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Grazia Issue 743

Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

United Kingdom
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1 min.
welcome to the issue

WHERE does THE SUMMER GO? It’s the question that seems to come around earlier and earlier each year. But for all the mourning of long, light evenings, there’s something irresistible about the feeling of the fresh start September brings. So if you’re feeling the post-holiday desire to sharpen up, this week’s issue is for you. We’ve covered everything from how to refresh your wardrobe with items you’ll want to wear out of the office, too, to savvy beauty heroes that’ll save you time each morning. We’ve also delved into the world of ‘planfluencers’ on page 44. It’s indicative of the fact that these days being productive is the ultimate status symbol. @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

2 min.
over to you...

PROS AND CONS The brain vs beauty myth is still holding us back (26 Aug) was interesting. I have a friend who regularly gets approached to be a trade show rep. She spends all day smiling and getting people interested in the product being offered. She has no interest in it but looks amazing and is able to draw people in. But being attractive also means that other women assume she’s done something salacious to command attention. I suppose life is never fair. Alexa MAD WORLD What’s up in Westminster? (26 Aug) made sense. Mental health care is still not being taken seriously. More young people than ever are suffering mental ill health. They constantly focus on success and perfection and feel bewildered by the decisions that adults around them take and the…

2 min.
grazia uk

EDITOR HATTIE BRETT PA/Editorial assistant MELISSA HENRY Acting PA/Editorial assistant ISABELLA D’EMILIO 020 3879 2294 Deputy editor ROSAMUND DEAN Assistant editor CHARLOTTE WILLIAMSON Acting assistant editor EMMA ROWLEY Production director LISA HOWARD Features director EMILY PHILLIPS Acting features director HATTIE CRISELL Celebrity director GUY PEWSEY Copy Production editor JENNY CROALL Chief sub editor MARIA O’CONNOR Features 020 3879 2313 Commissioning and special projects editor RHIANNON EVANS Deputy features editor ANNA SILVERMAN News & Entertainment Junior news editor HARRIET KEAN EDITOR-AT-LARGE POLLY VERNON EDITOR-AT-LARGE (cELEbRITy) EMILY MADDICK CONTRIBUTING EDITOR (INVESTIGATIONS) STACEY DOOLEY Lifestyle grazialifestyle@graziamagazine.co.uk Lifestyle editor RACHEL LOOS Website graziadaily.co.uk Digital director REBECCA HOLMAN Acting digital director LYNN ENRIGHT Digital editor REBECCA REID Fashion and beauty editor hAnnAh bAnks-wALkER Social media editor PHOEBE PARKE Digital writer GEORGIA ASPINALL Digital showbusiness and culture writer BONNIE McLAREN Commercial content editor ARIANNA CHATZIDAKIS Digital assistant SOFIA TINDALL Contributors Contributing editors POLLY DUNBAR, FIONA COWOOD, LOUISE GANNON, MELANIE RICKEY, JESSICA BARRETT US contributing editor JANE…

1 min.
grazia view

“We must act now to save the Amazon While the world has been busy worrying about how many private jets the royals use, huge swathes of the Amazon rainforest have been burning. Giving off smoke plumes so big they can be seen from space, the ‘lungs of the earth’ – producing 20% of the world’s oxygen – have been on fire for weeks. There’s been an 85% increase in fires this year across Brazil. While the country’s president Jair Bolsonaro has been blamed for encouraging farmers to clear their land to make room for crops and cattle ranches, politicians around the world can’t afford to look the other way. Billionaires pledged millions to rebuild Notre Dame – now let’s see who will act to save the rainforests.*” *We’ve started by signing here:…

2 min.
the sinners, the winners and the recreationally righteous

WHEN I FIRST CAME to live in London in the mid 1990s – a girl, I was! A slip of a girl! – a Liverpudlian with a sandwich board would patrol the pavements around Oxford Circus, spreading the Good Word. ‘Are you a sinner, or are you a winner?’ he’d demand, loud and on repeat, of a milling populace hell-bent on finding not God, but something fab to wear to the Met Bar later cos they had a strong feeling tonight was the night they’d finally get to get drunk near one of Oasis. Back then, preaching in public was a very niche activity; how strange (I thought, as I read last week’s story about an American cook who’d texted a friend to get their recipe for a tofu dish, only…

2 min.
chart of lust

1. Up PAUL THE AGENT FROM CELEBS GO DATING We can’t work out how his male-fancying clients extract themselves from his consulting room to go and meet actual dates! (Props also to dreamy Tom on reception.) 2. Up HARRY STYLES On the cover of Rolling Stone, looking jolly, charmingly faux-vintage and ridiculously cute. We haven’t actually read the interview – too busy looking at the visuals. 3. Up S H I V SUCCESSION Series two hits Sky, we are instantly re-hooked; also re-obsessed by Shiv’s business style, which involves exceptional deployment of a WLT (wide legged trouser). 4. Up BRAD PITT Following intense Grazia office discussions re: how good he looks in the new Tarantino, we ponder how a chap’s personal life can sometimes distract from his main purpose (hotness). 5. Non-mover NIMKO ALI Her work to end FGM is tireless, focused, brave and…