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Florida Sport Fishing November/December 2020

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The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

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my advice? master the bait

▸ WHILE REVIEWING A NUMBER OF UNANSWERED YouTube comments (c’mon, no one gets to them all), one in particular stood out. “Capt. Mike, I’m heading south thanks to a well-earned promotion and looking for sound advice. While I’ve fished the Panhandle my entire adult life and rarely have a problem putting meat in the box, I’m pulling my hair out thinking about having to learn an entirely new area from the ground up. I understand both the bottom bite and the offshore action are excellent where I’m headed, however, with so much to learn, I just don’t know where to start! Any advice?” Easy. First, put those glorious images of giant grouper and trophy dolphin aside for the time being and instead start thinking about where and how you’re going to…

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red flags revealed

▸ SPENDING MOST OF MY LIFE FISHING IN THE GULF of Mexico from the Texas coast, I’m a pretty experienced angler. However, I’m taking a vacation to the Florida Keys with my family around the holidays and I don’t have the first clue about the area’s fishing prospects, though I know there are plenty. Therefore, I’m looking to book a professional guide or charter captain. With so many in the region to choose from, how should I go about conducting my search? — Shane Rivera Regardless of where you want to fish, there are a few things to keep in mind when searching for and booking a charter or guide service. These trips can be pricey, and it’s certainly in your best interest to do your homework before committing that amount…

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pinfish parameters

▸ AROUND FLORIDA, ANGLERS HAVE ACCESS to a variety of forage fish species that fuel local game fish populations. However, many of the most popular baitfish among Sunshine State fishermen are migratory baits that generally only provide seasonal availability. Fortunately, pinfish demonstrate statewide abundance in coastal waters and are staples in the diets of a variety of popular targets, from tarpon and snook inshore to trophy bottom fish offshore. Additionally, a properly placed pinfish trap is an easy way to procure these incredibly effective enticements. While anglers around the state await various baitfish migrations in order to capitalize on the easy access to live bait, sometimes it’s nice to have a backup plan when the stars don’t align and the schools of your target tiny forage fish are nowhere to be…

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theft prevention

▸ AMONG THE MASSIVE VARIETY OF INSHORE GAME FISH roaming Florida’s shallows, sheepshead are perhaps the most peculiar. Scrappy fighters that offer excellent table fare, these fish rarely receive the appreciation they deserve from widespread anglers. Despite their relative abundance around the state, sheepshead are difficult targets to hook securely, given their unique mouth structure. While every piece of tackle included in your arsenal warrants careful consideration, hook selection is likely the most pivotal factor in this fishery. Members of the family Sparidae comprising bream-like fish commonly referred to as porgy, sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus) possess a number of odd physical features. Predatory game fish of all varieties possess unique tools and skills developed through evolution as a result of their widespread environments. One of the most intriguing examples of this evolution…

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prime position

▸ SUCCESS IN ANY FISHERY HINGES ON PREPARATION. Seasoned anglers know that connecting with their target species requires more than simply pulling back the throttles and putting baits in the water. The best results usually come with methodical approaches that take into account any prevalent conditions that might affect fishing, including current, wind, sea conditions and much more. These considerations are particularly important when fishing patch reefs, where precise vessel positioning is the ultimate prerequisite to a steady bite and full fishboxes. With world-class offshore fishing and an abundance of prime shallows off the southeast portion of the state and the Florida Keys, local anglers sometimes overlook 20- to 60-foot depths where widespread patch reefs litter the seafloor. There is still plenty of pressure on these fisheries and it’s in your…

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gear guide

FSF Gear Slow Pitch Jigs Hand-picked, our Technique-Specific slow pitch jig combo pack hooks you up with the perfect assortment of slow pitch jigs to match nearly every depth and current condition at the lowest price on the web. All jigs are delivered rigged and ready to fish with the finest components and razor sharp 4/0 & 7/0 assist hooks. Many have already experienced the incredible results that come from the original acid/glow color patter, but the Multi Burst 6-pack offers six incredible new color patterns that fish simply can’t resist. ▸ 88 lb. stainless steel split rings ▸ 110 lb. stainless steel welded rings fsfgear.com $99 Gorilla Grip ANSI A5 Cut Resistant Gloves Though these insanely tough gloves will stand up to a multitude of tasks, they are particularly valuable in the world of sport fishing.…