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Girlfriend is Australia's best teen girls magazine. It is independent, smart, a little bit naughty and pretty damn cool. It is familiar, comfortable and trusted like a good friend but it also likes to shock you with its honesty, surprise you with its innovation, engage you with its quality and impress you with its creativity. Girlfriend is confident, fun, loud, and pretty. She's the leader, the trouble-maker, she tells it like it is, she's the one that can make anything happen. She's the kind of girl that everyone teenager wants to be.

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Do you ever get wrapped up in something and time seems to fly by? You know, like scrolling through Insta when you promised yourself you’d go to bed? Guilty! When I was growing up, it was The Sims. I’d start playing the game during school hols and before I knew it three hours (or four or five) had passed. I was obsessed! But it was always something I kept to myself because I assumed my friends would think I was daggy for gaming. But now there is an uprising of girl gamers who are killing it – including Ally McLean (you can check out our chat on page 58). It’s thanks to girls like Ally that more of us are willing to admit we are full-blown nerds. And I’m still totally obsessed with…

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the edit

CUTE CASES Remember in primary school when buying a fresh pencil case was the most exciting part of the year? Channel those vibes by treating yourself to a pretty new pouch to carry your stationery. NEW YEAR, NEW VIBES Kick 2020 off on a positive note with these adorbs calendars. Not only will they keep you on track with your study schedule, they’ll brighten up your day (and desk!). ADD SOME SOLE ‘School shoes’ and ‘stylish’ aren’t two things you’d normally use in the same sentence. But these cool kicks prove that black leather can be anything but boring. Lace ’em up and add some serious street cred to your school look. TIE IT UP Are strict uniform rules cramping your style? Add a little touch of fun without landing yourself in detention, thanks to these gorge…

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loving louis

HIS SASSY ATTITUDE There’s a reason they call him ‘Louis the sass-master from Doncaster.’ His one-liners are nothing short of iconic! HIS CHARITY WORK He supports some really important causes, such as cancer research, Alzheimer’s care and children’s rights. HIS HEDGEHOG SMILE If you don’t see the similarity, there’s something wrong. HIS TATTOOS He had 39 of ‘em at last count and they’re all freaking cool! HIS VOICE OK, so this one is obvious. But we could listen to that charming accent or velvety singing voice all day long. HIS LOVE FOR HIS FAMILY He’d do anything for the people he loves. That’s what makes him beautiful!…

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the haul

USING RN Loads of skincare products land on our desks but it takes a lot to earn a spot in our daily routine. The Naturally Serious range is one that ticks all the boxes. Not only is it eco-friendly and natural, but it’s also super effective and gentle on the skin. We all know self-care is important, but sometimes it can feel like just another thing to add to your busy sched. But thanks to this mini essential oil kit, you can instantly achieve those zen vibes on the go. There’s one to energise and one to relax — so whatever your mood, they’ve got you sorted, sis. Ready to have summer skin that’s *literally* good enough to eat? It’s time for a sugar rush. This whipped moisturiser leaves your skin baby soft,…

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your summer glow guide

When we think of #summergoals, there’s one person who immediately springs to mind: Steph Claire Smith. The Keep It Cleaner co-founder, model and influencer is pretty much the epitome of a sunkissed Aussie beach babe. It’s rare to see Steph without her signature bronzed glow and as a Bondi Sands ambassador, she’s mastered the art of the flawless, sunsafe tan. That’s why we asked Steph to share her top tips for self-tanning and achieving a faux glow at home. BEFORE YOUR TAN PREPPING THE SKIN: “Exfoliate prior with a scrub that doesn’t leave you oily, shave the night before and make sure you don’t have any moisturiser on your body other than on those rough or dry patches like your elbows, knees and ankles!” PICKING THE RIGHT COLOUR: “There are so many different…

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find your perfect bondi sands match

YOU ARE... THE TANNING COMMITMENT-PHOBE You’re OK with casually dating your tan, but you don’t wanna make things official. Or, your social calendar is cray as last minute events pop up all the time: and you’re like, “Crap, I haven’t done my tan!” Bondi Sands GLO ($17.95) has got you, girl. This transfer-resistant product gives an instant, goddess glow just for the night, and easily washes off with soap and water. YOU ARE... A TANNING ADDICT Let’s face it: you could basically tan with your eyes closed, so you don’t need to see where it’s going onto the skin. Bondi Sands Aero ($24.95) will be your new BFF. This aerated foaming mist goes on clear but leaves you with a deep, long-lasting, bronzed glow. Oh yeah, and the coconut scent is ridiculously yum,…