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state of emergency

▸ UNFORTUNATELY, FLORIDA’S WIDESPREAD game fish face a multitude of challenges and threats to survival. There’s no denying we have many hardheaded anglers who just can’t seem to comply with rules and regulations set forth by management agencies. But while these criminals certainly tick me off and should be stopped, today’s problems are much larger than a few bad eggs. One of more pressing issues that must be addressed, which has reared its ugly head recently, is the deterioration of the state’s coastal water quality, particularly in southwest Florida. If you think the fish kills occurring out there are simply a result of a naturally occurring red tide, think again. Let’s talk about this infamous red tide. Red tide is a harmful algal bloom that occurs naturally when there is an…

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▸ EVERYBODY LOVES A FUN DAY ON THE WATER BUT, as we all know, problems can arise at any moment. I experienced one of those unexpected problems recently when my son ended up with a treble hook in his finger after trying to unhook a feisty seatrout. Fortunately, the barb of the hook didn’t penetrate the skin so it was easily removed, but it got me thinking – what should I do if that happens again, and the situation is more severe? — Michael Edmunds No matter how safe you try to be out on the water, it can always be dangerous. Situational awareness and attention to detail when it comes to boating safety are imperative. However, in some cases, unfortunate situations are just unavoidable, and you have to react in…

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come fall, come all

▸ AS THE SWELTERING SUMMER SLOWLY MORPHS INTO FALL, sport fishing conditions around the entire state begin to shift. Water and air temps are cooling, predators change their behavior and massive migrations begin. Further north in the Mid-Atlantic, the change in seasons took place earlier than it did here in the Sunshine State, triggering masses of mullet to make their way out of area backwaters to the beach, where they’ll begin their migration south. While these shimmering baitfish plan to head to warmer waters to spend the cooler months, predators along the way have other plans. During the coming months, there is perhaps no better bait on Florida’s Atlantic coast than the mullet. Whether you’re fishing them live, cut, stripped or in the form of an artificial imitation, chances are every…

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the right wiggle

▸ WHEN IT COMES TO LARGEMOUTH BASS FISHING, the range of lures and baits run the gamut from crankbaits and plugs that mimic injured baitfish to topwater frogs and beyond. Heck, there are even mice, snake and duckling imitations that have caught fish! While the bait you choose to tie on should always hinge on the scenario at hand, few offerings in the world of lunker largemouth are more effective than a good ol’ soft plastic worm. With so many effective rigging methods as well, this simple lure is one of the most multi-faceted in the freshwater game. Artificial worms come in many different shapes, sizes, styles and colors these days. Some might even call them the most versatile bait available. Virtually every manufacturer of largemouth lures offers a range of…

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finicky flags

▸ WHEN IT COMES TO SNAPPER FISHING, the yellowtail is a Florida staple. This is particularly the case in the state’s southern reaches, mainly the Florida Keys, where there is a massive demand for yellowtail snapper. As a result, the pressure on these fish from commercial anglers is relentless throughout the year. Additionally, countless recreational anglers target these fish regularly as well, making it one of the most sought-after game fish in the Sunshine State. Yellowtail snapper are naturally very wary predators with excellent eyesight, but so much pressure makes a stealthy approach necessary to catch the big ones. Almost anywhere within the extensive reef system of the Florida Keys, anglers can easily chum up massive schools of yellowtail snapper. However, it seems that finding the fish is less than half…

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gear guide

AFTCO Saiko Wind-On Leader $24-$46 A new addition to the Saiko Fluorocarbon lineup, the Wind-On is available in two lengths: 15 feet from 40 lb. to 80 lb., which are tournament legal, and 12 feet in 100 lb. to 300 lb. test varieties. These leaders are hand-crafted in Japan using a whipping process that not only is strong, but also offers a slim design, which is helpful going through clips or guides on your rod. Excellent for a variety of offshore fisheries, it’s an item you won’t want to leave the dock without. ▸ 100% fluorocarbon ▸ 0.024-to 0.072-inch diameter aftco.com GERBER Controller Folding Fillet Knife $45 While this useful tool offers a sharp, durable blade on par with some of the most revered fixed-blade fillet knives out there, the Controller Folding Fillet knife from Gerber is incredibly convenient. Whether…