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Firearms News Volume 75, Issue 13

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15 min
the bushmaster arm pistol

I innocently strolled into the local shopping mall late on a Friday afternoon in August of 1984. It had been a brutal first week as a freshman Mechanical Engineering student, and I thought taking my girlfriend out for dinner and a movie would be just the ticket to lift our spirits and recharge our batteries. Corn Dog 7 did dinner. I still remember that their french fries were simply divine. The movie was some new action flick called Red Dawn. I knew nothing more about the movie than what I could glean from the poster outside the theater. I had no inkling the extraordinary experience that awaited me therein. Red Dawn was the world’s first PG13 movie. Crafted by John Milius, a token red-blooded patriotic conservative amidst an industry awash with pinko…

1 min
a 5.56 jet pilot weapon: then and now

The Arm Pistol originated with the USAF IMP-221 Individual Multi-Purpose weapon designated the GUU-4/P. The GUU-4/P was a compact selective fire weapon intended to arm USAF jet pilots and air crews for use in survival situations. Those early guns were developed at Eglin Air Force Base and chambered in .221 Fireball. Our Vietnam experience was still fresh in the American consciousness, and images of US airmen released after years of North Vietnamese captivity had scarred the nation. Flocks of B52’s and swarms of strike fighters on deep penetration missions over enemy territory all but guaranteed that aircrews would need to escape and evade. The IMP-221 was designed to give those beleaguered American flight crews a scant tactical edge while waiting for the cavalry to come roaring over the horizon. Though the GUU-4/p…

17 min
ltc robert k. brown’s holloway arms hac-7

The HAC-7 is a little known but revolutionary 1980’s-era 7.62x51mm battle rifle. Produced for less than two years, the HAC-7 incorporated features from the FN FAL, the AR15, and the AK47. A mere 300 or so copies were ever sold. The HAC-7 was the brainchild of one Major Bob Holloway. A Vietnam veteran-turned-mercenary who also fought in Rhodesia against the communists, Holloway set out to produce the ideal Infantry combat arm based upon his combat experiences in Vietnam and Rhodesia. To appreciate the HAC-7, however, we need also understand the fertile ground from whence it sprang. LTC Robert K. Brown is a decorated former Special Forces officer with extensive combat experience in Southeast Asia. An undeniably larger-than-life character, LTC Brown maintained contacts with soldiers of all stripes fighting for the cause of…

12 min
the calico m900 & m951

Trevor Bain had been fighting the machines since he was a teenager. First captured at age six, he lost both his parents in the camps. The identification code burned into his left forearm served as a constant reminder of his consuming hatred for SkyNet and the digital darkness from which it spawned. Killing Terminators was the reason he drew breath. The destruction of SkyNet was a goal he felt worthy of his life. The image of the corpses of his fellows spent upon the wire as he escaped the camps at age 12 was a burden from which he would never be free. Now, however, he was a warrior — a soldier in TechCom. His mission was to take the fight to the soul-less mechanical enemy. This night the machines spread…

14 min
the swd m11/9

Miami Vice ran for five seasons starting in 1984. Brandon Tartikoff, the head of NBC’s Entertainment Division, purportedly birthed the series with a terse brainstorming memo that simply read, “MTV Cops.” The end result was five full years of classic 1980’s shlockiness. Each week Phillip Michael Thomas and Don Johnson played Rico Tubbs and Sonny Crockett, jaded Miami vice cops out waging the Drug War and busting Bad Guys. Along the way they rocked some seriously cool hardware. Crockett actually began the show in a replica Ferrari Daytona Spyder 365 GTS/4. As the series gained a proper following the good folks at Ferrari grew weary of all the publicity going to a kit car built on a Corvette chassis. They therefore gifted the producers with a pair of brand new black…

10 min
the johnson 5.7 spitfire carbine

In response to Army Ordnance interest in smaller and higher velocity projectiles in the early 1960s, Melvin Johnson conceived the brilliant idea of converting the M1 carbine into just such a weapon. By simply relining or re-barreling existing .30 caliber carbines to use the .30 carbine case necked down to .224, he turned the carbine into a weapon that optimized the new concept. The 5.7 Spitfire was loaded with 11½ grains of Dupont IMR 4227 powder and a 40-grain Sisk, or Speer, bullet. This gave 3,000 FPS, although it was advertised as 2,800 FPS to be on the safe side. Pressure was 36,000 PSI, the same as the .30 carbine. The 5.7 Spitfire cartridge is almost as powerful as the 5.56 NATO but weighs less and has less recoil. The…