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Issue 27

Published twice a year, GQ Style is the authority on men’s fashion, offering a comprehensive overview of the current fashion season. With the most experienced men’s fashion team ever assembled, GQ Style delivers the latest on fashion, style and all notions of “cool”. A magazine for aficionados and enthusiasts alike, it is cosmopolitan, individual and unique. Frankly, if it isn’t GQ Style, then you don’t need to bother about it. GQ Style will guide you safely through any style and fashion pitfalls that might befall you. Write in with your style conundrums and GQ Style’s Style Shrink will make all your worries go away. Learn who’s hot and who’s not with the most stylish man of the moment awards, and learn why – so you can emulate the sharpest looking of them, and avoid those foolish fashion faux pas.

United Kingdom
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the contributors

1. What did you work on for the issue?2. What’s your favourite part of Britain and why?Michael Mayren Photographer1. I shot Raheem Sterling for the cover story.2. Manchester is my favourite place in the UK and the whole world.James Pryor Designer1. I helped design this very British edition of GQStyle.2. The only area of Britain where beaches rival the world’s best – Cornwall.Kamin Mohammadi, writer1. I wrote an essay about being British. As an Iranian-British writer, I loved writing about what this country means to me and why it goes deeper than pop culture and fab fashion.2. I’m a displaced Iranian and now live part-time in Italy where I set my new book Bella Figura, so I am no stranger to exile, but I’m a Londoner through and through. This is my town and I belong to it…

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editor’s letter

At the closing night party for Kim Jones’ triumphant last show for Louis Vuitton, I bumped into the brilliant emerging young menswear designer, Charles Jeffrey. We got to talking about Charles’ hometown of Glasgow. The conversation took on the misty hues of two people talking about a city they both love.An idea grew for Charlie to shoot a story us, a travelogue back to the teenager he once was through the eyes of the man he now is, in the city that oversaw that transition (I’ll Be Your Mirror, page 172). See if you can spot Charlie’s mum in there, one of several heartfelt moments that punctuate the narrative. For reasons too numerous and too personal to divulge in this short space, I love Glasgow too. In Charlie’s story, I…

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to the beat of the drum

Main picture: Declan wears grey pro cotton tracksuit by RUSSELL ATHLETIC X KICKDRUM; shoes by CLARKS ORIGINALS Bradley wears oversized long-sleeved T-shirt by RUSSELL ATHLETIC X KICKDRUM; shoes by CLARKS ORIGINALSRussell Athletic makes a triumphant return with a bass-thumping collaboration with London’s bright new creative consultancy Kick-drum. Taking its influence from the famed 808 drum machine responsible for some of music’s most influential songs, from Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody to Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing, Kick-drum’s 808 capsule collection with the 116-year-old American athletics brand has this winter’s best tracksuits and T-shirts.Nick Davie, who founded Kick-drum with our deputy editor and fashion director Elgar Johnson, explains: ‘Myself and Elgar are the biggest know-it-alls when it comes to music and are both fascinated by the 808 experience: the impact…

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alan crocetti

It takes a lot of balls to walk out of Central Saint Martins on the eve of graduation, but that’s what Alan Crocetti did. ‘I was studying womenswear and I decided I would make everything for my final collection. Accessories, clothes and jewellery. I was late for my final crit so they said I couldn’t be part of the fashion show, so I told them I didn’t need a piece of paper and I left.’ Is he fiery generally? ‘Er, yep.’ Very? ‘Let’s say, um, mildly.’Born in Belo Horizonte, the sixth biggest city in Brazil, the 33-year-old moved to London, via Italy, 11 years ago. ‘I’d been studying at home but my parents went bankrupt and it didn’t seem right to continue.’ So he moved here, started at Saint Martins,…

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fit, fresh and farah

Working out, looking after yourself, shredding, getting swole – it’s never been more on-trend. If you’re not going running in the park, hanging out by the pull-up bars, or playing tennis after work… what’s wrong with you?! But the pursuit of a beautiful body and a perfect mind is no excuse for not dressing well. Farah Sport’s latest collection brings together the best of sportswear and casualwear. It’s lightweight, quick-drying and breathable. It’s youthful and stylish and authentically British. And it makes you look well fit.Hit the SlopesItalian twins Marco and Stefano Schiavon were born in Rivoli in 1983; now, working together as illustrators Van Orton Design, they’ve transformed their shared childhood love of Eighties pop culture into a booming career. With ski season quickly approaching, storied Italian skiwear specialist…

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f is for…

Meme accounts have changed how we experience fashion (and politics, and reality, and everything around us) and their cut-and-paste, tongue-in-cheek, to-hell-with-copyright aesthetic has also greatly influenced fashion design itself – as can be seen in Vetements’ mash-up Frankenstein approach, Gucci’s bootleg T-shirts, Diesel’s knockoff pop-up store during New York Fashion Week, Off-White’s deadpan use of words and so much else besides. Fendi, however, has taken things a step further by hiring a real-life meme-weaver, Hey Reilly, to design artworks and prints for its free-associating AW18 menswear collection. If you’ve been wondering where the ‘FFANCY’ upside-down elephants floating above ripe strawberries or the ‘FFAITHFUL’ horses standing on wedges of Swiss cheese came from, well, now you know. Aside from the aforementioned photo-montages and wordplay, Reilly – his name’s Reilly, not Hey…