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Firearms News Volume 75, Issue 8

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14 min.
springfield hellcat hex rdp

I think I’ve said this before, but it just keeps popping into my head; Springfield just won’t quit. They seem bound and determined to make everything perfect, the best, and so desirable that you have to have one. The latest example: the Hellcat RDP with Hex Wasp red-dot. The Hellcat should be familiar to all Firearms News readers, but I have heard from the boss that there have been a bunch of new readers (and certainly, given the situation, a slew of new gun owners) so that a brief recap of its excellent-ness is warranted. There may be a bunch of not-new shooters who haven’t gotten themselves up to speed on a pistol that has only been out for just a bit more than a year. So, let’s jump in. The Hellcat…

1 min.
dot size

Back in the early days, the idea that we could have a red dot that was as small as a 3.5 MOA would have been wondrous. A “small” dot back then was more like 4 MOA. Some few could be had for smaller dots, but that was pretty much it. The real hard-chargers who wanted smaller paid a wizard to crack open their red-dot housing and change it to a smaller dot. Early in the process of learning dots, I had the mask in my Open gun’s optic fall off. My 4 MOA dot suddenly became a 16 MOA dot. On close-in targets I was a holy terror. Past 25 yards I was really sweating shots, as the dot covered much of the target. I had to learn power-dialing to adjust,…

1 min.
how brakes work

The mechanics are simple in concept, and fiendishly complex to model. The hot gases exit the muzzle of your pistol at something like 4,000 fps, rifles with even more speed. By having the jet of gases crash into the front interior face of the brake (or comp, if you will, from “compensator”) those gases jolt the pistol forward a small amount, taking the edge off of recoil. The port on top re-directs some of the gases vertically, and it acts exactly like a rocket nozzle, adding to the recoil dampening by combating muzzle rise. However, this is all complicated by timing. You see, recoil begins the moment the bullet starts to move. That’s the law, Newton’s in this case, and no lawyer will be able to help you here. So,…

14 min.
archon type b 9mm pistol why didn’t i think of that?

Generally speaking, the firearms industry has been coasting on Browning and Mauser for over a century. Oh, there have been rifle advances since Mauser, like the AR-15 and the FAL. But your basic turnbolt rifle is just a fiddling around the edges of the Mauser design. (Don’t get me started on the Kalashnikov.) Pistols are even worse. Except for the polymer frames, and recently, the internal chassis (both significant, but not hugely divergent) pistols today don’t do anything Browning would have given a second glance at. They are all tilt-barrel, magazine-fed, barrel-inside-of-a-slide designs. Striker-fired? Puleez. One could argue that the Roth-Steyr 1907 was the first striker fired pistol, but then you have to look at the Browning-design FN1900. Not only did Browning use a striker, but he used the recoil…

1 min.
too much is not enough

If “only” fifteen rounds per magazine seems a bit light to you, well, Taylor Freelance has your back. They make magazine extension base-plates, and they can send you +5 baseplates for your Type B. You get a choice of color, black blue or red, and that brings your capacity up to 20 rounds each. TF found that the ones they make for the CZ-75 work like champs, and in the ’75 they remain within the 140mm magazine length for Limited Division competition. If you are using the Type B as a carry gun, and you want to be prepared, then you holster yours with a regular factory mag, and have a pair of +5 Taylor Freelance mags as reloads. That gets you 56 rounds of 9mm. Really, if you need more…

1 min.
how much accuracy?

How much is enough? We writers are expected to shoot groups, and report on the accuracy we demonstrate. We, like the rest of you, have good days and bad. On a good day I can shoot pretty much up to the limits of what a pistol can do. On a bad day anything I shoot will look average at best. What I look for is simple: can I, with the ammo available, shooting over sandbags or a rest, shoot a group no wider than the apparent width of the front sight? For most pistols, that translates to a four-inch group at twenty-five yards. When I started shooting, it was a rare non-Bullseye pistol that could do that. By the time I began writing, it was far more common. Now, I’d…