That is, daily max temps over 90 degrees, and always over 90% humidity. (Ok, I know, in Florida that is “A spring day” but those people are crazy.) When even the lightest of lightweight Hawaiian shirts is all you can stand wearing, the smaller the gun, the better able you are to keep it hidden. Then there are people who don’t have the hand strength to handle a big gun, or to work the slide. The first person…

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.380 auto

The .380 Auto is a mild-pressure pistol cartridge that doesn’t really require a locked breech to be handled by a pistol. The original Browning models all used straight blowback designs, and they worked just fine. But, they were all-steel (that was the only way you made pistol back then) and daily carry wasn’t as common as it is today. America was just transitioning to the automobile when the .380 was new in 1908. You could buy a .380 for maybe $12, and an automobile for $800. The price of the pistols edged up over time, but the price of automobiles actually came down, once Henry Ford had pioneered assembly-line production. Auto and truck chassis would be transported down a powered track, and assemblers would bolt on the parts they were assigned…

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.380 auto performance

Despite being depended on for generations now, the .380 Auto has never gotten much love. The basic ballistics of it, a 95- to 100-grain-FMJ-bullet, at something approaching 900 fps at most, don’t exactly instill confidence. The popularity of the round has for a long time been due more to the pistols it could be had in, than the horsepower it generated. The traditional FMJ round nose held on because it was what was used when the round was invented. When we went to JHPs, the first ones didn’t expand, so no change, really. When bullet designs began to actually expand, a problem arose: the work to expand the bullet had to come from somewhere. The end result was decreased penetration. As a result, some law enforcement agencies that allow .380s as back…

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want a walther ccp m2 .380?

Davidson’s offers the GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty which backs all the firearms you buy through GalleryofGuns.com.It works like this: if anything ever goes wrong with any gun you buy with the Davidson’s GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty, it will be replaced. If no replacement is available, it will be repaired at no charge to you. Simply return it to the retailer where you purchased it, pay for the return shipping and upon receipt Davidson’s will ship the returning retailer a brand-new gun for you provided one is available. If a replacement is not available your firearm will be repaired for free. For complete warranty information please refer to the Guaranteed Warranty link found at the home page of GalleryofGuns.com…

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springfield armory hellcat osp

We live in a golden age of daily carry options. Back in the prehistoric era of EDC (aka: Before anyone outside of Arkansas knew the name Clinton) daily carry was only for a few, and they had few options. There was the ever-popular 1911, in the full-sized and anvil-weight Government Model (I carried one until I could find something better, despite the backaches it produced) and only ever seen in .45 ACP. Those with contacts, or lucky enough to score one could opt for a Lightweight Commander, also in .45 ACP. Those two pistols, in .38 Super were also somewhat popular down near the southern border, but the lightweight option was rarely found, indeed scarce, in .38 Super. Then there were revolvers. You could choose a snubbie in .38 Special, five or…