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Florida Sport Fishing July/August 2020

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the x factor

THROUGHOUT THE LAST DECADE hosting Florida Sport Fishing TV, I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of victory and defeat. Many of the triumphs and failures will both thrill and haunt me forever. I’ve had some extra time to reflect over recent months and have been evaluating what particular factors consistently lead to success on the water Understand what I’m about to disclose isn’t a brilliant revelation that will take you from zero to hero in a single cast, but it is a fundamental that I guarantee will improve your success ratio. The lesson is simple, and it comes down to fishing the seasons. While many species can be encountered year-round, there are mechanisms of seasonal behavior that you must be familiar with. Even though your favorite target may be snook, you…

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paid to play

I’VE BEEN FISHING MY ENTIRE LIFE and after years at a traditional office job it’s time for a career change. I know that competition is stiff and it can be challenging to stay afloat, but life is short and I belong on the water. What licenses and permits are needed to start a charter fishing business in Florida? — Jeff Soole Guiding is a fantastic and fulfilling profession, but it’s not as easy or stress free as one would think. It is a tough business and you should not expect to get rich quick doing it. Hurricanes, quarantines, recessions, equipment breakdowns, the occasional no-show client and many other uncertainties can all play havoc with your cash flow. Regardless of the difficulties you might encounter starting your own business, the legal requirements…

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lost in translation

ACROSS FLORIDA’S CHARMING COASTAL communities, certain species of forage and predator fish have garnered obscure localized appellations. Along the Gulf Coast, scaled sardines are customarily described as whitebait. High in demand and otherwise labeled pilchard, whitebait pleases every piscatorial palate and is seasonally prevalent along beaches, bridges, piers, passes and grass flats. Scientifically known as Harengula jaguana and often coined razor belly in the Keys island chain, Gulf whitebait arrives in the spring and sticks around until late fall when cooler temps send them scurrying for more comfortable conditions. Whether you are fishing in Florida Bay or Charlotte Harbor, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for diving birds. Brown pelicans in particular, whether diving or sitting on the surface, are great at revealing the location of schooling forage species across…

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pipe dreams

SUITABLY NAMED FOR THE TYPE of bait they reserve, tuna tubes are common in the cockpits of seafaring sportfish yachts where live baiting blue marlin is a common tactic. The ingenious device was developed years ago in the Pacific Ocean where adept crews in search of the world’s biggest billfish would catch juvenile tuna near-shore and transport the oversized baits to more prominent areas of life. The ability to keep large baitfish alive for extended periods of time provided offshore anglers with an irresistible weapon in their arsenal. Nearly impossible to maintain in a standard round or oval baitwell, ram breathers like juvenile bonito, blackfin and yellowfin tuna remain key ingredients in countless billfish encounters worldwide. Keeping these precious baits alive for extended periods requires a vertical tube with a steady…

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learning the ropes

OUTRIGGERS ARE GRAVELY IMPORTANT to successful trolling pursuits and they’ve certainly come a long way since Miami’s fabled Captain Tommy Gifford pioneered the earliest poles from bamboo. While his ingenuity led John Rybovich to develop the first aluminum outriggers, there have since been many breakthroughs in design and rigging of specialized components to facilitate the smoothest operation. Considerable development continues in the realm of high-tech, high-budget outriggers, but even archaic gunnel mount variants catch fish when they are outfitted properly. Whether you fish a World Cat with 22-foot carbon fiber internals or Winter Custom with 50-foot hydraulic triple spreaders, outriggers are equally essential and allow blue water anglers to troll more lines by precisely distancing baits, lures and teasers in a specific pattern both vertically and horizontally. By increasing the number…

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gear guide

Schmitt Primus 740 Engineered for maximum comfort and uncompromising durability, Primus steering wheels with santoprene grip inserts are visually striking and complement the helm decor of any center console, fly bridge, second station or poling skiff. Utilizing the industry standard ¾-inch tapered shaft, wheels are smooth, shiny and available in 13 ½- and 15 ½-inch diameters. Uniquely, the oversized rim design improves control and lessens hand fatigue. Available in three spoke configurations with optional control knob. ▸ 316 stainless steel ▸ Lifetime warranty schmittongaromarine.com $573.95, $633.95 FUJI Slim SiC Gunmetal Anglers across the globe have relied on FUJI components for decades and the all-new slim SiC gunmetal frames with durable satin finish are set to become the premium choice of rod makers everywhere. Corrosion Control treated frames feature a slim ring design, saving weight in the overall…