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Fortean Times

Fortean Times 380

Fortean Times, named after maverick American writer Charles Fort, is one of the world’s most individual and best loved magazines. For over 35 years FT has been chronicling the stranger side of life, delivering a heady mix of weird world news, up-to-date reports and features on every aspect of the unexplained: myths, monsters, ghosts and UFOs rub shoulders with ancient wonders and future science, while expert columnists bring you the latest on everything from cryptozoology to conspiracy theory. Open-minded, well informed and maintaining a healthy sense of humour, FT is the only place to go for a sensible look at our mad planet – it will change the way you see the world.

United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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12 Issues

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fortean times

EDITOR DAVID SUTTON (drsutton@forteantimes.com) FOUNDING EDITORS BOB RICKARD (bobrickard@mail.com) PAUL SIEVEKING (sieveking@forteantimes.com) ART DIRECTOR ETIENNE GILFILLAN (etienne@forteantimes.com) BOOK REVIEWS EDITOR VAL STEVENSON (val@forteantimes.com) EDITORIAL ASSISTANT ABIGAIL MASON RESIDENT CARTOONIST HUNT EMERSON LICENSING & SYNDICATION FORTEAN TIMES IS AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL LICENSING AND SYNDICATION – CONTACT: Syndication Manager RYAN CHAMBERS TEL: +44 (0) 20 3890 4027 ryan_chambers@dennis.co.uk Senior Licensing Manager CARLOTTA SERANTONI TEL: +44 (0) 20 3890 3840 carlotta_serantoni@dennis.co.uk Licensing & Syndication Executive NICOLE ADAMS TEL: +44 (0) 20 3890 3998 nicole_adams@dennis.co.uk PUBLISHER DHARMESH MISTRY dharmesh_mistry@ dennis.co.uk CIRCULATION MANAGER JAMES MANGAN james.mangan@ seymour.co.uk EXPORT CIRCULATION MANAGER GERALDINE GROBLER geraldine.grobler@ seymour.co.uk PRODUCTION ASSISTANT HELINA OZYURT helina_ozyurt@ dennis.co.uk GROUP ADVERTISING DIRECTOR LIFESTYLE ANDREA MASON 020 3890 3814 andrea_mason@ dennis.co.uk ACCOUNT MANAGER BRADLEY BEAVER 020 3890 3722 bradley_beaver@ dennis.co.uk ACCOUNT MANAGER IMOGEN WILLIAMS 020 3890 3739 imogen_williams@ dennis.co.uk DENNIS PUBLISHING LIMITED GROUP CFO/COO BRETT REYNOLDS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR KERIN O’CONNOR CHIEF EXECUTIVE JAMES TYE COMPANY FOUNDER FELIX DENNIS…

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dark side of the moon

MOONING THE FACTS In July, the world will be marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, the first manned spaceflight to put human beings – in this case, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, while Michael Collins piloted the command module – on the Moon. It remains an incredible, imagination-firing moment in the history of manned flight and space exploration, celebrated ever since in countless books, documentaries and feature films. As Brian J Robb explains in this month’s cover story, it was a feat that also fired the imaginations of conspiracy theorists and UFO buffs worldwide; and the photos taken by the Lunar Orbiter in the 1960s and the Clementine satellite in the 1990s have only added impetus to the ongoing search for anomalies and allegedly alien artefacts on the Moon’s…

4 min.
benyahon’s cult of burpers

Simon Williams, 46, an Old Etonian accountant, has stood down from his role as President of the Chamber of Commerce in Frome, Somerset, following a BBC investigation into Universal Medicine (UM), a cult of which he is a follower – or “student” as UM devotees are called. Williams owns the Lighthouse, a four-star bed-and-breakfast establishment in Tytherington, near Frome, which serves as the European headquarters of UM. The cult was founded in Australia in 1999 by Uruguayan-born Serge Benhayon, 55, a once-bankrupt tennis coach and twice-married father of four. Benhayon has claimed to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras, Imhotep, Saint Peter – and the theosophist Alice Bailey, whose methods of esoteric healing he has made use of. The organisation is mainly located in Goonellabah and Wollongbar in New…

3 min.
the conspirasphere

IN BLACK AND WHITE In the last couple of years, there has been a significant increase in the number of books published about conspiracy theory; to the point where one might be forgiven for thinking that there are more books published on conspiracy theory than of conspiracy theory. A brief selection of the most recent titles: Conspiracy Theories in American History (an Encyclopaedia) by Peter Knight; A Lot of People are Saying: the New Conspiracism and the Assault on Democracy, by Nancy Rosenblum and Russell Muirhead; American Conspiracy Theories, by Joseph Uscinski and Joseph M Parent; Republic of Liars, by Anna Merlan; Conspiracies of Conspiracies, by Thomas Milan Konda. A good proportion of these books are by academics, reflecting the growing academic industry that has sprung up around the Conspirasphere. Cambridge…

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extra! extra!

FT’S FAVOURITE HEADLINES FROM AROUND THE WORLD GIANT PANDA HELPS SELL HOUSE Hull Daily Mail, 7 May 2016. Knuckle duster accused in court Hull Daily Mail, 29 Aug 2018. STUDENT TEACHER TRIED TO SET FIRE TO HIS EX’S HOME TO WIN HER BACK Hull Daily Mail, 14 Jan 2019. Drowning mum jailed Hull Daily Mail, 19 Mar 2019. ‘NEIGHBOUR’S WASHING MACHINE HAS TURNED ME INTO A ZOMBIE’ Hull Daily Mail, 21 Mar 2019. Dad’s gun threat in heated school gates row Hull Daily Mail, 24 Jan 2019. ‘TESTING PUPILS ON TIMES TABLES DOESN’T ADD UP’ Hull Daily Mail, 14 Jan 2016.…

1 min.
hare pie and bottle kicking

One of England’s stranger Easter customs is the traditional Easter Monday ‘Bottle Kicking’ match, which takes place every year in Hallaton, Leicestershire. The event has two distinct parts; the first is the ‘Hare Pie Scramble’, in which said pie is blessed by the vicar before being cut up and thrown to the crowd, who scramble to get a piece. The second part of the day – the ‘Bottle Kicking’ – sees competitors from the village of Hallaton take on their rivals from the neighbouring village of Medbourne in a mass ball game. Teams attempt to carry a ‘bottle’, in the form of a wooden keg of beer and get it – by any means necessary – across a boundary stream for their own village. Bottle kicking is a rough game,…