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Firearms News Volume 75, Issue 9

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product showcase

NEW FROM PENDLETON SAFES: THE ROOK The Rook incorporates all Pendleton Safe renowned features in a smaller footprint safe. As with all Pendleton Safes, The Rook features a patented one-of-a-kind valuables management system which allows for fast and easy guns and valuables access. The circular design allows the user to view his entire collection of guns and valuables upon opening the door, reach each gun at the spin of the turret or touch of a button, and organize the collection with every gun and valuable in a designated place. The Rook features 400 LED lights and an option for a bright white interior for an extremely well-lit safe. The Rook features a built-in moisture control system complete with a green light that notifies it is working correctly. As with all Pendleton Safes, The…

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hk sp5

The year was 1956, and the West German Army had a problem They did not have a suitable rifle to arm their troops with Oh, they had ware houses of rifles on hand (Well, there were warehouses in Germany full of them) stuffed with Mauser 98K rifles, but no one was fighting wars with bolt guns any more. They could use M1 Garands, of which there were plenty, but the US army had just pulled the rug out from all their NATO allies, and insisted on adopt ing the M14 for themselves, and its 308 cartridge with it And at the same time also forcing NATO to adopt the 308 Winchester cartridge instead of the medium bore alternatives they had been working on Adopt the M14? That might have been…

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how it works

The roller-lock system isn’t really, a locked-breech design. If we want to be pedantic (and you should be, every now and then, just to keep in practice), it is a roller-delayed blowback design. When the bolt crashes home, the bolt head holds the round in place, and the extractor latches onto the case rim. The rear portion of the bolt assembly, by way of the cocking piece, cams the rollers into recesses in the barrel extension. When fired, the case thrust from the chamber pressure is borne by the rollers. The load forces the rollers to cam out of those recesses. The rate at which they cam out is controlled by the angle of the shoulders of the cocking piece. Once the rollers have been cammed clear, the remaining case…

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why the flutes?

The flutes are an outgrowth of the original G3, and there for the same reason. Rifles that have a bolt that turns have what is known as “primary extraction.” The act of the bolt turning breaks the fired case free of the chamber walls, to one degree or another. This makes extraction easier. The roller-lock system does not have primary extraction. The bolt moves straight back. With a 9mm that might not be a big deal. But with the G3 and .308, it was. So, the chamber was made with flutes in it. Each flute allowed a small amount of gas to escape back (once the bullet has left the case mouth) and “float” the case off of the chamber walls. Those are the source of the black scorch marks…

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When the FBI went to the 10mm, or were going to, anyway, they had a real problem: the cocking piece. Remember, the angle of the cocking piece determines the leverage of the rollers unlocking. I had a chance to shoot a real-deal FBI 10mm SMG, and we had a hell of a time rebuilding the bolt assembly. We had to swap from one cocking piece to another (they were made with different angles, for this exact purpose) to ensure we had the correct timing for the ammo we were using. If we had the 40SW 10mm ammo equivalent cocking piece in, and fed it full-house 10mm ammo, the empties would disappear over the berm and into the next zip code. If we had the full-house cocking piece in and fed…

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why the differences?

I view the G3, and the HK firearms derived from it as the apex of lessons of combat on the Eastern Front. Fighting the Soviets, the Germans had many problems to contend with, and the G3 solves most. Those carry over to the 9mm, in this case the SP5. The vigorous recoil (the G3 is notorious for hammering the shooter) is meant to ensure absolute reliable extraction and ejection. The lack of a hold-open means fewer parts, and fewer points of ingress for dust and mud. The heavy trigger means loaded firearms can be rough-handled and minimize the risk of ADs. And since the trigger is so heavy, the un-ergonomic safety/selector is a non-issue. The complex sight adjustment for zero means the end-users can’t fiddle with the sights and get…