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Firearms News Volume 75, Issue 6

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If you're serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms then Firearms News is for you. Whether you collect, hunt, target shoot, have personal defense needs or other firearms interest you'll find the largest variety and best prices on all the firearms, accessories and services that you could want or need!

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fn 509 ls edge

God, I love this country. I know I’ve said it before, but I mean it. Where else can we do the things we do, own the things we want, without a “Ministry of Need” telling us, like some grim stepmother “You don’t need that.” If we want something, and the market is large enough, or profitable enough, there will be several to dozens of competitors who spring up to satisfy our desires. The downside is that once the market gets a big dog, a dominant provider, then quality products might get overlooked. Well, not by us here at Firearms News. FN has been working on, and improving, their pistols for a couple of decades now. Well, let me amend that. They’ve been improving their pistols since 1900, which is when John…

1 min.
fn in the 21st

The beginning of the journey there was the FNP, a polymer framed pistol that used an external hammer, a traditional double action. I liked the one they sent me to write up so much, back in 2006, that I told them they were not going to get it back. FN upgraded the model to the FNX in 2009, and that lasted until 2011, when they modified it again, to be the FNS, the striker-fired version of the same pistol. The FNS stayed in the lineup until after the MHS trials, when the FNS was replaced by its successor, a much-improved design called the 509. Part of the change to the 509 also involved dropping the .40 as a caliber option. Since the 40-caliber pistol round is now apparently as dead…

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reduce recoil?

How does a longer barrel reduce felt recoil? After all, you still have to make Minor, right? Simple: your Power Factor is the measure of the bullet velocity and weight. But your felt recoil also includes the powder. Let’s take a standard competition load, one I have some experience with. Load a 125-grain coated bullet over 4.2 grains of Bullseye. That gets you some 1045 fps out of a 4" barrel. Gas jetting out of the muzzle acts just like a rocket nozzle. So, for the felt recoil, add 4.2 grains of powder exiting at 4,000 fps. Your 130 PF load, as measured for score, generates a felt recoil of 147.4. So, if your five-inch barrel can generate the same 1,045 fps, but does so only using 3.8 grains of…

1 min.

My assignment was to test the LS Edge with the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. The DP Pro has a 2.5 MOA dot (you can get one with a 6 MOA dot), and when you set the dot intensity to medium, it has a thousand-hour runtime. Crank it up to max, and it is 300 hours, and dial it down to Low and you get 1,600 hours of red-dot goodness. It comes with installation wrench and bolts, so you can secure it to whatever base you are putting your DP Pro onto.…

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some is good, more is better.

If the prospect of 17 rounds per magazine isn’t enough, then Taylor Freelance has an option. They make extra-capacity magazine baseplates, and for the 509 you can get their HK P30 “Border Special” +5 baseplates. They come with an extended spring, and boost your 509 magazines for the LS Edge up to 22 rounds per tube. Yowza! You can have them in black, tan, or solid brass if you just have to have the bling. If you just have to have something else, then for an extra five bucks you can special-order yours in the Cerakote color of your choice. Well, whatever Cerakote makes, that is. Hot pink? Purple? Neon blue? Knock yourself out, no-one will steal those magazines. As a carry-gun option, I have to ask if it isn’t too…

20 min.
the hk mp5 submachine gun series

Lance Corporal Rusty Firmin knelt in front of the heavy closed door, his SAS mates stacked tightly behind him. The nearest grasped a frame charge, a white pine framework covered with carefully-arranged plastic explosive charges used to breach doors and walls. Firmin’s respirator rested atop his head, and he was festooned with the tools of his peculiar trade. He chewed gum as a distraction. Though he was draped appropriately in the righteousness of Queen and flag, Firmin was a professional killer pure and simple. LCPL Firmin had been in this spot a couple of times in the previous week. He and his fellow operators from B Squadron of the 22d SAS were Margaret Thatcher’s final option. Over the previous several days they had staged out of the Royal College of Surgeons…