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Florida Sport Fishing July/August 2021

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the pressure’s on

▸ FLORIDA IS FAMOUS FOR MANY THINGS – Disney World, The Everglades, peculiar news headlines and so much more. However, my favorite of the Sunshine State’s many claims to fame is the spectacular sport fishing available statewide. Tourism is a pillar of our economy and each year, millions of visitors come from all over the world to enjoy what we have to offer. Fishing, though, is a particularly popular pursuit among visitors and locals alike, and it’s a pastime that we must protect. I’m still a young man, but I’ve been around long enough to see plenty of change in our collective fisheries. I wholeheartedly support the claim that Florida is the “Fishing Capital of the World.” Don’t take my word for it, just look at the huge variety of game…

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making history

▸ I’VE BEEN FISHING SINCE I WAS A KID, and I’ve always wondered what goes into earning an IGFA world record. I know there are different line and tackle classes for each species, but I have no idea what the process of submitting a potential record. So, let’s say I finally land that record fish of a lifetime, what should I do to get my name in the history books? — Martin Kaplan While there are plenty of record chasers out there who actively identify potential records that are unfilled or can realistically be beaten, most of us are just out there to have a good time and catch what we can. That said, you really never know when you might get that one bite from a potential world record…

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in a pinch

▸ FISHING CAN BE TOUGH. Among the many factors anglers must consider when pursuing their favorite game fish, including wind, current, pressure, water temperature and so much more, finding the right bait can be equally challenging. While many of our fisheries are centered around the presence of baitfish, a variety of crab species are also important components of the diets of predatory game fish. In many cases, the phrase “big bait; big fish” proves to be true. However, there are plenty of exceptions to that rule, as even the largest, most skilled predators are sometimes forced to key in on smaller prey. In our waters around Florida, this is a regular occurrence. Just think, mass migrations of feeding fish are often fueled by shrimp, glass minnows, silversides and anchovies. However, mixed…

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double trouble

▸ IN OFFSHORE WATERS AROUND THE STATE OF FLORIDA, bottom fishing is a staple among widespread anglers. Though species and conditions vary from one region to the next, presenting baits on the seafloor for a variety of demersal game fish can be a great way to put fish in the boat. However, bottom fishing comprises many techniques and rigs that each present their own strengths and weaknesses. Among them, the High-Low Rig is perhaps the most versatile. Sometimes referred to as a “Chicken Rig;” the High-Low or Hi-Lo Rig is a very simple setup that can be very effective in a variety of scenarios. At its most basic level, this rig is made up of a main line, two branch lines with hooks and a sinker. Of course, there’s no one…

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livewell loading 101

▸ IT’S PROBABLY SAFE TO SAY WE’VE ALL HEARD THE PHRASE, “If you chum, they will come.” The act of “chumming” is often a practice of both inshore and offshore fishermen to elicit a feeding scenario for targeted fish in order to increase their chances of a hookup. Whether its chunks of cut bait or free samples of live baits, chumming is extremely effective in tough bite conditions, but it doesn’t only apply to your target species. Have you ever started your day off searching for bait, checking all your go-to spots, throwing your cast net time and time again, struggling to fill the livewells? Better yet, have you ever lost or damaged a cast net trying to catch bait in deep water or around structure with heavy current? Maybe it’s…

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gear guide

SHIMANO Butterfly Jig Cocoon Wrap $19.99 It’s amazing what a slab of shiny metal can do darting through the water column. However, jigs with multiple assist hooks that weigh hundreds of grams can present a bit of a hazard. Whether the vessel is underway in rough seas or you’re simply handing the rod off to someone, you don’t want a heavy jig flying around. Enter Shimano’s simple, yet innovative Butterfly Jig Cocoon Wrap, which allows anglers to securely strap their jigs to the rod and easily remove it when it’s time to fish. ▸ 5 colors per pack ▸ Made of durable neoprene fish.shimano.com BUBBA Stainless Steel Pliers $59.99-$69.99 Anglers are only as effective as their tools, and there’s perhaps no tool more important than a reliable set of pliers. Fortunately, Bubba offers an extensive line of angling tools including…