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Florida Sport Fishing January/February 2021

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metal & paint

A POUNDING STRIKE ON A JIG, regardless of species, is arguably one of the greatest thrills in saltwater fishing. For me, about to surpass the big 50 and having spent the majority of my life on the water, there is now more than ever something very special and incredibly rewarding about fooling quality fish on little more than painted pieces of metal. The hype with jig fishing is really all about the bite and knowing you fooled a brilliant fish into believing your lure was alive and worth eating. The same applied during my younger years when I spent countless nights stalking the surf in pursuit of striped bass. At the time, a number of my favorite concoctions barely even resembled the real deal, yet they worked like crazy. Take the…

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beating barotrauma

AS A NATIVE FLORIDIAN AND LIFELONG OFFSHORE ANGLER, I pride myself on adhering to every fisheries management rule and regulation set forth to preserve our treasured resources. One of the latest among these guidelines requires descending devices to safely release demersal species in deep water suffering from barotrauma. I certainly appreciate and support the rule, but how exactly do I use these tools? — Adam Samuels For those who don’t know yet, NOAA Fisheries issued a rule that went into effect on July 15, 2020, requiring descending devices to be rigged and ready for use aboard all vessels fishing for or possessing snapper and grouper species in South Atlantic Federal waters. For many conservation-minded anglers, this rule is a huge win, given the frustration traditionally associated with having to release grouper,…

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shrimp 101

THE WIDE-RANGING GAME FISH that hunt Sunshine State shallows feed on a huge variety of forage species, with baitfish making up a great deal of their diets. However, while predators display unique preferences as they pertain to shimmering baits from pilchard and herring to pinfish and pogy, few shallow-water targets will ever pass up a properly presented shrimp. Perhaps the most versatile inshore offering in the entire state, shrimp are often widely accessible, easy to keep alive and offer simple rigging. From snook to snapper and beyond, there’s almost nothing you can’t catch on these staple crustaceans. Although the availability of shrimp, too, varies throughout the year, these crunchy crustaceans are generally effective whenever they are used. Whether you’re drifting jumbo live shrimp back to finicky tarpon in the dead of…

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turbo trolling

AMONG THE SMORGASBORD OF PELAGIC GAME FISH roaming the fertile offshore waters of Florida and The Bahamas, the wahoo is certainly one of the most revered and coveted catches, but is also perhaps the most mysterious. While many skilled captains have dialed in their approaches to catch wahoo on a consistent basis, these iconic striped speedsters are notoriously difficult to pattern. With a variety of tactics that will fool wahoo, from kite fishing to jigging and beyond, trolling is likely the most reliable. And when it comes to targeting ’hoo specifically, it pays to speed things up. Though anglers might encounter the occasional barracuda or tuna while high-speed trolling, this unique tactic is reserved exclusively for wahoo. When trolling, most everyday anglers choose to pull the throttles back to more moderate…

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forever smooth

IN FLORIDA, FISHING AND BOATING ARE TOPS AMONG FAVORITE PASTIMES. However, while sunny days out on the water are incredibly rewarding, enjoying consistent reliability and performance from your vessel and gear requires a tremendous amount of upkeep. Reels especially are subject to prolonged exposure to sand, sun and salt, with preventative maintenance and proper care necessary in extending their years of use in unforgiving marine environments. Few things are more frustrating to fishermen than having their favorite reel seize up on them when it matters most. However, this is an all-too-familiar experience to many anglers, even those using the most revered reels on the market. The truth is that regardless of how much money you spend on a reel or how strong its reputation may be, preventative maintenance and care with…

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gear guide

DIAMOND High Speed Wahoo Lures $84.99-$89.99 With wahoo season in Florida and The Bahamas firmly upon us, there’s no better time than now to stock up on a fresh collection of high-speed trolling lures. Among the many options available, Diamond’s enticing array of lures is designed specifically to not only fool trophy wahoo, but also withstand strike after strike from powerful jaws lined with razor-sharp teeth. Furthermore, these offerings can be trolled effectively at a range of speeds. Available in 11 colors and four unique head shapes. ▸ Precision-engineered stainless-steel heads ▸ High-quality surgical rubber skirts diamondfishing.com BLACKFIN Carbon Elite Inshore Series 05 $178.99-$241.99 BlackFin’s Carbon Elite Inshore Series is the perfect handcrafted rod for your collection. These rods are built piece by piece by fishermen for fishermen. Whether you are fishing the flats or the Great Lakes, BlackFin offers…