Giuliana Ricama

No. 43 - November/December 2021

Giuliana Ricama is the richest and most beautiful bimonthly embroidery magazine in Italy. We have an incredible tradition of embroidery. We use many different techniques and stitches but not only for embroidery but also for bobbin lace and needle lace. The magazine promotes everything from the most classic and traditional stitches to modern styles. You will find simple projects but also more complex ones so the magazine has something for everyone. All of this is possible thanks to the Italian Embroidery Schools who constantly work with us. Each issue is dedicated to drawings, patterns and explanations but these are organized differently to what you are used to in the sense that we leave more to your imaginations, we encourage you to be creative and to take a risk. If you try you will see that you may find it more enjoyable to approach embroidery from this different perspective.

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Dear readers, we have written the editorial directly from Abilmente. It was difficult to find the right words and the necessary concentration in this regard. Yet it was so. As it turned out, this appointment was vital! Really necessary! We can bring back the sensations and moods we are now experiencing, hoping that you will feel the same and be able to convey such an atmosphere. There was a good deal of support from the embroidery schools after so much fear and uncertainty, encouraged by the progress of the situation, and the presence of 13 from the Arts Guild and some protagonists of the instaembroidery area. But the most important result came from the good guest turnout and we thank you for coming! We know that for everyone it was a gamble, but today more…

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corporazione delle arti

Curated by: Adriana Armanni President of Corporazione delle Arti And Gisella Tamagno - Vice president FB: corporazionedellearti YouTube: Corporazione delle Arti NEW NEW NEW in the world of Thread Arts Let’s look back: September and October were very intense months for the Corporation, new destinations, new associates, new initiatives, the Sorrento conference, the Abilmente Workshop with its load of expectations, the Erasmus Days, the Eredità delle Donne festival by Serena Dandini to which the Corporation was able to give its contribution regarding the Women of Embroidery, and the recognition of the MISE! We are getting on, little by little. We are changing the vision of the Thread Arts in the field of the Arts. No, it is not already done! These are only the first glimpses of a different vision, but in the meantime it is something that…

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you can do it!

New event dedicated to simple projects, for those who want to approach embroidery and test themselves! Password: You can do it! “It’s impossible only if you think it is …” CHRISTMAS PENDANTS We are approaching the end of the year: The days are getting colder and shorter, so we often prefer to stay home in the warmth rather than face the rigors of the unpleasant weather. A happy note is that - fortunately - the holidays are drawing closer. So why not combine business with pleasure and start preparing the Christmas decorations? The French boutis is a technique that I love very much: For our last meeting I would like to propose creating pendants for the tree, obviously in typical white, to which we would add a touch of gold. They will be elegant, refined…

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light thoughts

RELEVANT INFORMATION Nella maison di Lisa Interior Decor Ref. Annalisa Piorico Cell. +39 338 859 1416 @nellamaisondilisa Here are the new, original and unique Christmas proposals of Lisa and Luigina, to make our homes even more cosy and ready for the holidays. The spheres were decorated with pasta, ceramic coated and enriched with gold pigments. Delicately filled with screens, the tulle bow completes the work. Decorative balls for Christmas tree, with hand embroidered tulle bows. Small bags covered with hand-embroidered tulle and mignon of matching perfume.…

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christmas in sashiko style

RELEVANT INFORMATION Alicja Kwartnik Arezzo (FI) e-mail: Alicja was also fascinated by the harmony of the traditional Japanese technique. The Sashiko appears, at first glance, as a very simple running stitch, even if the experts of this embroidery affirm that it is not as it seems. Behind the simplicity and harmony, in fact, there are very precise rules and a beautiful philosophy: adversity to waste, use of existing resources, and recycling. Inspiration from the style and method of Procedure has therefore given birth to a new book with many projects for having fun together embroidering in Sashiko style. “Ricamando in stile Sashiko” Alicja Kwartnik Nuova S1…

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parma and reggio united in embroidery

RELEVANT INFORMATION Cultural Club Reggio Ricama Via Josip Broz Tito, 11 - 42123 Reggio Emilia Tel: +39 0522-30.16.70 (sede)• +39 0522-88.58.60 (Mirella) Email: Arcadia Cultural Association After a year of waiting there will be the exhibition on the occasion of Parma Capital of Culture 2020. The project had been approved and ranked among the first 400 presented for the occasion. Here is a taste of the wonderful embroidery that you can admire at the Glauco Lombardi museum in Parma from 13 to 28 November. The embroiderers of the Arcadia association of Parma and those of the Reggio Ricama association have proposed their own flagships and it will be possible to attend practical demonstrations of Parma technique and Canusino Embroidery. Inauguration and opening Saturday, 13 November, 11 am. The Parma technique is mainly characterized by the chain stitch and blanket…