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Grazia Issue 726

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welcome to the issue

HOW MANY TIMES have you promised yourself you’ll cut down on your screen time, only to find yourself scrolling through Instagram until your thumb starts twitching involuntarily? Not just me, then? And yet, fresh from a four-day Easter break, I’m determined to tackle my tech addiction head-on – with the help of the advice in our piece on page p53 about how to become a digital minimalist. Prof Newport’s philosophy isn’t throw away your iPhone in favour of a Nokia 3310 (unrealistic if you can’t survive without Google Maps), but rather clean up your home screen so it only features apps that add value. Her technique promises to give you some headspace. I’m sold… @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

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over to you...

POSITIVE CHANGE I could write screeds about When your child wants to change gender… (22 Apr). My daughter transitioned. What’s done is done and I have to learn to accept it. I love my daughter (now son), but I struggle with the situation. However, when it was happening it was a case of change gender or commit suicide, and we have a happy child now. He also has Asperger’s and it seems many who wish to transition (as observed by me at a support group I belong to) also have diagnoses such as ASD, ADHD and so on. Could there be a link? It’s a conversation that needs to be had. Name withheld GOOD TO TALK I read with interest ‘Yes, we’re young, yes we’re women, and yes, we want Brexit’ (15 Apr).…

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salute single mums

My best friend chose to have a baby alone (Things you only know if…, 22 Apr) and can identify with Genevieve’s experience. My friend was 37 and had lost count of the number of people who said, ‘It’s time you started having kids.’ Far from telling them her uterus was none of their business, she knew deep inside she had a craving for a child. She just hadn’t met the right father. After working through some emotional hurdles, she was positive she could do it herself – and she did. She is now mum to a lively one-year-old, but hasn’t given up on finding her soulmate. Single motherhood may not be for the faint-hearted, but it is the single mother’s right to be respected and supported for her decision to…

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grazia view

An interview between Sky News anchor Jayne Secker and housing campaigner Kirsty Archer went viral last week when Jayne – also a landlord – used an interview about the broken housing market to accuse her tenants of being unable to change a light bulb and suggest tenants generally don’t have the skills to rent. But this ignores the real problem – that many Millennials and Gen-Zers, destined to rent for decades, are subject to insecure tenancies and woeful conditions. If homeowners think the housing crisis is linked to young people’s lack of common sense, it reveals a worrying gap in attitudes. It’s time we all got a grip of the issues renters of all ages face in keeping a roof over their heads.…

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never mind the backstop: how brexit is your body?

TO DATE, TWO GOOD things have come out of Brexit. The first is that the once-niche practice of fancying Donald Tusk has gone mainstream. Don’t argue. It has. The second is ‘Brexit Body’, a concept I’ve made up, although I have great hopes of it taking off more widely, and soon, not least because I was key in the popularisation of Tusk-lust (don’t argue, I was), so have proven form in Brexit trend influencing. What is Brexit Body? So glad you asked! It’s the body shape most suited to enduring this specific period in British politics, a flesh and blood response to the doubt and the fury, the fear and the alienation. I’m basing its likely existence on long-standing theories that the politics and socio-economic factors of any given time ultimately…