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Florida Sport Fishing March/April 2021

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The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

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South Florida Sport Fishing
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▶ FULL OF EMOTION, I AM BOTH EXCITED AND SADDENED to inform readers of my ultimate departure from Florida Sport Fishing magazine. This will be my very last column after a two-decade-long journey that has far surpassed anything I could have imagined. Since its inception in 2002 when the inaugural issue of South Florida Sport Fishing rolled off the press, I’ve truly accomplished more than I could have dreamed. Over the years, the pages of this magazine have taken me to a multitude of incredible angling destinations and have introduced me to many amazing people across the industry. Sadly, though, reality is rarely a bowl of cherries without pits and the success of the title has come with the ultimate price. With the unexpected loss in 2018 of my late wife,…

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learning the ropes

▶ TO THIS POINT IN MY LIFE, MY FISHING REPERTOIRE has consisted mostly of inshore and near-shore exploits. However, my recent upgrade from skiff to bay boat will allow me to ply offshore venues on calm days, and I’m looking to expand my horizons. I realize that live baiting and bottom fishing are very popular tactics as well, but what does it take for a blue water beginner like me to put together a successful trolling spread? — Ian Ford For many anglers looking to expand their fishing prowess, trolling is generally the gateway to the offshore game. While top captains and crews around the world make the most of their trolling exploits with outriggers, dredge teasers and too many lines in the water to count, trolling, at its roots, is refreshingly…

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squid basics

▶ SERIOUSLY, IS THERE ANY OFFSHORE GAME FISH ROAMING our waters that won’t readily eat a squid? Whether it’s pelagic predators hunting the upper reaches of the water column or deep-water bottom dwellers, squid face predation from all angles. Anglers can catch a variety of different targets by simply heading offshore with a few boxes full of these slimy cephalopods. However, the tactics you choose to employ and the manner in which these baits are presented will have the greatest influence on the outcome of your efforts. Many seasoned salts will tell you that live bait is the name of the game in offshore fishing, particularly in southeast Florida where the seasonal sailfish action essentially requires live bait. While we’ll never discount the effectiveness of live bait, we believe that it’s…

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▶ SUCCESSFUL SPORT FISHING, IN ANY VENUE, boils down to achieving the perfect balance with regard to a vast variety of factors. This sentiment certainly comes into play when rigging your tackle, as strong connections and fortified components are necessary in taming trophy fish. As incredible innovation continues to take place throughout the industry with advancements in almost every aspect of angling, the trend of downsizing tackle has swept over anglers across the globe. But how exactly should you downsize your gear without sacrificing strength? Of course, the answer to this seemingly simply question depends entirely on the fishery in question. More specifically, the target species and venue come into play, as well as the tactics used in pursuit of those species. For example, trolling for sailfish off Guatemala’s Pacific coast…

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hold position

▶ TROLLING MOTORS HAVE BEEN MAINSTAYS IN THE WORLD of sport fishing for a few decades now, though they’ve come a long way since their humble beginnings on the bows of bass boats. While they are still essential tools for every serious bucketmouth enthusiast, they have become of service far beyond fresh water. Naturally, inshore anglers soon picked up on their value and trolling motors began appearing on skiffs and small bay boats across coastal shallows. Now, innovation has led to incredible advancements among leading manufacturers and offshore capabilities have become the new norm. With the progression of trolling motor technology, many anglers still wonder if trolling motors have a place in offshore fisheries, and the short answer is an emphatic yes. While the bulk of their use throughout the sport…

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gear guide

DAIWA DX Swimbait Rod $99 Designed specifically for making long casts with heavy swimbaits, Daiwa’s DX Swimbait Rod is the perfect solution for multiple species including lunker largemouth, snook and more. The rod’s graphite blank construction yields plenty of sensitivity in the tip that allows anglers to monitor the wobble of their lure and detect subtle strikes, while there’s also plenty of backbone to drive the hook home. The rod also features an elongated natural cork grip handle that increases casting distance and pulling power. ▸ 8 feet▸ 1-year limited warranty daiwa.com FRABILL Magnum Bait Station 13 $89.99 Greats for anglers on the go, Frabill’s Magnum Bait Station 13 is the perfect portable solution for live bait management. Whether taking a few dozen shiners to your local largemouth watering hole or stocking up on shrimp and crabs for a…