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Grazia Issue 730

Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

United Kingdom
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1 min.
welcome to the issue

THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW dominated the daytime TV schedules for more than a decade. Last week, it was axed following the tragic death of a guest. The end of the show that promised to deliver ‘fiery confrontations’ when it launched has, rightly so, sparked intense debate. In this week’s issue, Terri White rails against what she calls ‘poverty porn TV’ and addresses how, as a TV-loving nation, we are all responsible for controlling the shows that appear on our screens. It’s time to ‘Vote with our remotes’, she says. We want to hear your thoughts, too. @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

2 min.
over to you...

RAISING AWARENESS It was so good to see the article about living with M.E. (13 May). This condition robbed me of my entire twenties, taking away not only my dignity and independence but my hopes and dreams. It was a struggle to lift a knife and fork, a battle to take the bus one stop to the doctors, a fight to acquire the benefits I needed to keep a roof over my head. It took me 11 years to recover, but I know many others with M.E. have lived with it for much longer. Thank you for bringing more awareness to this misunderstood illness; let’s hope the MPs make good on their calls for more respect and better treatment for sufferers. Lucy LET’S GET IT RIGHT I read the The Last Time I…

1 min.
letter of the week

A TRUE SURVIVOR I read with admiration ‘I’m in awe of what my body has endured’ (20 May). Katie certainly has had an astonishing journey and it’s fantastic that she can use her story to help inspire others. Her achievement has changed many lives – she is the perfect role model. An old colleague who had scarring to her face after life-saving surgery told us that until Katie came on the scene, she used tons of make-up to cover up. Afterwards, she felt confident enough to go bare. That’s how proud Katie should be of herself, for helping others realise you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. Dannii…

2 min.
grazia uk

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grazia view

Vote, vote, vote! “When we’re overwhelmed with worrying news, it’s hard not to feel small and powerless. And yet we all have real power – as voters. The European Parliamentary elections on Thursday 23 May are a chance for voters across all EU countries to get their views heard on the existence of the union itself. If the anti-EU parties win enough seats to gain legislative power, it could ultimately ring a death knell for the union. If rival parties do well, however, a second referendum on Brexit could be more likely. Either way, we haven’t Brexited yet so it’s essential we’re properly represented by our MEPs. Your vote – whatever it is – really does count, so get out there this week and use it.”…

2 min.
the secret to my success? a brilliantly good, bad education

ANTHONY WALLERSTEINER, headmaster of Stowe, which charges £12,000 a term and numbers Sir Richard Branson and Chelsy Davy among former pupils, has been lambasted for moaning about the (minimal) success of schemes to get more state school students into Oxford and Cambridge. Wallersteiner called it ‘social engineering’ and compared the culture of criticism levelled at private schools to anti-Semitism; an analogy Labour peer Andrew Adonis described as ‘disgraceful’, while MP David Lammy asked if The Times (which published Wallersteiner’s comments) was ‘having a laugh’. I have two things to say about this. First: maybe if we stopped being so compulsively reverent toward Oxbridge graduates, stopped unthinkingly giving them all the good jobs and voting them into Government in unrepresentative quantities, the whole issue of who does and doesn’t get in, in…