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Firearms News Volume 75, Issue 5

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If you're serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms then Firearms News is for you. Whether you collect, hunt, target shoot, have personal defense needs or other firearms interest you'll find the largest variety and best prices on all the firearms, accessories and services that you could want or need!

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product showcase

THE NEW DESPERADO 12-GAUGE DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOTGUN PISTOL! The Desperado gives you an extra two inches of barrel over the six-inch Diablo model for extended range and tighter shot patterns! Check out these features: Barrel Length: 8" Length hand polished Blued Barrel Type: Break open-break action Double Barrel Side-by-side, smooth-bore Overall Length: 12" Caliber: 12 Gauge – Conventional 209 Primer Breech Plug Design BP muzzleloader, suggested load 40gr ffg, 1/2 oz shot (also available in 20 gauge) Finish: Polished Blued Weight: 4 Lbs. Type: Single Hammer, Double Barrel, Single Trigger, 209 Primer Ignition ML Stock: Black finish rubber hand guard and large 3 finger rubber Grip Sight Bead: Sight bead installed Price: $639.00 No license or FFL required, order direct. For more information please visit: AmericanGunCraft.com or call (612) 716-2597 AMERICAN TACTICAL, INC. OFFERS UPDATED SCHMEISSER S60 MAGAZINE WITH WINDOW American Tactical, Inc.in partnership with German…

31 min.
a year and rifle to remember: the springfield 2020 waypoint and an alaskan hunt!

Did you ever have a one or two week run of bad luck that reminded you of an extremely cliché and played-out country song? You know the ballad I’m talking about…the one where you get laid off from your job, your spouse leaves you for your best friend, your dog dies, and you run your pickup truck right off the ding-dong-danged interstate? Short or tall, rich or poor, 9mm aficionado or .45 ACP fan (or for the purpose of this article, 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5 PRC) we have all been there at some time in our lives. Now take the above laundry list of misery, stretch it out to a year-long debacle, and augment it with a contentious, uncivil presidential/congressional election and the endless deluge of “nails on a chalkboard” political…

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gear that will get you through!

The 2020 Waypoint project would not be complete without a brief rundown on the clothing and gear that protected us and our equipment in the harsh, early-winter climate of Afognak Island. The Alaska-tough gear that worked during this and other previous hunts included: • Outer Rain Shell: Sitka Gear ‘Stormfront’ Jacket • Insulation/Mid Layer: Sitka Gear ‘Kelvin Lite Down’ Jacket • Hunting Pants: Fjallraven ‘Keb’ Gaiter Trousers (also great for mountain hunting) • Boots: Rocky Arctic Bear Claw (Gore-Tex/1400 grams Thinsulate) • Back Pack: The Eberlestock ‘J34 Just One’ The Sitka Gear jackets my hunting partners and I have utilized on multiple expeditions in Alaska and elsewhere have made the difference between comfortable, dry hunts or miserable, potentially dangerous ones. Fjallraven, in my experience, makes some of the best hunting pants in the world, whether for…

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springfield armory 2020 waypoint rifle

Caliber: 6.5 PRC (also available in .308 Winchester, 6mm Creedmoor, and 6.5 Creedmoor) Model #: BAW92465PRCCFGA Stock: Adjustable with Carbon Fiber/ Custom Evergreen Camo Pattern; Hybrid Profile; M-Lok® Barrel: Free-floated BSF 24" Carbon Fiber, 1:8, Mil-Spec Green Cerakote; H-264 Receiver: Model 2020 Stainless Steel, Mil-Spec Green Cerakote® H-264 Optics Mount: Picatinny Mount, Rem 700 SA Pattern Bolt: Fluted 4140 Tool Steel/Nitride Trigger: TriggerTech Adjustable, 2.5 – 5 lbs. Muzzle Device: SA Radial Brake, 5/8-24 threading Magazine: 3-round detachable Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz. Length: 43.5” MSRP: $2,399 (as tested), $1,699 (with fluted 416 stainless steel barrel) Contact: Springfield Armory, Springfield-Armory.com, (800) 680-6866…

15 min.
400 to 800 yards

When Firearms News first learned of Springfield Armory’s entrance into the bolt-gun hunting rifle market we carefully considered how we should cover it. Rather than a traditional review, our editor Vince DeNiro decided on an exciting two-prong approach. One Springfield Armory Model 2020 Waypoint rifle would go to Rikk Rambo in Alaska and another to me here in Kansas. Rikk would take his Waypoint and head off into the Alaskan wilds after Sitka black-tailed deer and spin his version of War and Peace about the adventure. His rifle would have to endure everything the “Last Frontier” could throw at it. The Waypoint rifle I received would be put to work on the range to check its practical accuracy, and I’d supply a concise look at the rifle, its 6.5mm PRC…

3 min.
revolution targets’ resetting steel targets

Revolution Targets is a relatively new name in the target world, but they are not new to the firearms industry. They are a subsidiary of Pendleton Safes and Revolution Safes. Revolution Targets has an economical line of resetting steel targets specifically designed with the precision rifleman in mind. Their Compact Precision Rifle Targets consist of 2-, 3-, and 4-inch steel plates on a simple drive-in metal stake. Light and easy to carry and store, you simply drive it into the ground and shoot. Due to their design, they automatically reset. They are available in a single and dual plate design with either a vertical or horizontal configuration. Place them at 100 yards and you can practice your precision shooting and never have to walk down-range to reset a target. They…