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Firearms News Volume 74, Issue 22

If you're serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms then Firearms News is for you. Whether you collect, hunt, target shoot, have personal defense needs or other firearms interest you'll find the largest variety and best prices on all the firearms, accessories and services that you could want or need!

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the springfield armory xd-m elite 3.8" compact

For a number of years, if you wanted a reliable, polymer-framed striker-fired 9mm pistol in the United States, your only real choice was one of the “Big 3”— a Glock, a Smith & Wesson M&P, or a Springfield Armory XD. The universe of these pistols has of course expanded (just about every company which makes a pistol now makes one which meets that general description), but the number of models from the Big 3 has expanded as well. Springfield Armory is no different. They offer more versions of the XD than some companies make guns, period. There is the original XD series, the enhanced XD-M models, the compact XD-S, and the newer XD-E. These are polymer-framed pistols, and all but the XD-E are striker-fired guns (the XD-E has an external hammer).…

1 min
want a springfield armory xd-m elite 3.8" compact?

Check out Davidson’s Gallery of Guns at GalleryOfGuns.com! Davidson’s offers the GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty which backs all the firearms you buy through GalleryofGuns.com. It works like this: if anything ever goes wrong with any gun you buy with the Davidson’s GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty, it will be replaced. If no replacement is available, it will be repaired at no charge to you. Simply return it to the retailer where you purchased it, pay for the return shipping and upon receipt Davidson’s will ship the returning retailer a brand-new gun for you provided one is available. If a replacement is not available your firearm will be repaired for free. For complete warranty information please refer to the Guaranteed Warranty link found at the home page of GalleryofGuns.com…

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springfield armory xd-m elite 3.8" compact

Type: Striker-fired semi-auto Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 14+1 Barrel Length: 3.8" Overall Length: 6.75" Height: 5.0" (with magazine inserted) Width: 1.32 Weight: 27.6 ounces (unloaded, with magazine) Slide Material: Carbon steel with Melonite coating Frame Material: Polymer Safeties: Trigger lever, internal drop, grip safety Sights: Red fiber optic front, white outline notch rear Trigger: 5.5 lbs. (as tested) Accessories: 2 14-round mags, 3 backstraps, cable lock, case MSRP: $559.00 Contact: (800) 680-6866, Springfield-Armory.com…

12 min
sig, gemtech, and the ultimate convertible suppressed handgun system

007 subconsciously straightened his lapels as he approached the con cierge desk at the Alchymist Grand Hotel in Prague. The concierge was petite, dis tracted, and gorgeous, her focus for the moment on her computer screen. Bond acquired her attention and smiled. The woman responded with the tiniest involuntary shiver. The man’s smile, when wielded against the proper target, could be deadlier than his old Walther. “There should be a parcel,” the man said warmly. “The name’s Bond, James Bond.” The girl responded with a warm smile of her own, jotted a quick note, and fished out an expensive custom Pineider attache case from underneath the counter. Bond took the case and thanked the young lady, slipping her a 100 koruna note for her trouble. As he strolled across the expansive lobby…

1 min
hot threads for the p365 xl from true precision

True Precision makes the threaded barrel for our little SIG carry gun. Broach cut 6-groove 1/10 left-hand rifling accommodates everything from high-end defensive rounds to cast lead blasting bullets. An improved, widened feed ramp ensures reliable function with serious social rounds, and additional chamfers and radius cuts offer an enhanced fit over an OEM barrel. True Precision produces a wide variety of threaded barrels along with custom slides and unique titanium backplates. Their products are all designed to make cool guns cooler. The Glock 43 and SIG P365 are their specialties. True Precision offers their barrels in fifteen different finishes, and the general architecture looks frankly awesome. If you can’t find the barrel you want from these guys you are just being too picky. True Precision barrels are designed and made in…

1 min
threaded m17 tubes — griffin armament

You’ll need threaded barrels for each handgun. One of the reasons I chose these two pistols for this particular project is the ready availability of reasonably-priced threaded barrels. The threaded tube for the M17 comes from Griffin Armament. Griffin Armament offers drop-in replacement barrels for a variety of popular combat handguns. Their performance is match-grade and execution is top-flight throughout. The new barrel drops right in place with one caveat. The barrel I got was not cut to accommodate the loaded chamber indicator. I just pushed out the pin and removed this component, and the barrel fit right in without a fuss. By the time you read these words these Griffin Armament barrels should have the cutout included. If not, it would take maybe five minutes’ worth of careful work with a…