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Florida Sport Fishing March/April 2020

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The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

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money fish

WHEN YOU THINK OF SPORT FISHING, confronting choppy waters in the highly competitive pursuit of Atlantic sailfish and patiently poling serene Florida Keys flats in search of prehistoric tarpon both come to mind. However, the reality is that more fishermen spend their free time targeting largemouth bass than all other game fish species combined. The numbers are staggering, with anglers across the nation committing more than 170 million fishing days a year and investing over $60 billion in pursuit of America’s most popular game fish. Enthusiasts from around the world travel to Florida for an opportunity to tangle with the official state fish and countries as far away as Japan stock largemouth bass to generate fishing excitement. From an insider’s perspective it all makes sense. Bass fishing is an affordable and highly…

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second string

WHEN I LIVED OUT WEST the patterns we used to catch trout mimicked the hatch of various insects. Since moving to Florida and learning to fish in saltwater I question how long to try a specific lure. When I’m convinced it’s time to switch do I change color first or select something entirely different in shape and size? - Wes Swaffar There are many reasons why you might be inclined to change your lure but the most glaring is that your hook has a rolled tip or is starting to straighten. This is clear proof that the shape and color is effective. The question arises when a hungry predator attempts to engulf a lure and fails to connect, or you’ve been casting for an hour without any response whatsoever. Knowledge of…

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sound advice

ALTHOUGH THERE ARE COUNTLESS forage species available to Florida anglers, and numerous different baits effective across a wide array of venues, croaker are particularly rewarding to anglers in the know. Aptly named due to the grunting sound produced by vibrating their inflated swim bladder, the Atlantic croaker is somewhat of a novelty bait held to a high esteem much like the fabled mojarra. A small statured species of significant interest, Atlantic croaker landings in 2018 accounted for an estimated 6.5 million pounds—57% commercial and 43% recreational. At the peak of their growth potential croaker are popular table fare. However, if you’ve ever been privileged to fish with the loudest of all drum, then you are well aware of their seemingly unfair advantage. In fact, in 2003 Texas legislation was entertaining a…

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super eight

AS DEVELOPMENTS IN TACKLE DESIGN forge on, anglers really do have an unfair advantage. However, it’s still the connections we create in monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid that impact the outcome of any clash. Applying the appropriate knots is a fundamental skill that tournament winning inshore anglers specialize in, and it’s a competency that continues to evolve with every learned experience. The worst feeling any angler can experience is losing a quality fish due to some sort of tackle failure that could have potentially been avoided. To be more specific, the knots you tie are critical to success in any venue. Even if your knot doesn’t fail immediately, a bad connection can reduce the overall breaking strength. Florida’s inshore waters offer anglers countless opportunities to successfully pursue a bevy of prized game fish.…

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grip it and rip it

REGARDLESS IF IT’S TO SKIP A BAIT deep beneath rusted roots where snook and redfish roam or give sufficient lead to a school of rolling tarpon, spinning reels can be extremely accurate. While baitcasters necessitate an educated thumb to deliver precise presentations, fixed spool spinning reels demand disciplined digits yielding accurate and arching trajectories with delicate landings. Novice or experienced, most anglers realize that casting faults are self-inflicted. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or last cast of the day, you must always visualize exactly where you want the bait or lure to land. Even when you are blind casting choose a piece of grass, pothole or bit of foam on the surface and try to hit it. Your undivided attention is key but there are additional elements and circumstances…

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gear guide

St. Croix Legend Surf For Florida pompano fishermen, this 12-foot spinning rod is one of the best available options. What sets this two-piece rod apart from the competition is the medium heavy power and moderate fast action with Integrated Poly Curve tooling technology lending continuous tapers. Slim profile ferrules, Fuji K-Series guides and sleek neoprene handles further enhance the appeal of the stylish Belize blue blank. SCIV graphite blank 15-year warranty stcroixrods.com $650.00 ShuttleSlide SS-9-HD With a simple design that has earned its reputation for dependable performance in both fresh and saltwater environments, ShuttleSlide’s heavy duty quick release mount effortlessly retracts past your boat’s rub rail, eliminating typical trolling motor overhang and providing protection during launching, loading and docking. Three standard mounts extend 7- to 9-inches, with custom carriages accommodating up to 27-inches of travel. 15” x 3.5” Lifetime…