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ONE OF THE thrills of shopping is surely rifling the rails of your favourite high street store, only to discover the kind of standout hit that’ll make you feel good every time you pull it out of your wardrobe. The only problem is, how often do you have the time required to sift through everything on the high street? Well, in this week’s issue we’ve done the hard work for you. Our fashion team has spent hours picking out the very best buys from your favourite shops – ones that will look individual and last. Enjoy! @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

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over to you...

SO SAD FOR NAZANIN I’ve followed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s story over the past three years and cried reading your update (‘Our daughter is asking: “Why hasn’t Mummy come home with me?”’, 21 Oct). I have a daughter a similar age to Gabriella. I simply can’t imagine the pain that Nazanin and husband Richard continue to live through. The gaffes Boris Johnson has made, for which she has suffered, and his empty promises anger me. I feel powerless to help a woman I have never met, but her story touches me. I hope she will be granted the freedom she deserves. Thank you for the coverage; awareness is so important. Clare Bowen SEXUAL NOT SLUTTY Let’s stop the slut-shaming (21 Oct) got my vote. As did Miley Cyrus, with her impassioned tweet about slut-shaming, which…

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the drugs do work

I appreciated ‘Don’t judge me for my happy pills’ (21 Oct). I never really had an understanding of depression until I experienced it myself. I thought people could help themselves with exercise, talking, eating better, etc. How wrong I was. When mental illness hit me, I was floored – I couldn’t even get out of bed, never mind go for a run. I felt ashamed I’d ever thought like that. Antidepressants had a massive, positive and almost immediate impact. I will forever be grateful that they’re available to me and I am in no hurry to come off them.…

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grazia view

“We all know the career drill: work like a dog, try to move your way up and then, if you’re a woman, bump your head on the glass ceiling at the top... Except a new Women in the Workplace study by Lean In and McKinsey & Co has found that we should be focusing on who is managing to make it that far in the first place. They say a broken bottom rung of the corporate ladder is the biggest obstacle in our way – and means many women don’t even get to start climbing it. We’re never going to be able to change the system and make it fairer if we’re focusing on the wrong bit.”…

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coleen and rebekah: a new hope for women

A TRUSTED SOURCE (the internet) informs me that Jamie Vardy, husband of Rebekah, has just this minute unfollowed Wayne Rooney, husband of Coleen, on social media: a thoroughly modern expression of marital solidarity engendered by a ground zero event I’m calling ‘The WAGruption™’(you’re welcome). You know exactly of what I speak, but I’ll recap anyway, because it is just such fun! To recall how Coleen Rooney baited the operative now officially known as ‘Rebekah Vardy’s Account’ by planting fake stories in her Instagram Stories, then waiting to see if they turned up on the pages of The Sun newspaper, which – they did! How she (Coleen) played a patient long-game on her sting, taking five whole months to deliver the findings of her arch-sleuthery to a hitherto oblivious world in an…