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Britain’s No1 Women's Magazine has the hottest celebrities, the best fashion and beauty, gripping real-life stories, in depth features, plus entertainment, health, fitness, food and travel... and much, much more. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items, bound-inserts or tipons you would find on printed newsstand copies

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One of my earliest memories is of being five years old, sitting on my parents’ bathroom floor watching my mum. She was on a chair, wearing a black rubber cap on her head, punctured with small holes through which she pulled her glossy strands of hair with a small, crochet-style needle, expertly applying them with at-home hair dye, to give her thick, dark Middle Eastern hair lighter streaks and highlights. I grew up with the privilege of accessible high-street hair and beauty salons – this memory of at-home beautification was, for me, one of days gone by. And then lockdown happened. I found myself, along with so many other women, bereft, feeling and looking frazzled without my roots being done or my hair cut, missing my threading and manicures, all of…

6 min.
the glamifesto

WITNESS BAGS OF JOY The V&A Bags: Inside Out exhibition, sponsored by Mulberry, opens November 21 and promises to be a glorious exploration of clutches, satchels and more, from historical gems to designer pieces. Looks set to be totes amazing (geddit?). GET BCE (THAT’S BIG CARDIGAN ENERGY) Taylor Swift called it with her latest album drop: cardis are big news. The breakout AW20 trend was seen in snuggle-up chic at Fendi and teeny-tiny form at Jacquemus. ALL HAIL THE COMEBACK QUEENS There is nothing like a musical renaissance and this season we are expecting five epic revivals. Kylie Minogue is returning to the dancefloor with her album, Disco. If her single Magic is anything to go by, this is the high-octane pop we need. Rihanna is still teasing us with the promise of new music…

2 min.
beauty un masked

Hi-vis vibes A standout trend this season was a palette of electric neon applied anywhere, with zero f*cks given. On foreheads, through hair or loaded onto lips (try Velvetines Liquid Lipstick Psycho Matte Lipstick in Blazing Orange, L16, Lime Crime to replicate this Tango pout). This is the pre-Covid energy blast we are so ready to feel again! Mesmer-eyes Make-up visionary Isamaya Ffrench took one look at the crystals on Giambattista Valli’s gowns and mirrored them with literal bejewelled eyes. She secured Swarovski crystals with lash glue and bypassed foundation with an all-over buff of Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer, L20, Mac. Mane-icure time Nail art for hair? Here for it! Inspired by ’90s rapper Lil’ Kim, hairstylist Jawara used bespoke stencils of the leaf details on the clothes and spray-painted punchy brights directly…

1 min.
hey, it’s ok…

…if you take Zoom calls on audio only, then mute yourself in the loo. That’s what you call work/life balance …to say “no worries”, when you are actually worried 99.9% of the time …if you change your WhatsApp photo every time you start talking to a new love interest …to not renew your gym membership since you discovered the joys of at-home workouts. Other people’s sweat is not your idea of fun …if your special superpower is always knowing *exactly* where the nearest toilet is, no matter where you are. The small bladder fear is real …to be embarrassed about how loud your recycling bin sounds on Zoom when it’s collected. Those Whispering Angel bottles ain’t whispering now! …if you’ve gone from first-name terms to fully fledged besties with your DHL/Tesco delivery driver. You’re the best,…

12 min.
have we got (fake) news for you

Sara*, a 32-year-old interior designer, has long been interested in alternative viewpoints. At the start of lockdown, she, like many others watching the world shut down for a virus that some were claiming would have a lower death rate than the flu, began questioning the origins of Covid-19. “I joined a Facebook group monitoring where the new 5G towers were going up. There was an extraordinary amount of information, all counteracting what the government, NHS and World Health Organisation were saying. Once you start reading into who’s behind all this, it starts to make sense. “There are a handful of families who control everything, [including] the Barings, the Rothschilds, Bill and Melinda Gates, and I believe all of this can be linked to them,” she alleges. “If you look into vaccines…

4 min.
“i was totally butt naked when this photo was taken”

I was butt naked when this photo was taken. I’d just turned 26, and it was shot by my friend, photographer Tyler Shields, at his house in LA. Any time Tyler and I do a shoot, I end up getting nude. My boyfriend, photographer and director Dillon Buss, was also on the shoot. He had only asked me to be his girlfriend the day before. You know when you first get into a relationship, you want to do everything with them? So, I took Dillon with me. At one point, Tyler said, “Close your eyes.” Dillon put his hand on my face, then Tyler said, “Open your eyes!” This shot was taken the second I looked at Dillon. We’d been dating a week, but at that moment, I knew this…