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Florida Sport Fishing May/June 2021

The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

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the next chapter

▶ IN THE PREVIOUS ISSUE of Florida Sport Fishing, Captain Mike Genoun – founder of this publication – officially entrusted me at the helm of this proverbial ship as he took the leap into the next exciting chapter of his illustrious career in the world of sport fishing, and I could not be more excited about it. In my professional life, this brand is all I’ve ever known. With Captain Mike there with me every step of the way since I walked through the door and a mentor to me to this day, our readers can rest assured that I learned from the best. Many of our readers know and love Mike from the pages of this very publication, his award-winning television series, educational seminars and so much more. However, given…

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the helm awaits

▶ I’VE BEEN BOATING SINCE I WAS A KID and am now fortunate enough to own and run my own boat. I know a United States Coast Guard-issued captain’s license isn’t required for me to do so, but it seems that acquiring these credentials is the popular trend these days and I want to hop on board, so to speak. So, how should I go about getting my license, what level of licensing should I obtain and is it really worth my while? As you can probably tell through social media and, specifically, the popularity of sport fishing on various digital platforms, obtaining a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)-issued captain’s license, or Merchant Mariner Credential, has become more of a fad than a practical pursuit for recreational anglers. That’s not to say…

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pilchard power

▶ WHETHER FISHING INSHORE OR OFFSHORE, many Sunshine State anglers rely on live bait to connect with their target species. Some choose to purchase their live bait, while others can consistently procure it themselves, but the reality is that bait is the key to unlocking many of our fisheries. And while numerous forage fish species are available in our waters throughout the year, the pilchard is likely the most versatile. The scaled sardine (Harengula jaguana), more commonly referred to as pilchard or razorbelly by local anglers, is a top menu item for a huge variety of predatory game fish roaming our waters. For inshore captains who need to put their clients on fish day in and day out, regardless of conditions, live pilchard can truly save the day. Conversely, offshore anglers…

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dropping down

▶ HERE IN FLORIDA, IT SEEMS THAT PELAGIC PREDATORS often get all the attention. Certainly, we love our sailfish, wahoo, dolphin and tuna, but we mustn’t disregard bottom fishing as one of the most productive ways to not only catch fish, but also fill the fishbox. There are many ways to drop a bait down to the bottom and it seems that anglers have their own personal preferences when it comes to rigging, but there’s one rig that we trust above all others. Before we go any further, we should mention that if the rig you currently use for bottom fishing works for you, then there’s no need to change it. As they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, many novice bottom fishermen seem to struggle with properly…

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nice and neat

▶ WITH A LOVE OF SPORT FISHING COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY, and a large part of that responsibility is taking care of your gear. Whether you’re a minimalist or you feel compelled to constantly stock up on the latest and greatest, effective organization of your rods, tackle and boating necessities is crucial in achieving a streamlined operation. While anglers have their own personal preferences with regard to storing and accessing their equipment, we have a few potentially helpful tips to offer. Many of us are aware of the basic steps that need to be taken to care for our fishing and boating gear. These including rinsing with fresh water, performing preventative maintenance and service, storing in a cool, dry place and more. However, the manner in which gear is stored is an…

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gear guide

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