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Girlfriend Australia Spring 2017

Girlfriend is Australia's best teen girls magazine. It is independent, smart, a little bit naughty and pretty damn cool. It is familiar, comfortable and trusted like a good friend but it also likes to shock you with its honesty, surprise you with its innovation, engage you with its quality and impress you with its creativity. Girlfriend is confident, fun, loud, and pretty. She's the leader, the trouble-maker, she tells it like it is, she's the one that can make anything happen. She's the kind of girl that everyone teenager wants to be.

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model behaviour

Gigi, Bella, Cara, Kendall, Karlie… These girls define the statement ‘not just a pretty face’. They’re smart, confident, stylish and work seriously hard. In fact, when you think about it, supermodels are actually kickass role models. In July, I toured the country with the Girlfriend Priceline Pharmacy Model Search to help discover Australia’s next generation of modelling It-girls, and maybe even find our answer to Cara. The ~iconic~ Sam Harris got her start through the comp back when she was 13, and we were lucky enough to have her join us as a special guest at the roadshows. It was pretty great having a legit supermodel there to direct your questions to (coz let’s face it, modelling is not my strong suit), and I know Sam was genuinely touched by the…

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squad goals

Girlfriend Magazine is totally awesome and I look forward to receiving it in the mail every month. My favourite section is definitely the embarrassing stories, as I can totally relate to most! *Bahaha* I also loveeee the book and movie recommendation section!! I love reading so much and I aspire to be an author one day myself. Girlfriend Magazine always makes me believe I can do anything – even with my autism! Thank you! Hi Girlfriend, I’m Michaela and I just love your magazine. My favourite sections are the style tips and embarrassing stories. I love the mag because it just makes me smile. It is such a good magazine. Love your numberone fan, Michaela I have all the Girlfriend magazines since 2009. My favourite sections are style crush, the advice for…

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the gf edit

DOWNLOADING Must-have apps that’ll change your life (also, FREE!). Dreamboard Log your dreams every morning and watch as the app analyses them! LUXit Like Uber for your beauty needs. Want a spray tan rn? Haircut at home? These pros will come to you! ShopSavvy This app lets you scan the barcode of your dream clothing item or accessory and tells you where you can buy it the cheapest. More money = more shoes, right?! Bsociable With venues and your BFFs at your fingertips, this one-stop app lets you easily organise catch-ups. You can find cool new activities and share all the pics you took in one place! COVETING Holographic hotness RETWEETING "Today I thought I died BC my phone wouldn’t turn on." @kenzieziegler feels!…

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YOU SHARE A BLOG, A BOOK AND A BUSINESS. DO YOU COLLABORATE ON ALL YOUR PROJECTS? We make all the big decisions together and always agree on EVERYTHING. WHAT’S THE TRICK TO WORKING WITH YOUR SIBLING? No tricks! It’s like working with a best friend – it’s the most fun you’ll ever have at work. HOW MUCH SHARING GOES ON WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR EPIC WARDROBES? We have one huge communal wardrobe, so there’s no Jess owns this and Stef owns that – nothing is off limits. NAME ANOTHER POWER DUO THAT INSPIRE YOU. The Olsen twins. They’ve built the most incredible fashion empire, and we’d kill for their clothes! DO YOU HAVE SOME SORT OF SISTERLY ESP? No way, that’s totally a myth [said in complete unison!]. IS ONE OF YOU EVIL? Depends which one you ask. ARE YOU REALLY…

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back to riverdale

ah, Riverdale. Has there ever been a show more perfect? Or a cast this freaking adorable? From the drama and memorable moments on screen to the relationships off screen (our #bughead hearts!) – if you’re not 1000% obsessed with all things Riverdale, where the heck have you been hiding this year? And, with a brand-new season dropping next month, we are so ready for round two *refreshes Netflix 100 times*. While you wait, our yearbook’s got your BTS guide to t he Archie universe. Study up on the newest arrivals, find out how you can visit the town for reals, and take our quiz to discover out which Riverdale hottie you should be dating. Because important.…

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ARCHIE ANDREWS BULLDOGS VARSITY MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Smashing through the ice to rescue Cheryl Blossom. MOST LIKELY TO: Avenge the shooting attack on his dad, Fred. Dark Archie will rise – you heard it here first! CHE RYL BLOSSOM FORMER RIVER VIXEN MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Defying her mum at Jason’s memorial and making that brilliant speech. MOST LIKELY TO: Break free from her family and control her own life, but still be the sassy queen we know and love. And of course, she will rejoin the River Vixens. BETTY COOPER RIVER VIXEN, EDITOR OF THE BLUE AND GOLD MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Transforming from sweet Betty to Dark Betty. MOST LIKELY TO: Have her heart broken by Jughead, but stay true to him and convince him to come back to Riverdale High. She’ll also search for her brother. JOSI E…