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Girlfriend Australia Spring 2018

Girlfriend is Australia's best teen girls magazine. It is independent, smart, a little bit naughty and pretty damn cool. It is familiar, comfortable and trusted like a good friend but it also likes to shock you with its honesty, surprise you with its innovation, engage you with its quality and impress you with its creativity. Girlfriend is confident, fun, loud, and pretty. She's the leader, the trouble-maker, she tells it like it is, she's the one that can make anything happen. She's the kind of girl that everyone teenager wants to be.

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2 min.

Hey girlfriends! I know what you’re probably thinking. New editor, who dis!? I’ve dreamed of working for Girlfriend since I was little, so to say I’m excited to be writing this is an understatement. And it’s not because I’m lucky enough to have a job where I get to try new beauty products or insta-stalk Cole Sprouse in the name of research - although they are amazing perks! It’s because I’m truly in awe of teens today. This year, there have been more badass girls than ever before taking a stand for what they believe in, starting their own businesses or making real change in the world. Instead of working against each other, girls are learning to embrace their size, race, sexuality and looks, and not compare themselves to anyone. You…

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gf hq

WE CAUGHT UP... WITH LOVE, SIMON STAR KEIYNAN LONSDALE. GF’s Bianca chatted with the Aussie hottie. WE OBSESSED... OVER JOEY KING AND JACOB ELORDI’S RELATIONSHIP SO MUCH IT BORDERED ON CREEPY. We haven’t been this invested in a couple since Sprousehart. WE FANGIRLED... OVER THE BOYS FROM QUEER EYE. GF’s Alex tried not to die from excitement getting a cuddle from Jonathan. Can you believe!? WE LISTENED... TO SWEETENER ON REPEAT AND SPORTED ARI MERCH DAILY. God really is a woman and Ariana is an actual QUEEN! WE FILMED... THE LATEST EPISODES OF OUR NEW IGTV SERIES, FLEEKY FRIDAYS, WITH PHEEBS AND BELLA. Check out the latest ep on insta and tell us what you want to see next! WE LAUGHED... ON THE SET OF OUR SHOOT WITH HOME AND AWAY’S OLIVIA DEEBLE. The girl can werk it!…

2 min.
the edit

NAILED IT Florals for spring? Groundbreaking, we know! But adorning your claws with flowers and plants is rly cute. We’re not talented enough to actually DIY these nails, but we’re taking it as inspo for our next mani. THROWING SHADE Winter is finally over babes (yaaasss!) so it’s the perfect time to ditch your boring black sunnies in favour of these killer colourful shades. PENCIL IT IN Your beauty case just got a whole lot cuter thanks to these school-approved beauty products. Just don’t mix up your ballpoint with your brow pen! ;) IN THE BAG The return of the bum bag has been embraced by every It-girl from Ariana to Bella. Not only are they convenient (hello, hands-free!), but they’re an oh-so-easy way to add sass to your ensemble. FORMAL LOCKS Make like Lili, Shay or Cami when…

4 min.
astro guide

VIRGO Aug 24 – Sep 23 You’re heading into your most ~prosperous~ period of the year, as Mercury’s September movements spell success in school, sport and extracurricular activities. You’ll continue riding this high well into October and early November as your annual pleasure peak continues. Move over Veronica ‘coz as Lili Reinhart’s Virgo bestie, you’ll be taking over Riverdale! LIBRA Sep 24 – Oct 23 As both the Sun and Mercury cross your Ascendant on September 22, it’s time to focus on Y-O-U! Book yourself in for a pamper sesh or treat yo’self to a gorg new outfit. Come October, you’ll be feeling fire af, resulting in some romantic attention from an unexpected source. You’d have a blast hitting the Hollywood Hills with your Libran pal Bella Thorne. SCORPIO Oct 24 – Nov 22 Your luuurve planet will bring you…

8 min.

There are very few people in the world who are so famous they can be recognised by just their first name. Beyoncé, Adele, Oprah... you geddit. But our favourite It-girl is rising through the ranks so fast she’s about to eclipse all the other single-named stars on her climb to world domination. Yep, we’re talking about none other than the kween of cool, Zendaya (her last name’s Coleman btw – who knew!?). After getting her start on Disney’s sitcom Shake It Up alongside Bella Thorne when she was just 14, Zendaya went on to star as K.C. Cooper in K.C. Undercover. But far from being satisfied with becoming a fully fledged Disney star, Z then released her own solo album and became a movie megastar. So far she’s graced our screens…

1 min.
zendaya keeps it real

“I like to think of myself as a real model, not a role model. I don’t like to think of myself as playing a role. I just try to keep real to myself. I think that by being the best myself, I can help people be the best themselves.” “Finding out who you are is a difficult process and I think that everybody is going through it for their entire life. For me, I think it’s ... accepting that we are constantly growing and changing, and the person I was a year ago is not who I’m going to be in a year.” “When parents or young people come up to me, the first thing they say is not, ‘Oh, I love that show you did.’ It’s, ‘Hey, thank you for saying…