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Grazia Issue 721

Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

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fashion + beauty charts

1 DELUXE DIGITS TWO COATS OF CND VLQyOXx LRQJ WHDU PROLVK LQ CKDQGHOLHU, £11.95, gives a golden gel-like finish that resists chipping. 2 POWER PRINT WATCH OUT leopard – snake print is stealing your crown! These shoeboots are super-versatile. £85, OIfiFH (RIfiFH.FR.XN) 5 COOL CO-ORDS IN BOLD FLORALS and a relaxed silhouette, this divine duo is a statement-maker. We ♥ . TXQLF, £39.99, WURXVHUV, £39.99, VDQGDOV, £29.99, DOO ZDUD (zDUD.FRP) 4 STAR TURN WEAR THESE crystal earrings with the dangles attached, or as studs. Genius! £119, SZDURYVNL (VZDURYVNL.FRP) 5 GLOSSY POSSE A HIGH-SHINE finish takes the humble – and hard-working – mac to the next level. Perfect for spring showers. £399, SWDQG (QHW-D-SRUWHU.FRP) 6 DAY DRESS OF DREAMS FLORAL, YET the opposite of twee; covered up, but with a keyhole back slit. This dress is all about balance and detail. £79,…

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grazia view

Last week, another piece of damning evidence emerged that should make us take a long, hard look at our phones – before banishing them to a drawer. According to a new YouGov poll, a third of people in relationships say they’ve fallen victim to ‘screen-snubbing’ – where their partner is too engrossed in their phone to talk to them. Divorce lawyers say the problem could be causing a breakdown in marriages and relationships. So, if you are a snubber, first figure out whether you’re a phoneaholic or if your partner is just too boring to listen to. If it’s the former, put the phone down, reconnect with the world and remember which relationship is more important.…

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chart of lust

1 UP J-LO-ROD Newly engaged, newly embroiled in an alleged historic cheating furore, none of which matters when compared with the magnitude of the epic combo-ship mash-up name we just gave them. 2. UP THANDIE NEWTON In short red side-swooshing asymmetrically-trained velvet, on the red carpet last week, alongside her daughter Nico, because: if not her, then who? 3. NEW IN KENDALL JENNER’S SNAKE BUN You’ve just revisited scrunchies; Kendall, meanwhile, has trained her pet snake to wrap itself around her updo, thereby securing it in place. You’ll never catch up. Never. 4. NON-MOVER DRAKE Kicked off the UK leg of his world tour last week in Manchester. Named it The Assassination Vacation Tour (tick), somehow worked a flying Ferrari into proceedings (tick). 5. NON-MOVER NAOMI CAMPBELL With particular reference to her double denim Formula 1 ensemble; with even more particular reference to the…

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polly vernon

wanted to bring her new baby back to the UK from a Syrian refugee camp, but was refused, stripped of her citizenship, and then – while her family began the process of appealing the Home Office’s decision – her young son died? Are you Team Pity? Or Team Schadenfreude? Team Bleeding-Heart-Let-Her-Back liberal? Or Team Let-Her-Rot realist? Maybe you think it’s a shame (especially when you consider Begum had already lost two other babies), but that she chose that life, she chose to impose it on any children… It’s certainly not up to the UK to clear up her mess, soothe her shattered, grieving heart, embrace any security risk Begum, and the estimated 150 women just like her, with their estimated 100 surviving babies (all of whom must be dealt with sooner…

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1 how jennifer finally found happiness

DRESSED IN A FIERCE red Calvin Klein slip dress, the then (relatively unknown) Jennifer Lawrence sent shockwaves around Hollywood as she stepped on to the red carpet at the 2011 Oscars, where she was nominated for her role in the indie film Winter’s Bone. Back then, however, few people could have predicted just how much of a force she would become. Eighteen films, two huge franchises (The Hunger Games and X-Men), one Oscar and a contract with Dior later, and Jennifer has not just reached the top of her game, she’s taken a running jump over it. She is now one of the highest grossing actresses of all time, bringing in more than £5 billion in box-office revenue. While her feet have barely touched the ground in the last eight years, Jennifer,…

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2 may’s battle for survival

AT TIMES OVER the last few weeks it has felt as if Theresa May is suffering a political death by a thousand cuts. Day after day she is forced to endure a fresh humiliation: yet another lost vote; a new ministerial rebellion; a further negotiating collapse. Last week, even President Donald Trump weighed in, not-so-helpfully sharing his surprise at ‘how badly’ Brexit was going. ‘I think it could have been negotiated in a different manner,’ he said, a remark likely to have been greeted with groans inside 10 Downing Street. His intervention came after the Prime Minister croaked her way through the latest round of tortuous Brexit debates in Parliament, her Strepsil-fuelled heroics proving unequal to the task of winning MPs over to her plan for exiting the European Union. Amid scenes…