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Girlfriend is Australia's best teen girls magazine. It is independent, smart, a little bit naughty and pretty damn cool. It is familiar, comfortable and trusted like a good friend but it also likes to shock you with its honesty, surprise you with its innovation, engage you with its quality and impress you with its creativity. Girlfriend is confident, fun, loud, and pretty. She's the leader, the trouble-maker, she tells it like it is, she's the one that can make anything happen. She's the kind of girl that everyone teenager wants to be.

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2 min.

OK, so I have a confession to make. I’ve never stuck to a new year’s resolution for more than a few weeks. OK fiiiine, days. Every year I promise myself I’m going to spend less time on Insta or get so fit I’ll have a body even Bella Hadid will be jealous of. But by the time Feb rolls around I’ll find myself deep-diving on Kylie Jenner’s feed while eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon, feeling super guilty. Sound familiar? That’s because new year’s resolutions suck. They’re just a way of making ourselves feel bad when we don’t go for a run every single day. Seriously, who was I kidding? I have more chance of marrying Noah Centineo! So this year we’re flipping the script and showing you…

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gf hq

STARRY EYED If you’ve ever been lucky enough to meet your fave celeb, you’ll know it can be pretty overwhelming. Here at GF we try to keep it super profesh, but Stacey lost all chill when she met the actual kween Ri Ri and got this pic looking like a coupla besties! RIP Stace! Team GF also got to catch up with total sweethearts Sabrina Carpenter, Jai Waetford and Amandla Stenberg. Check out their interviews in Stan Club! COOL LIKE CARDI Anna took out the title of best dressed for our Halloween party. Okurrrr! SUMMER SOUNDS Here are all the tracks we’ve been blasting in the office for serious summer vibes…

2 min.
the edit

BEADED, BABY Instead of straw, this year’s ‘It bag’ is made from beads and we’re low-key obsessed. Pair with a white tee, jeans and slides and you’re done! IN THE NUDE A few boss brands have begun producing products without packaging so we can all lessen our footprint on the planet. Ditch your bottle of body wash for this body-conditioning bar. With grapefruit, orange and lime, this zesty bar will wake you up! Filled with lavender and chamomile, this bar moisturises and adds glitter. For a little sparkle, pierce the dimples on the bar and shake them. Who knew that shampoo in a bar was a thing?! This pink bar contains coconut, cocoa butter and lavender to nourish and purify your hair and it’s the equivalent of up to three bottles of liquid shampoo. This one…

4 min.
astro guide

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 – Dec 22 Planetary energy will have you feeling v. independent as the year ends and your creativity will simultaneously be off the charts so you’ll ace personal projects whether a new Insta aesthetic or a makeup lewk. Come January you’ll want nothing more than to be surrounded by your pals to ring in the new year. A queen needs her crown so roll with the colour of your crown chakra, violet. CAPRICORN Dec 23 – Jan 20 Your tendency to make sacrifices for others will lead to some resentment in December so stop people-pleasing and do what’s best for you. Keep your eyes peeled for sick opportunities between January 6 and early February, such as part-time jobs, extracurricular activities at school and sporting teams. Tap into your intuitive abilities using the power of…

8 min.
shawn mendes

He’s got a smile that could melt even the coldest heart, killer songwriting skills and don’t even get us started on that angel voice! Basically, Shawn Mendes can do no wrong. But the best part about the 20-year-old music superstar is that he’s just so freaking genuine! Proving that nice guys can finish first, he is killing it rn. So we got the low-down on his songwriting process, how he deals with anxiety and what we can expect from his next tour... You seem so confident when you perform. How are you so at ease? Thank you! I think it’s because I’ve been doing that since I was 15 and kind of been put in situations where I’ve had to talk to people older than me and big groups of people. I…

1 min.
life lessons according to shawn lyrics

1 “Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I just can’t.” Sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning and you can’t see a way out. But you can get through anything – you just have to keep pushing forward. IN MY BLOOD 2 “Any girl like you deserves a gentleman.” Don’t mess around with bad boys who make you feel crappy. Give the good guy a chance! TREAT YOU BETTER 3 “Let’s make mistakes and don’t look back. It’s now or never.” You can live in the moment and learn from the times when things don’t go your way. Embrace it all! ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS 4 “You can’t take my youth away. This soul of mine will never break.” The world can be a pretty scary place sometimes, but you have a voice and you matter. YOUTH 5 “You treat me…