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Firearms News Volume 74, Issue 17

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will ammo background checks be the new law of the land?

California’s ammunition background check law has been a huge flop. It has greatly inconvenienced law-abiding Golden State gun owners, infringed their right to keep and bear arms, and bounced around in the courts over constitutional challenges. Plus, there’s absolutely no proof that it has done anything to reduce crime (which we all knew it would not). One might think the overly restrictive law would be one that continued to plague only California gun owners, and that the law’s ineffectiveness might be confined within that state’s borders. Unfortunately, a disturbing number of attorneys general throughout the nation appear to favor bringing such a law to their home states. As my former long-time associate Cam Edwards recently pointed out over at BearingArms.com, when a lawsuit over the law was being heard a few months…

2 min
gun-banners misfire in sunshine state

A recent attempt by Florida gun-ban advocates to ban so-called “assault weapons” in the Sunshine State through a proposed ballot initiative has been shot down by the state Supreme Court. On June 4, the court ruled that the ban advocates were trying to pass as a ballot initiative was invalid, stating that the initiative, which already had about 175,000 signatures, was both misleading and a violation of state law. Among other concerns, the court stated: “The ballot summary informs voters that registered assault weapons lawfully possessed prior to the Initiative’s effective date are exempt from the scope of the Initiative altogether, which misleads voters to believe that any lawfully possessed assault weapons will continue to remain lawful. However, the Initiative contemplates the eventual criminalization of the possession of assault weapons, even if…

4 min
nfac militia at stone mountain

The photos and videos of a large group of armed black militia all clad in black and wearing field gear, in formation at Stone Mountain, Georgia spread quickly across social media. Armed with a wide variety of AK-type rifles, AR-15 rifles and AR-15 pistols, various shotguns, and .22 rimfires they held a rally, while their leader, The Real Grand Master Jay, gave a call to action. He preached black power, action rather than words, while denigrating whites, and challenged white militias and the 3% movement saying, “Here we are in your house, and where are you?” As they marched off a passing motorist asked who they were. The Real Grand Master Jay replied they were not Black Lives Matter, they were Black Militia of the NFAC (Not F#@king Around Clan)…

17 min
guns of the chaco war

Into the 20th century, much of South America had not yet been well explored and surveyed, especially the interior of the continent, and particularly the Amazon River Basin. Borders were also often contested between multiple nations with claims heavily overlapping. This issue had led to many extremely bloody conflicts between some of the world’s poorest nations. One of these conflicts was the Chaco War of 1932–1935, a war fought between Bolivia and Paraguay, some of the poorest countries in South America at the time. It was fought on the interior of the continent, in the Gran Chaco, nicknamed “The Green Hell,” a predominantly flat, arid, and extremely under-developed region also featuring swamps and jungles. These two nations had both suffered catastrophic losses in their history and weren’t ready to back down…

2 min
clamping down on gun rights in commiefornia

California has one of the strictest so-called “assault weapons” bans on the books, making it extremely difficult for citizens of the Golden State to practice their Second Amendment-protected rights. Yet, anti-gun politicians there still aren’t satisfied, and they’ve now inserted more restrictive gun-ban language into a budget bill that is under consideration. AB 88 is a public safety budget trailer bill that was recently amended in the state Senate, including an amendment that would expand the definition of an “assault weapon” under California’s Assault Weapons Control Act. If the bill were to pass, the state will force residents to register even more of their firearms as “assault weapons” or face steep penalties. New language states: “This bill would expand the definition of ‘assault weapon’ to include a semi-automatic firearm that is not…

17 min
springfield armory’s new ronin 9mm commander

Stand by as I commit blasphemy—I am going to start a review of one product by mentioning not just a completely different product, but one made by a direct competitor, something you’re never supposed to do. However, we can’t honestly talk about the modern 1911 market, or the new retroish Springfield Armory Ronin Operator, without mentioning what Kimber did in the 1990s: In the factory 1911 market of the 1990s, in the minds of the average Joe, there was Colt, and there was everyone else. In truth, Colt was coasting along on name recognition alone, having done little to update its 1911s in decades. It was also pretty much ignoring the commerical market while it focused on its military contracts, making a few anti-gun missteps to appease the Clinton administration along…