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Firearms News Volume 75, Issue 3

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19 min.
walther meister

Mozart aside, it is hubris to expect or announce perfection as a first product. Perfect has to be approached step-by-step, and sometimes, often, not reached. Sort of like Zeno’s paradox. I first tested, and failed to break, the Walther PPQ back in 2011. At the time, I told readers and Walther that the dual-paddle magazine release just wasn’t going to get a warm reception in America. And that if Walther made it with a regular magazine button, and sent me one to test, they’d never get it back. Well, they did that two years later, and the sample M2 they sent is still here at Gun Abuse Central. A year later they introduced the PPQ Sport, with a five-inch barrel and slide, for those who wanted to have Walther performance in…

1 min.
zeno’s paradox

The essence of one of them (He came up with ten or a dozen) is this: if you are going to go from point A to point B, and each step is halfway there, you need an infinite number of steps to get from A to B. One half, one quarter, one eighth, you get the idea. So, logically, we cannot get from A to B. No, Zeno was not stupid, he knew you could, he was pointing out the problems with an absolute logical system and illogical premises. The answer to Zeno’s Paradox, from the Engineering point of view is simple: you soon get close enough that it doesn’t make any practical difference. The mathematicians have a two-word answer: The Calculus. Logic has to be tempered with common sense and…

13 min.
the hk416

Never underestimate the simply breathtaking power of random. At just past 0100 on May 2, 2011, about two dozen exquisitely-trained US Navy SEALs assaulted Osama bin Laden’s covert compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A decade after the horrendous Al Qaeda attacks on 9/11, these members of the US Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) stood ready to kill the most hunted man in the world. Operation Neptune Spear was the culmination of a decade’s worth of frenetic intelligence work. Clearing hostile structures is one of the most dangerous missions any modern combat unit might perform. Military formations like DEVGRU and the US Army’s Delta Force have raised it to an art form. These tooled-up operators move through a structure with a ballerina’s grace, killing or capturing Bad Guys while securing vital intelligence…

2 min.
black hills ammunition mk 262 mod 1-c

Back in the 1990’s the US Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) needed a heavy .223 round that would extend the range of the M16 rifle out to 600 meters and beyond. The AMU represents the most talented and well-resourced shooters on the planet. Black Hills Ammunition answered this call by loading a standard .223 case with a heavy 80-grain bullet. The AMU was apparently just giddy with the results. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, is the weapons development skunk works for the US Navy SEALs. In 1999 they collaborated with Black Hills to develop a similar round for use in their Mk12 Special Purpose Rifles. After a lot of trial and error they settled upon the 77gr Sierra MatchKing Open-Tipped Match bullet. Black Hills talked Sierra into fitting their OTM…

2 min.
the eotech exps3 holosight

Though the Holosight has been around for some time I still have no idea how that thing does what it does. Like most folks of a certain age, I have presbyopia. This means my vision at a distance is sharp and clear, but my near vision is fairly sucky. That’s the reason guys like me wander about with a pair of reading glasses plastered to our heads. Some say that is a badge of experience. I view it more like an omnipresent reminder of my own fleeting mortality. The physiological motivations behind this ubiquitous malady are tedious. Suffice it to say that your lens loses some of its elasticity and, along with it, its capacity to accommodate for varying focal lengths. The practical ramification for me is that I can no…

23 min.
the history of sound suppressors in the ussr and russia

Soviet ‘Spetsnaz’ (Special Forces) played a key role in the Soviet military doctrine of the Cold War era. Various Spetsnaz units, responsible for reconnaissance and diversionary work behind enemy lines and other special operations were formed at many levels, both within Army and Navy. Some most the elite units reported directly to GRU, the General Intelligence Department of General Staff, Soviet Army. Suppressed weapons formed an important part of Spetsnaz equipment, and GRU and GAU (General Artillery Department) both paid special attention to the development of such weapons. During the Great Patriotic War, Soviet units that operated behind enemy lines successfully used suppressed Nagant revolvers and Mosin M1891/30 rifles, fitted with Bramit clip-on sound suppressors. Another user of suppressed weapons was the almighty KGB, the Committee for State Security, which…